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“Galerias de Paris street is one of the most important night spots in Porto. Along the street there are several restaurants, bars and clubs, although locals prefer to grab a drink and stay outside, jumping from place to place. The result is a crowded street, especially at weekends.”
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“In Foz do Douro you enjoy the beaches, walk, stroll , run, jog, sprint, race, or pedal gently as you like. Most of all, have fun. ”
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“The Sea Life Porto will take you on a trip through rivers and oceans making you feel as fish in water, travelling through typical scenarios of Porto region.”
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“Rua da Flores is certainly one of the most touristic streets in the city of Porto. It wasn’t always like this. This street, that crosses São Bento Station and São Domingos Square, was the old street of merchants and aristocrats. Crossing Rua das Flores is not always an easy task, given the amount of people entering and leaving the shops, grocery stores, and cafes, on the terraces. Until today, the street has maintained its original profile and architecture of the XVII, XVIII e XIX centuries, and this is where one of the most emblematic baroque façades of Porto can be seen, the Misericordia Church (1749-1750), rebuilt by the architect Nicolau Nasoni.”
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“Architectural Set by Nicolau Nassoni in the 18th century, the tallest granite tower of the time, enjoy the views on top.”
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“The biggest shopping mall in the city, with a plenty of stores, places to eat, watch a movie, etc!”
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“Here it is: very popular on instagram. Because of its blue tiled exterior - but do go inside too! ”
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“Lots of cool bars, shops and a hip and happening place for young people, especially at night, close to Galerias de Paris, if you wanna go out at night, definitely stop by.”
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“This beautiful park has several platforms of garden, all facing the river with astonishing views.”
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“It is a very typical place where You can have a nice walk in the gardens, take a nice lunch at the museum restaurant, see the contemporary museum of arts and experience live music concerts and performances. It is very interesting from the architectural point of view since we have contemporary museum from Siza Vieira (1990's) and the Serralves Villa (1920's) that offers a chance to take a trip back in time: to this unique example of Art Deco architecture. Authorship of the Villa’s architectural project may be attributed to the French architect, Charles Siclis, and also involved Marques da Silva, a famous architect working in Oporto at that time.”
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“One of the oldest bakeries in the city with amazing and tasty pastries, bread and all sort of snacks. ”
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“The Rua das Flores has long been the city's best street for opening a new business. And if it's a cool, well decorated, lively restaurant, then success is practically guaranteed. The long communal table does have a hint of the school canteen about it – but don't worry, this is not cafeteria food. Pretty much everything is good here: from appetisers such as smoked salmon and quail eggs to larger dishes (which you can share) such as the Lafões veal. The latter is one of this busy street's highlights. Tips: – The desserts here are among Porto's most creative. Order the biscuit cake, served by the centimetre. – The restrooms have a 6 and a 9 on the doors. Yeah, we're not sure either. ”
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“In terms of environment, the Cantinho do Avillez in Porto is also a friendly, welcoming and relaxed space. How could it not be, quality is a priority. As in the Cantinho de Lisboa, the cuisine is inspiring with influences of travel. The menu offers some of the Cantinho's successful dishes like the Peixinhos da Horta with Tartar Sauce; Scallops marinated with avocado; Sautéed Chicken Livers with onion compote and Port; Cod slivers, loose crumbs, BT egg and explosive olives; the Risotto Portobello mushrooms with smoked bacon, parmesan and basil; the Barrosa PDO burger with onions, foie gras and fries; the Hazel 3; ... ”
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“The Botanic Garden currently comprises a historical garden, a garden of fleshy plants, an area of greenhouses with tropical, subtropical, orchids and fleshy plants, lakes and a park area”
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“You can go by cable car from Vila Nova de Gaia to Cais de Gaia. It is near the river and ther are lots of restaurants, bares and shops.”
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“Ideal for families or larger groups. Great typical portuguese restaurant with a lot of different options on the menu. ”
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