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“Need a place to relax after shopping, or while the rest of the family is. This is the place. ”
  • 1009 helybéli ajánlja
“Shopping on a larger scale... Go here on a rainy day or for browsing danish design & fashion”
  • 207 helybéli ajánlja
“One of the best places to get a coffee. The cafe is placed in the end of Jægersborgsgade.”
  • 242 helybéli ajánlja
“Great bakery with all sorts of delicious baked goods - located in jægersborggade, a lively street full of small shops, restaurants and cafés”
  • 220 helybéli ajánlja
“This shopping mall was awarded the best mall in Denmark in 2015. They have more than 90 shops and you can literally get everything here - great place to go shopping for Danish/Scandinavian style!”
  • 143 helybéli ajánlja
“Mirabelle (1 km) – A French bakery that serves amazing bread, croissants and coffee. Mirabelle is also a nice place to eat dinner and located next to Brus that I recommend in the beer section.”
  • 138 helybéli ajánlja
“Dive bar feel on a lively street that’s always a good place to get a drink and take in the Nørrebro nights ”
  • 115 helybéli ajánlja
“Our lovely local wine pusher. Organic wines on bulk. What more do we need to say? Oh yeah they have good food as well!”
  • 108 helybéli ajánlja


“Field's is the largest Shopping Mall in Northern Europe and it even has a large playground for children, and a floor full of restaurants. It is too big for me, but I have been there somethings for special shops, because it is so easy to park. If you go by taxi, it is a 5 minutes ride. There is also a Cinema Theatre. ”
  • 227 helybéli ajánlja
Women's Store
“The most beautiful shopping center in Copenhagen. You have everything here. ”
  • 129 helybéli ajánlja
“The city's oldest department store, opened in 1891, and has a wide range of high-end fashion, jewelry and beauty products ”
  • 133 helybéli ajánlja
“Copenhagen Mall (Fisketorvet) - the local mall for a large variety of shops and a Cinema Theatre.”
  • 92 helybéli ajánlja
“Here you will find supermarket, clothing shops, boutiques, cafes and much more.”
  • 98 helybéli ajánlja
“A shopping mall close by. Its not super fancy but have kind of everything. Grosery, clothes, IT, fastfood, pub, outdoor, flowers, bikes, shoes, etc.”
  • 49 helybéli ajánlja
“Small-scale local shopping mall. Want to buy some small items to remember Copenhagen by, but don't want an overused souvenir? Try Søsterne Grene in the mall which offers many small and cheap things. Chain-store and so can be found many other places including Frederiksberg Centeret and on Strøget. The center also has a H&M, but only women and children's clothes.”
  • 53 helybéli ajánlja
“Shopping mall with all shops that you need. Not fancy, has a local feel to it.”
  • 45 helybéli ajánlja


“The only fish shop in Nørrebro Opening hours: Tuesday-Thursday: 10:00-5:30 Friday: 10:00-18:00 Saturday: 9:00-14:00 Sunday-Monday: Closed”
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Fruit & Vegetable Store
“Very nice supermarket with super bakery, butcher and a fresh fish department. Easy parking. Vermlandsgade 51, 2300”
  • 27 helybéli ajánlja
“Delicious breakfast in my favorite area of Copenhagen. Used to live there. Start your Nørrebro day here maybe?”
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“Restaurant close to "Inderhavnsbroen" which is the bridge connecting the old Nyhavn area with Christianshavn. Nyhavn can be a bit touristy, but still a nice place to visit, and i believe this restaurant is one of the less travelled, as it is a bit more secluded. They have fresh fish, and serves a variant of classic danish cuisine. ”
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“Fresh fish from the Fiskehus. Healthy ecological salmon from the Faeroislands. ”
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“If you want a quick lunch on your way around the Vesterbro/Frederiksberg neighborhood, try heading for my favorite street in the city, 'Værnedamsvej', and find Viben Fiskehus. The street in itself is SO worth the visit as it is charming, frenchy, trendy and all the good stuff! Good shops, little coffee shops, bars, liquor stores and great restaurants. Do not miss it! ”
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