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Xx Settembre

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December 28, 2016
Boccaccio's birthplace. Preserved medieval village reached by a cable car. Visit praetorian palace and the Boccaccio's Home.
September 27, 2014
Ancient medieval village

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“ On 1 May 1500, after the establishment of the Franciscan Friars Minor, he began to build a number of churches and chapels that reproduced the topography and the holy places of Jerusalem. Visit in the afternoon when the chapels are open”
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Women's Store
“The biggest Outlet of Tuscany, here you can find all the luxury design brands. you can find clothes or accessories with 70% less that in the centre of Florence. if you want more info about how to arrive there, feel free to ask me. ”
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“if you try that chianina steak and the Dario Cecchini experience you won't came back home, and you'll understand what means : BISTECCA ALLA FIORENTINA !!!”
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“Designed to have a low environmental impact and maximum energy savings, the winery is an unusual and fascinating structure. Practically invisible to the eye, the winery’s façade appears as two elegant horizontal cuts in the Tuscan landscape and its most spectacular feature is the impressive spiral staircase that connects the building’s three levels. Best to book early! ”
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“Famous Florentine shopping centre: at I Gigli you can find all types of clothing shops, restaurants, relax areas and much more at only 15 min from Florence”
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