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Timber Tina's Great Maine Lumberjack Show

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Terri & Tim
Terri & Tim
February 27, 2019
A fun place for the whole family (including the dog!!), especially if you have older 'kids' who would like to try their hand (well, feet) at log rolling (this is a separate lesson, not combined with the 'show'). The lumberjack shows are every evening at 7:00pm (you must purchase tickets), EVERY…
Angie & Haze
Angie & Haze
September 5, 2018
A 75-minute live lumberjack show featuring chopping, sawing, 'hot' sawing, ax throwing, log rolling, speed climbing and much more! Cheer on your team as they compete in the “Olympics of the Forest.” Fun and affordable for the whole family!
Kevin & Barb
Kevin & Barb
May 23, 2016
Because one of these days we WILL make it to a show.
Trenton, ME 04605
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