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Make precious memories to last a lifetime at this hidden gem
Make precious memories to last a lifetime at this hidden gem
  • Tucked away into the hillside
  • Lay in bed & watch the fire in the winter or keep the door open & enjoy the view
  • The cozy quarters stay around 55 degrees year round since it is insulated from the hillside. Nice & cool in the summer. This little propane fireplace will heat it up in the winter.
  • Look out onto the hills, orchards & Columbia River.
  • The quintessential round door was upcycled from a cable spool. Custom metal work by a local designer & an antique speak easy hide it's former life.
  • Wildflowers abound in the spring
  • Nestled in for the night
  • This 288 sq ft. Floorplan with rounded, barrel ceilings is meant to feel cozy
  • Seating area with mugs & a barrel of drinking water on the wall
  • Hot drink bar, local pour over coffee, teas & cocoa
  • Woodworking bench with antique wood vise & swing arm stool
  • Custom Locally made woodworking bench complete with tools to whittle away during your stay.
  • Challenge someone to a friendly game of chess
  • This offgrid property has a shower, tub for two, sink & toilet
  • Underground Hygge
  • Driftwood sink in the bathroom
  • This Way! Trail from the parking area to the house.
  • The trail up is a tenth of a mile but pretty steep. It takes less than 5 mins to walk from the parking area but it will get your heart pumping.
  •  birdhouse made by a carpenter friend as a housewarming gift.  There is birdseed if you want to feed the birds and get a closer look
  • The classic green door symbolizes tranquility & harmony to all who enter.
  • Side view of the house, look closely or you might miss it!
  • Wattle fence & gate.
  • The charming garden attracts many butterflies in the summer.
  • Lanterns that hang above the bed
  • wood chandelier
  • Be transported to another time in this storybook setting.
  • The flower boxes enhance your view as you peer out the window at your stunning surroundings.
  • The cowbell will alert you to visitors.  Wizards, dwarves, elves...?
  • Winter brings a whole new world.  Relax after your journey in the cozy solitude with a cup of cocoa by the fire.
  • Kristie Wolfe the host & Builder
  • Every detail will inspire and make you feel like a kid again
  • Make precious memories to last a lifetime at this hidden gem
  • Underground Hygge
  • Watch the sunset from the front yard
  • Every detail as you approach will bring a smile.
  • This charmingly romantic getaway features a bed and chandelier lovingly crafted by the home owner.
  • Cordwood floor took over 1200 rounds & countless hours of cutting, gluing, & grouting
  • Soak up the sun and fresh air while taking in the magnificent views of Middle Washington.
  • The unique home features many authentic details such as the rounded doorways and windows creatively crafted by the home owner.
  • This comfy sitting area will inspire you to slow down, unplug and enjoy the simpler things in life.
  • We're sure you will have an unforgettable stay!
  • Underground Hygge
  • Underground Hygge
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Make precious memories to last a lifetime at this hidden gem