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May 8, 2018
traditional greek recipes , beautiful atmosphere , fresh ingridients

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“Very nice place to have a coffee or food on the beach. Perfect place to chill! ”
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Point of Interest
“Immediately as you leave the ship expensive across the port is the etc. of Naxos with all buses to all directions of our island, the bus to Agia Anna, plate stop and outside the door of HAUSE PETRA every 20 minutes !!! Αμέσως όπως βγαίνετε από το πλοίο ακριβός απέναντι στο λιμάνι είναι το κ.τ.ε.λ. της Νάξου με όλα τα λεωφορεία προς όλες της κατευθύνεις του νησιού μας, το λεωφορείο με προορισμό αγία Άννα ,πλάκα σταματούν και έξω από την πόρτα του HAUSE PETRA κάθε 20 λεπτά!!! ”
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Movie Theater
“An open-air theater, Cine Naxos provides a rare opportunity to watch a movie under the stars. Popular with families, couples, groups of friends, and solo travelers, the venue brings the magic of Hollywood to the Aegean. Each evening you'll have a choice of two screenings, which means that you can enjoy a late dinner or drinks with friends before kicking back with the latest blockbuster”
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Point of Interest
“All situated around quite a large cedarwood park, surrounding an abandoned, unfinished all-inclusive hotel site, which recently hosts street exhibition art by Wild Drawings and other street artists from several places around the globe. A very interesting combination, worth spending at least half a day.”
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Naxos, 843 00