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Legyen szó akár városnézésről, akár rejtett kincsek felfedezéséről, ismerd meg a helyiek segítségével, mi teszi egyedivé a várost.

“Visit our local turtles and how the community has come together to educate and heal the injured turtles. ”
  • 40 helybéli ajánlja
“They will have live bands on weekends and you can catch some concerts at this place when they are scheduled”
  • 36 helybéli ajánlja
“Well normally have a DJ nightly. it’s on the Bayside so you will have nice water views”
  • 38 helybéli ajánlja
“One of the best breakfasts on the island. They have the best selection of coffee and specialty breakfast drinks. They were voted as having the cleanest kitchen on the island. ”
  • 37 helybéli ajánlja
Nature Preserve
“Great place to see the many bird species that migrate to the Island. Nice raised board walk style deck that walks you out to the bay. beautiful scenery. Recent Alligator exhibit added & small museum.”
  • 33 helybéli ajánlja
Tenger gyümölcseit kínáló étterem
“If you take a trip to the beach and looking for some good seafood. This is one of our stops when we go. Good food. Good price. Good portions. ”
  • 24 helybéli ajánlja
Amerikai étterem
“Right on the beach in San Padre Island. They have a local band Pelican West which plays live music. They always get the crowd involved in the entertainment. While at Wanna wanna you can walk right onto the beach and see the wonderful scenes .”
  • 29 helybéli ajánlja
Olasz étterem
“They have the best beer & wine selection on the island. They get really busy on the weekends, so go there during the week.”
  • 30 helybéli ajánlja
“Good afternoon spot to watch the sunset too! Good people watching and I've been there many times when the crowd dances.”
  • 31 helybéli ajánlja
“Keep in mind there is only one grocery store on the island, so it's a pricier if you want to stock up on a week's worth of groceries. I recommend stopping here or at the Walmart in Port Isabel on your way in.”
  • 14 helybéli ajánlja
Tenger gyümölcseit kínáló étterem
“This is one of the very best places on the island for fresh seafood and fine dining. Highly recommend!! ”
  • 17 helybéli ajánlja
“Nice little water park that's fun for something different if you get tired of the beach and pool and still want a water activity.”
  • 15 helybéli ajánlja
“Fun day at the water park. You can take your own food and drinks (non alcoholic). Don’t forget sunscreen and water shoes.”
  • 18 helybéli ajánlja
Tenger gyümölcseit kínáló étterem
“If you are in the mood for fish or shrimp. Don't go there too late, they close around 8pm. Try their blackened shrimp tacos.”
  • 16 helybéli ajánlja
“They brew their own beer and it's very good. Buy a growler and get it filled during the Happy Hour. Take growler home for souvenir or donate it back when you are done with it. They have an upstairs party area and a patio but sometime they close it if it's not busy. ”
  • 19 helybéli ajánlja
“Great place to have a nice steak with family and friends. Located on the Bay side of the island. Make sure to make a reservation before.”
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