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A legjobb programok Sopot területén

Fedezd fel a várost a helyiek szemével. Találd meg a legjobb programokat és étkezési lehetőségeket, és használd fel az itt élők által nyújtott felbecsülhetetlen értékű tanácsokat.

“Beautiful Sopot and molo! Worth checking out for nice pubs and little shops!”
60 helybéli ajánlja
Water Park
“Miejsce dla rodzin z dziećmi, ale uwaga w sezonie może być dużo ludzi. Świat saun polecam dorosłym. Nice place for families with kids, but during summer time it might be full of people. Sauna world upstairs is quite nice for adults.”
32 helybéli ajánlja
“Many great events are organized in this place including basketball matches, art performances (Cirque de Soleil) and gigs of the artists e.g. Lady Gaga, Lenny Kravitz or Elton John”
23 helybéli ajánlja
Cosmetics Shop
“A must see, just walk toward the sea until you reach it. The most crowded tourist area, beside Długa Street in Gdańsk.”
35 helybéli ajánlja
“Music and theater in the middle of the forest - worth the experience here though short concert”
17 helybéli ajánlja
Tenger gyümölcseit kínáló étterem
“Iconic Fish restaurant at the beach. Don't be scared by the queue and ammount of people, your "catch of the day" meal will be excellent ;-)”
28 helybéli ajánlja
Point of Interest
“Place, which hosts high-class equestrian, horse racing, and numerous recreational events.”
12 helybéli ajánlja
Ski Area
“This is the perfect place for all who love winter sports. Ski resort has a length of 286 meters.”
10 helybéli ajánlja
Éjszakai szórakozóhely
“They say it is an Iconic place but I'm not sure about it :) Some nice events, concerts - just check it yourself.”
12 helybéli ajánlja
Olasz étterem
“Great food (Mediterrenean and International) in a nice atmosphere. Reservation for bigger groups is recommended.”
14 helybéli ajánlja
“Construction took first place in the ranking of the 50 strangest buildings in the world, published by the portal Village of Joy. Inside the building are restaurants, cafes, and clubs.”
4 helybéli ajánlja
“Park in Sopot with separate paths for pedestrians, cyclists and skaters, up to the limit of Gdynia.”
5 helybéli ajánlja
5 helybéli ajánlja
“Indoor and outdoor tennis courts. Place to learn the game, the opportunity to play with the instructor.”
3 helybéli ajánlja
Olasz étterem
“Probably the best pizza in TriCity. Real Italian atmosphere. Better reserve upfront.”
25 helybéli ajánlja
“ Cozy restaurant, which serves sushi, sashimi, lobster, desserts, coffee and the best wines.”
2 helybéli ajánlja