Place of Worship

Monastery Saint Maroun Annaya (Tomb Saint Charbel)- Lebanese Maronite Order

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August 17, 2020
St. Charbel Annaya is a place of pilgrimage and a national shrine for all people of all faiths to visit, reach out and be blessed. This is a place where you never go back unhappy & disappointed. A fulfilling experience that will leave you in awe. Located on top of a mountain overlooking the…

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  1. Teljes bérlemény
  2. 1 ágy
Cozy apartment in the heart of Annaya
  1. Teljes társasházi lakás
  2. 3 ágy
Lovely 2 bedrooms Apart , With a stunning view.
  1. Teljes sorház
  2. 8 ágy
luxury quadriplex Apt like villa
  1. Teljes bérlemény
  2. 2 ágy
Peace of mind
  1. Teljes faház
  2. 4 ágy
1 toilet,2 bedrooms,small kitchen,free parking
  1. Teljes villa
  2. 5 ágy
Amazing sea and mountain view & quiet space annaya
  1. Teljes faház
  2. 4 ágy
A furnished 90m2 square chalet in Annaya, St Charbel main road
  1. Kupolaház
  2. 1 ágy
Private event venue -Jbeil-Lebanon Getaway
Még nem érkeztek vélemények
  1. Privát szoba
  2. 9 ágy
Ferme auberge
Még nem érkeztek vélemények
  1. Teljes bérlemény
  2. 6 ágy
A view not be missed & 5 min away from st charbel
Aannaya, Mount Lebanon Governorate