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Avvicinarsi e fotografare la colonia di foche
WHO DOESN'T LOVE SEALS? AND ABOUT BABY SEALS? EVERYBODY, RIGHT? They are amazing animals, cute and funny, and seeing them close it's an unforgettable experience! What we will do: I'll pick you up at 8 am at your accommodation in Malmö. We will drive for about 35 minutes; then we will leave the car and start a walk in the beautiful nature reserve, surrounded by the sea. While following the long peninsula, we can spot some of the birds breeding in the area, and at the end, we will approach a large number of seals. To not bother the animals, we will keep a safe distance, but don't worry: seals are very curious animals and will come close to us swimming along the shore. We will spend some time watching these beautiful mammals, inside or outside the water, while I will give you some information about them and the area. To make your experience even more unforgettable, I'll give you the possibility to use my professional gear (a Nikon D500 + super tele-zoom 150-600 mm). I will help you to optimise your photographic skills: you'll have the opportunity of beautiful close-up shots that I will send you in a couple of days (after working on them). Depending on the weather, we will start going back to the car and then to Malmö. Please note: To get the most opportunities to see and approach the seals, I can ask you to meet before (7:00) at weekends and during holidays
White fallow deer and so much more Scandinavian Wildlife
PLEASE NOTE TIME 9-16 CONTACT ME FOR AVAILABILITY I'll pick you up at 9:00 am at your preferred location in Malmö; we will drive for about 40 minutes to reach our destination area around a lake surrounded by forests and beautiful countryside. We will first focus on spotting and approaching the white fallow deer exploring the area and the places where they live, and where it will be possible to see other animals in the wild. We will then have a coffee and breakfast in a natural reserve close to a river where few birds such as grey heron, different ducks and goose, common kingfisher and others live and where it's common to see birds of prey and even eagles. We will then take an adventurous trek into the forest, following the trail of deer and fallow deer and approaching them very closely. The land is primarily flat and does not present difficulties but allows you to enjoy the beauty of the different types of woods on the Swedish territory. The probability of spotting animals, especially ungulates, is 95-100%. After this short trek (the distance will be based on the guest's possibilities and on how many animals we can approach), we can visit, during the migration time (spring and autumn), a close lake and swamp where it will be possible to spot many different birds and also many storks living in the area.
Eagles, buzzards, and falcons (oh my!)
PLEASE NOTE TIME 9-16 CONTACT ME FOR AVAILABILITY I'll pick you up at 9:00 am at your preferred location in Malmö and we will drive towards the first birds of prey’s watching area, about 25-30 minutes from the city. We will drive around and stop in different strategical places to look and photograph the various species of eagles in the area (sea eagle, golden eagle) where there are also other birds of prey (buzzard, red kite, peregrine falcon, kestrel and many others) and numerous other animals (roe deer, fallow deer, deer, pheasants, hares and so on). It is also a wonderful district with lakes, woods and hills which gives the possibility of great landscapes photography. Based on the season we will move to other areas nearby to follow the movements of the eagles. The area is also one important place on the European migration flow during spring and autumn. Please note: Right now is a large group of sea-eagles in the area we will visit, see them every time I go there! I will adapt the tour in a way to give you the best opportunities to see the animals based on the season and my knowledges. Would you like a shorter experience, maybe only 4 hours? Contact me anyway. Other things to note The time to devote to the experience will be very flexible.
A cultural walk through Malmö
We will start with a brief introduction of the city of Malmö - its history, its place in Swedish society and its cultural traits. We will then proceed to the different landmarks of the city through routes seldom known to tourists and at each stop I will talk about the significance of each landmark while sharing some interesting and funny trivia. The tour will cover both the new and the old parts of the city highlighting the major landmarks and their significance to Malmö and Sweden. I will also provide an in-depth look into Swedish society and share its many quirks unknown to outsiders. I will take the guests through streets that are hidden away behind buildings and seldom accessed by anyone except residents, showing the guests the art, the nature, the places of recreation, and the unique architecture of the city. I will also offer recommendations for cafes, restaurants, and shopping centers as we pass them along, and other places to visit around the city. I will make the guests feel at home and take a walk with me through this beautiful city I call my home and I hope they bring back a little bit of Malmö and Sweden with them, along with some souvenirs and a smile on their faces. Other things to note As you may be aware, Sweden has followed a different approach to Covid and it is common to see people gathering in large numbers, without masks. Rest assured, it will not alter the experience as we will avoid crowded places and we will follow all the Air BnB health guidelines.
Malmö city guided bike tour
I will offer you a private bike tour of Malmö city. Malmö is perhaps Scandinavia's best bike-friendly city. It a great experience to bike in the city. During the bike tour, we will make brief stops where I will narrate events from as early as 1400's to the recent past. I will tell you about why we have named a square after the least popular Swedish King who got deposed from Stockholm. I will tell you why we were the epicentre of battles between Denmark and Sweden for close to about half a millennium. I will show you the thriving art and startup scene as we bike. Let us bike through the bumpy medieval cobblestones to the most modern sustainable urban neighbourhood. During the tour, you will hear the echos of seagulls that inspired Viking navigators to the present day, common man. We will bike from the modern architecture of 'Malmöhatten' to a gas station from the 1950s that inspired a PhD thesis. We will bike past the tallest building of Scandinavia to a building that was crowned as Sweden's ugliest buildings. Other things to note Please come prepared for the Oresund weather. Rain and tide should not stop us from exploring Malmö.
Essential Oils Workshop - Make & take home three DIYs
Do you love learning new things and meeting new people? Our Make & Take Class is the perfect place for you! You will get to learn how to make essential oil products while enjoying the company of new friends. In addition to making some amazing products, you will also learn about the best essential oils for these purposes. In this class, you will have the opportunity to make three different products - a relaxing bath, an essential oil roller, and a room spray. Not only will you walk away with a few new skills, but also some amazing new products that you made yourself. You’ll also get to enjoy delicious coffee, tea and snacks while learning. And we can’t forget – drinks and snacks are included in the price of the class! So come join us, and let's get started on making some amazing products.
Unique escape room in a caravan
A unique and special take on an escape room! A caravan with a fascinating 70s style interior. The guests will solve tricky challenges and clever electronic puzzles. Unlike many escape rooms, Escape Husvagn is not about escaping and getting out, but instead solving all the puzzles in one hour to "solve" the room. At arrival the guests will be warmly welcomed and we will go through the rules, and we will tell a background story about a dramatic Malmö spy drama which took place in the 70's. The mission will be to find and disarm a nuclear bomb in less than 60 minutes. When the guests have entered the caravan and the time has started, the hosts will go over to a control room where we follow the couple's successes and failures throughout the game. We are in constant contact in various ways to help the couple with clues to solve all the riddles. To tackle the challenge, whether you win or lose, will strengthen your team building and cooperation. In Escape Husvagn, the journey is the goal! In the caravan escape room, there are no strong physically demanding tasks to be solved, no training or preparation is required - come as you are. If you want to know more about how it works or read the background story on our spy theme, go to our website:
Grönt Tekniskt Nätverk - writer's evening - Zuzanna Domsta
I present to you my book "Grönt Tekniskt Nätverk" on green technologies, climate and other environmental issues. First, I briefly summarize each chapter, then narrate the content of those chapters that seem most interesting to both my audience and me. Moreover, there is time for debate and questions. It is also possible to buy a book.