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November 26, 2019
What is it like to be blind or visually impaired? You can read about it, have an experienced expert tell you about it, but in the music you experience it yourself! Go on a journey in a world where hearing, smelling, feeling and tasting suddenly play a much greater role than you are used to. This is…
June 22, 2018
Museum around the every day experiences of blind people. Offers blind tours and special events.
June 23, 2017
Experience how to live like a blind person or how to live with an eye disease
July 10, 2014
Feel, taste, smell and hear the daily life through the eyes of a blind person. A unique experience that will open your eyes. 2014 most innovative museum of the Netherlands.
July 24, 2019
Hoe is het om blind of slechtziend te zijn? Daar kun je over lezen of een ervaringsdeskundige kan je erover vertellen, maar in het muZIEum ervaar je het vooral zelf. Ga mee op pad in een wereld waar horen, ruiken, voelen en proeven opeens een veel grotere rol spelen dan je gewend bent.

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“If you like beers, you should definitely drink the home-brewn beers in "de hemel" (=heaven). ”
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“This iconic church tower is the symbol of Nijmegen. Inside the church you will see an example of an old catholic church turned protestant during the reformation. The tower gives you a great view over the city. It's open to climb on mondays 11-13, wednesdays and saturdays 14-16.”
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“Leuke kijk in de historie van de fiets en alle (naderhand) gekke uitvindingen.”
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Movie Theater
“Movie theatre and life shows showing somewhat alternative, artsy movies, dance, theatre, music, and debate. Has a restaurant and bar and you can bring your drinks into the theatre. ”
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Francia étterem
“Great dinner, wonderful hospitality, nice restaurant to celebrate a special occasion. Terras in evening sun! ”
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32H Keizer Karelplein
Nijmegen, GE 6511 NH
Telefonszám024 322 1681
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