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A Taste of Paris

The word restaurant comes from the 19th-century French phrase “to restore” referring to the rich broths that revived a person’s strength. Paris is the perfect place to restore yourself, whether in one of its 40,000 restaurants, or in local patisseries and boulangeries. Let local foodies and chefs guide you through the wonderful world of French cuisine.

Say cheese

The French have a saying: ”un fromage par jour de l’année”—a cheese for every day of the year. From brie to camembert, roquefort to reblochon, there are nearly 1,000 distinct regional cheeses—most of which you won’t find outside of France.

Stay near one of Paris’s largest food markets

The 11th arrondissement is filled with excellent, casual bistros, and it’s also home to the Marché Bastille—one of the city’s largest open-air food markets.
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Swishy Cosy Paris Pad
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Studio à quelques pas de la Bastille
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Studio Place de la Bastille
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Central, topfloor lovely studio
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Grand loft lumineux
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A charming Room in a charming Flat
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Art Studio on courtyard with trees
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Mini-Studio Paris XI (mobility lease)
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Place de la Bastille.
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A little love nest in Marais