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La Fornace

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Pietro E Milena
Pietro E Milena
February 21, 2016
Pizza napoletana verace con giardino.

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“Specialità toscane servite in uno spazio rustico con sedie impagliate, capriate di legno a vista e veranda.”
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Point of Interest
“On the Chianti hills is Mount St. Michael, at an average altitude of about 800 meters above sea level The top San Michele real, the highest in the Chianti summit is 892 meters above sea level This is a nature park that stretches for about 800 hectares. This predominantly wooded green environment, allows a view of a beautiful view of the Chianti and Valdarno. It also provides for nature walks where natural forests of oak and chestnut with artificial conifer plantations, alternating with vast open spaces of lawn that they also give an opportunity for recreation and play.”
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“Ristorante napoletano con specialità di pesce e pizza da oscar! Consigliata la prenotazione in terrazza poiché vanta una splendida vista sui colli toscani.”
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“Farm where you can buy very good local cheese created by Mr. Tillo Wengdelin, such as "Buccia di Rospo", or other Goat cheeses.”
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“Un outlet di grandi marche raggiungibile dall'Autostrada A1 uscita Barberino del Mugello”
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2 Strada Lavatoi
Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, FI 50028
Telefonszám055 807 6310