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Forum Coimbra

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October 25, 2018
Great shopping, great food, cinema, bowling - the views over Coimbra from the huge food hall on the top floor is awesome. Great for a rainy day or late night shopping trip!
Penedo Da Saudade
Penedo Da Saudade
May 26, 2018
Everything you need in the same shopping area
October 4, 2017
Shopping center with bowling, cinema and other stores
José Manuel
José Manuel
August 20, 2016
Modern, internationally awarded mall. You can find everything there. The best clothing, technology and the world renowned culture megastore FNAC
May 2, 2015
Shopping, cinema, bowling and a huge food hall - dine alfresco looking out over the Mondego River and City below.

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“Here you can found almost anything you may want. It's also a good place to eat at low prices.”
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“Fado ao Centro® is a Cultural Center committed to promote Fado from Coimbra, with daily LIVE concerts at 6:00 pm. A magical space with a unique atmosphere were you can find the most genuine and traditional Fado from Coimbra everyday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Only the best musicians of the city play in Fado ao Centro and they are selected according to the highest standards of this 160 year old tradition. Even if you can’t witness the concert, don’t miss the oportunity to visit our space and get to know a little bit more about Fado from Coimbra. There are always musicians playing and rehearsing so you can change experiences and learn more about the Portuguese Guitar and this unique musical tradition. Bewtween 4:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. we have the “Afternoon Rehearsals” with our regular musicians. You can always pass by, watch them play and anyone that want’s to bring their own instrument is also welcome to join! At 6:00 p.m. we start our daily 50 minute long concert of Fado from Coimbra. If you are interested in attending our concert, we strongly advise you to make a reservation in order to ensure your seat. We don’t serve any kind of food, so we are totally committed to the concert itself, enabling a genuine atmosphere and unique cultural and musical experience in Coimbra! Following the work that has been held by this Cultural Association, you’ll find different exclusive editions of books, CDs and DVDs related to Fado from Coimbra. Fado ao Centro® is, undoubtedly, a place to visit in Coimbra! (450 meters from this accommodation)”
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“Rooted in the earliest years of the Portuguese monarchy, this monastery goes back to the 12th century. The architecture though is later, with a 16th-century Manueline design summed up by the captivating decoration on the main portal, ceiling and cloister outside. Later that same century the pulpit and gilded wooden stalls were added in a resplendent Renaissance style. But the big story at the monastery has to be the tombs of Portugal’s first two kings, Afonso Henriques and Sancho I. They reigned in the 12th century and in the 1500s their remains were transferred to a marvellous Manueline ensemble sculpted by Nicolau Chanterene. (700 meters from this accommodation)”
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“LISTEN TO FADO, PORTUGALS HERITAGE MUSIC Fado is traditional folk music originating in Portugal. Melancholy by nature, the music includes instruments like guitars and mandolins with one Fadista singing poetic lyrics related to darker elements of love, death and sadness. Many Fadistas perform in restaurants so you can get a great meal while enjoying this moving music. The Cultural House “aCapella” is housed in a 14th century chapel in the Jewish quarter of Coimbra, and offers a pleasant terrace, bar and tapas service. ( “Fado ao Centro” is a cultural centre where you can watch a rehearsal or ask questions. (”
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Portugál étterem
“O leitão assado é um dos pratos mais típicos desta região de Portugal a que se convencionou chamar de Bairrada. Trata-se duma iguaria muito apreciada em Portugal mas de difícil e complexa confeção. Por isso são poucos os restaurantes que realmente o sabem confecionar nas devidas condições. O Rui dos Leitões é sem dúvida um dos restaurantes que recomendamos para provar esta iguaria dada a sua ótima relação qualidade/preço. É um dos nossos restaurantes favoritos … para apreciadores de leitão!”
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1 Avenida José Bonifácio de Andrade e Silva
Santa Clara, Coimbra, 3044-520
Telefonszám239 801 700
Nyitvatartási állapotNyitva · Bezár: 11:00 PM
Yes (incl. American Express)
Szolgáltató: Foursquare