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Találatok megjelenítése erre vonatkozóan: „Gelderland”

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Legyen szó akár városnézésről, akár rejtett kincsek felfedezéséről, ismerd meg a helyiek segítségével, mi teszi egyedivé a várost.
“A classic, once Eddie Vedder visited before going on stage in Tivoli. Many beers and many not-mainstream people”
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“Beautiful nature and remarkable landhouse in Amelisweerd. Only 15 minutes by bike.”
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“Very big, completely new and modern shopping mall. If you want to go shopping at the big commercial shops go here. If you want to visit smaller shops / boutiques go to the 'Oude Gracht' (the canal) or the 'Voorstraat'. ”
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“Here you can have delicious dinner while listening to live bands of all kinds of music. There are also seats outside along the water of the oudegracht.”
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Natural Feature
“Our attempt to "recreate" wild nature in the Netherlands. Which doesn't actually work in a country with very limited space and without top-predators, other than us humans. Currently a political hot potato in NL as it has just been decided to cull about half the population of "big grazers" (wild horses, deer & wild cattle). Anyway, the wolf is back, after 137 years, so who knows. Definately worth a visit and the birds are great.”
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“Nearby restaurant that serves nice food. Located in an old factory at the canal, where they supplied the ships. ”
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“Just because Utrecht is not next to the sea doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a beach ;) ”
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“Nice bar/restaurant. We like going there for drinks but they also serve great food!!”
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Beauty Salon
“A 25 minute drive from Zwolle but well worth it for a wonderful spa experience. Bathing suits only on Tuesdays.”
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“This museum is definitely worth a visit if you're interested in WWII. It tells you everything you need to know about operation 'Market Garden' and the battle of Arnhem. Be aware this museum is located in Oosterbeek (just outside of Arnhem). You can go here by bus or by bicycle.”
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“Newly renovated big high-end shopping mall of Utrecht. Make sure to have a drink on the top floor.”
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“There is a statue of Anne Frank in front of the church. On Saturday there is a flower market.”
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Éjszakai szórakozóhely
“At 10 minutes distance you can find the Winkel van Sinkel, a place of entertainment music and to book meeting rooms when you are in Utrecht for business. ”
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“Great park to chill in the sun or a quick round running in the neighbourhood”
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“One of the best ways to see Utrecht is from the water. But don't get a watercycle (looks fun, but is very slow)! Get a canoe, it will get you around much quicker. If you are up for it, you can also do a day tour and go out of the city. ”
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Place to shop
“An affordable supermarket right next door. You can find all your daily needs there. Note: If you need to buy souvenir to take away, Jumbo has one of the best "Stroopwafels" for less than 3 Euros.”
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