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Aboca Museum

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November 19, 2019
The Museum of Herbs is a permanent museum dedicated to the historical rediscovery of the use of medicinal plants. The route is spread over twelve rooms within a charming noble palace of the seventeenth century.
Maria Teresa
Maria Teresa
October 9, 2019
The Herbal and Wellness tour through the Centuries celebrated the therapeutic power of herbs and the old story of the relationship between humans and plants. Visitors passed through rooms of precious herbs, books of herbal medicines, pottery and glassware, accompanied by the perfume of the medicinal…
February 18, 2018
Aboca is a famous and highly rated local herbal products company (located in the village of Aboca just outside Sansepolcro). This is a ‘museum’ of herbalism through the centuries.
May 5, 2013
(51Km 53 min) Aboca Museum, the original and the only Herb Museum, has rediscovered the history of the millenary relationship between Man and Herbs and is passing it down to future generations.
June 24, 2020
Museo dedicato alle piante officinali

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Administrative Area Level 3
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75 Via Niccolò Aggiunti
Sansepolcro, Tuscany 52037
Telefonszám0575 750077