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“The Radovna river cuts the Vintgar gorge deep between the hills of Hom and Boršt. The gorge is flanked by steep slopes overgrown with beech forests. It was discovered in 1891 by Mr. Jakob Žumer, mayor of Gorje, and Mr. Benedikt Lergetporer, a cartographer and photographer from Bled. Both were amazed by the beauty and the mysterious character of this natural attraction. Local people, however, have always viewed the gorge with awe and respect.”
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“Hilltop viewpoint, reached by a steep, challenging hike, offering iconic panoramas of Lake Bled.”
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“Vila Bled has always been the place where history is written. Former summer residence of the Yugoslav President Tito hosted numerous official state visits: Nikita Khrushchev, King Hussein, Indira Gandhi, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Kim Il Sung, and many others. Check it out :)”
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