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Top recommendations from locals

“You can't come to Seattle and not visit Pike Place! They have beautiful flowers year round, fresh fish, live music, and lots of vendors. If you want to have a fish thrown over your head, just purchase any fish from the Pike Place Fish Market. ”
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“If Seattle is known for anything, this is it. If views are your thing, purchase a ticket and check out the newly renovated observation deck. For an better view that includes the Space Needle, head over to Kerry Park!”
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Művészeti múzeum
“World-Class Modern, Contemporary, Native American, Asian & African Art In Seattle. ”
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“Get your classic Seattle photo here! On a clear day, you can even see mt rainier on the backdrop. ”
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“Stunning views of downtown from across Lake Union. This repurposed refinery offers open grassy fields, beautiful viewpoints, and Seattle's famous kite hill. Also the site of Seattle's annual 4th of July fireworks festival!”
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Canal Lock
“Amazing to watch the ships pass through the locks. An amazing Fish ladder and beautiful grounds. Free outdoor concerts in the summer. ”
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Egyéb természetjárás
“Gorgeous views, pleasant walk, beach, and history. Provides a great sense of the PNW in one location.”
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“Sand, mountain & sound views, bike & walking paths, restaurants, pubs, and more...”
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“The most famous glass artist in the country, born south of Seattle in Tacoma, displays his finest collection of works downtown just below the Space Needle. A must see for an art lover. ”
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“This is an amazing Frank Gehry designed building at Seattle Center that has great pop culture and music exhibits. If there's a show you are interested in, go see it! ”
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“Beach in Seattle? Yep! Also trees, trails, dog park, views, boardwalks, playgrounds... Golden Gardens has it all. ”
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“I always take my guests here for the great outdoor sculptures, water front location & on nice days, endless Mountain View’s.”
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“Woodland Park Zoo spans 92 acres, 70 of which are developed as exhibits and public spaces including entries and parking. See amazing wildlife from all parts of the world. There’s also a petting zoo for families to enjoy. Snack bars are available for a quick bite. Google for ticket and park hours information.”
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“3 miles in circumference and 2 miles away, Greenlake provides a beautiful stroll where one can observe all manner of waterfowl, humans, dogs and babies. ”
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“A park with more than just trails and a great view, check out the conservatory, Bruce Lee's grave site, and the Black Sun sculpture when you visit this iconic park in Capitol Hill.”
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Outdoor Sculpture
“The Fremont Troll was made famous by the movie “Ten Things I Hate About You”. This massive troll lives under the Aurora Bridge in the Fremont District. He holds a an old VW Beetle in his left hand. In the area there’s shops and restaurants for you to enjoy. Although parking can be a little difficult it’s worth the short walk to see the troll under the bridge.”
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