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Gostilna Batišt Tomaž Zupan s.p.

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Jana & Attila
Jana & Attila
October 19, 2019
- reasonable low prices - fresh trouts
Goran & Irena
Goran & Irena
June 8, 2019
Trout, trout and trout. The rest of the menu is okay, too. Across the train station in Bohinjska Bela. 2 minutes by train, 10 minutes by car, an hour and a half on foot.
July 17, 2016
Homely, traditional food, locals eat here.

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Natural Feature
“The best view point to take AMAZING photos of Lake Bled. Ge there either early in the morning or late in the afternoon.”
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“The view of the Yugoslavian president-for-life Tito, from the Cafe and the walkways behind it. You could almost hold the island in the palms of your hands...”
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“WELLNESS CENTER ŽIVA Arnold Rikli, natural healer of the 19th century health resort in Bled, once wrote: "Our every thought, breath and heartbeat, our every feeling, conviction and movement sends energy signals through the body that influence our entire being." Adopting this thought, Živa Wellness is dedicated to holistic well-being – the wide range of massages, baths, saunas, body and facial treatments will help you relax and enhance your appearance, while the view from the pools over the Bled panorama will give you positive energy. The water temperature in the Živa Wellness pools is 30 °C. For several years now, Živa Wellness has ranked among Slovenia's best wellness centres”
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Point of Interest
“Upstream from Vintgar gorge and village of Gorje you will find alpine river valley in as natural state as it gets. Part of the Triglav National Park.”
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“You can't really experience Bled without tasting the legendary Bled cream cake.”
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128 Bohinjska Bela
Bohinjska Bela, Radovljica 4263
Telefonszám(04) 572 01 00