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Castle of Montemor-o-Velho

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August 9, 2017
great castel and nice visit of the city
José Carlos Conceição
José Carlos Conceição
October 3, 2018
VISITAS: - Horário de Inverno (de 29 de outubro até 26 março) – 9h:30m – 17h:30m - Horário de verão (de 27 de março a 28 de outubro) – 10h:00m – 18h:30m
May 28, 2018
Situado entre Coimbra e a Praia da Figueira da Foz.
July 13, 2017
Monumento histórico de arquitetura militar medieval, fez parte da linha de defesa da cidade de Coimbra durante a Reconquista Cristã.

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Natural Feature
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“Well worth the lunch (the prato de dia is €10 for 3 courses + drinks) after a tour of the ruins. Lovely, welcoming staff, good Portuguese inspired food, with a twist. Does have vegetarian options.”
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“The name is a homage by the city of Coimbra, his birthplace, to Joaquim Machado de Castro, the most notable representative of 18th century Portuguese sculpture. The bishop's palace, which houses the collections, retains the fine 12th-century cloister, creating the ideal environment for one of the most complete art collections in Portugal. Below the museum, visit one of the most impressive buildings from the Roman era still preserved in Portugal: a huge, monumental series of galleries, on two storeys, which are thought to have been designed to support an enormous square or a forum in the ancient city of Aeminium (Coimbra).”
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Soccer Stadium
“Coimbra, a riverfront city in central Portugal, is home to a preserved medieval old town and the historic University of Coimbra. Built on the grounds of a former palace, the university is famed for its baroque library, the Biblioteca Joanina, and its 18th-century bell tower.”
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“The University of Coimbra was founded in 1290 and is one of the oldest in Europe, and was classified World heritage site by UNESCO.”
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Montemor-o-Velho, Coimbra 3140