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Eco Friendly Monkey Cabin.

4,78(193)Superhost-házigazdaBelize City, Belize, Belize
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We are proud to receive Super Host status 8 consecutive terms !!!!!
This pine cabin, overlooks a natural fresh water pond, free, of fishes, endangered turtles, 53 birds species and peace. We share our natural environment , local Maya history, cultural food and so much more.
Ask about our Airport Shuttle Service, Private Adventure Tours.

A hely
Experience an ultimate secluded retreat by staying at the “Eco Friendly Monkey Cabin” a pinewood, vacation rental cabin in the northern countryside of Belize District. This authentic Log Cabin is located in a very historic village which was once used for early logwood cutting by the British log cutters. Mahogany and Logwood were cut and transported via the Old Belize River, to the once capital of Belize City for many uses.
Surrounded by brightly green, natural habitat being the home of many wildlife creates such a rejuvenating effect of what nature is, that makes Belize truly special and wanting you to visit again.
It features strong attention to detail and a very intimate cozy layout making it perfect for couples seeking a romantic getaway with lots to do and see- or nothing at all!!!


Enjoy this idyllic scenic and serene view of such a highly sustainable entrance leading up to your Get away cabin! As you trod through this lush and breathtaking pathway , you will certainly feel inspired and will want to return again and again! The Variety of tropical fruit trees to the tall coniferous trees that forms a canopy to the viewing of its rich wildlife as you trail along. Fruit trees to mention a few such as – Blackberry, cashew, cocoplum- creates an impressive indulging array of aroma. The villagers make wine , stews and jelly jam from the blackberries and cashews. Cashew nuts are made from the cashew seeds through a natural organic process. Birds chirp along of all sorts and nestle in the tree tops. the Wild rabbits shoot across the pathway; squirrels scurry about their business up and down the tree. Watch the Agouti as they pass by. Orchids of many kinds drape down on tree trunks and creates an alluring effect and just a natural simplicity of nature at its best!

The Cabin

All the essential comforts of home and modern amenities you need to feel as comfortable as possible during your stay are here -from Air conditioning to fully equipped kitchen with all the necessary cooking appliances.
Look forward to unwinding on the porch in hammocks as you listen to the soothing and calming effect sounds of all that creates an enchanted ecological and environmentally friendly ambience- from an orchestra of various species of birds to the chirping of crickets at sunset to howling of the family of 6 howler monkeys hovering over and swaying from tree to tree top.
The Picturesque view from the porch to the pond side allows for a moment of tranquility and easy access to a variety of notable attractions/activities occuring with some of wildlife as you stay in hiding on your porch.

The Pond

The overhead canopy trail that leads to the pond side creates a cozy and embracing effect of nature. Get to enjoy an outdoor grilled cooked meal-BBQ, Kebabs and much more- whether it be Lunch, Breakfast or Dinner under a starry moonlit sky at your own leisure.
With this Botanical surreal view, it creates a little haven that simply just takes your breath away whilst inhaling a breath of rich aroma of fruit and herb trees! There is much to see and learn and do whilst at the pond side- from its ecosystem- catfish and bay snook to all sizes of turtles to iguanas. Get your kayaking on with all the essential gears provided! Throw your fishing lines down in the pond as you await your first catch! Or, simply reconnect with nature by unwinding in your hammock!
Get a close up sneak peak view of Iggy the Iguana on the mini Iggy Island which sits in the middle of the pond with your binoculars- or again enjoy the family of 6 howler monkeys passing through.

The Village and its People-Culture

Outdoor Enthusiasts will adore hiking alongside the river and the Baboon Sanctuary which is just a bike ride away from the cabin. For a much more fun filled recreational outing, take a ride on the bikes provided in the village just to meet and greet the people including the mennonite community to the local Belizeans. Fresh organic eggs, fresh cow milk, Home made bread , yummy cookies , cheese can be bought from the little mennonites down the road. Regardless of how you choose to spend your time here, Log Cabin Eco Monkey Reserve will surely not dissapoint!
Take advantage of the many tours offered with complete packages. There is much more that warmly awaits your presence as you indulge into the rich culture and embracing the facts about our Belizean Flora and Fauna!
Reserve this charming Log Cabin Today for a private get away you wont forget anytime soon!

Birds on and around the Property

: Green Jay
: Great Egret ( by the river )
: Yellow-crowed Night Heron (by the river)
: Cattle Egret
: Snowy Egret (by the river )
: Green Heron ( in the pond)
: Great Blue Heron ( by the river)
:Tree Swallow
:Tropical Kingbird
:Great Kiskadee
:Wood Thrush
:Black Vulture
:Turkey Vulture
:Acorn Woodpecker
:Violaceous Trogon
:Olive -throated Parakeet
:White-fronted Parrot
:Red-lored Parrit
:Lineated Woodpecker
:American Redstart
:Yellow- throated Warbler
:Yellow -rumped Warbler
:Yellow Warbler
:Black -throated Green Warbler
:Magnolia Warbler
:Black and White Warbler
: Nashville Warbler
:Louisiana Waterthrush
:Norther Parula
:Hooded Warbler
:White -collared Seedeater
:Montezuma,s Oropendula
:Common Pauraque (calling at night )
:Red-tailed Hawk
:Roadside Hawk
:Groove-billed Ani
:Ivory Billed Woodcreeper
:Rufous -tailed hummingbird
:Gray catbird
:Boat-tailed Grackle
:Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
:Ruddy Ground Dover
:Rose-throated Becard
:Yellow throated Vireo
:Summer Tanager
:White eyed Vireo
:Red-capped Manakin
:Social Flycatcher
:Masked Tityra
:Black-cowled Oriole
:Piratical Flycatcher
:Melodious Blackbird

Butterflies on Property

:White Peacock
:Blue Morpho
:Julia longwing
:Isabella Longwing
:Long -tailed Skipper
:Cloudless Sulphur
:Dina Yellow
:Gulf Fritillary
:Giant Swallowtail

Reptiles on Property

:Green Iguana
:Brown Anole
:Basalisk lizard
:Hicate Turtle

Mammals on Property
:Howler Monkey
:Black Squirrel

Mit használhatnak a vendégek?
Guest will have access to:

Entire Eco Friendly Log Cabin
:1 Queen size bed
:Full bathroom with a Private shower
:Towels (2)
:Clean Linens
:Electric lights and fans
:Electrical outlet for charging batteries
:Screens to keep out jungle critters but still enjoy gorgeous pond & canopy views
:Carpentry made from local hardwoods and finished with natural materials
Regional marble sink from Mexico
:Ample Parking
:Several Books
:Fishing Rods
:3 Hammocks
:Games. Sporting gears.
:Outdoor BBQ grill
:Mini Refrigerator for Food/ Drink(supply your own drinks , purified water)
:Gas Stove( bring your own food, condiments)
:Kitchen Sink
:Coffee Maker( supply your own coffee, sweetener)
:Board Game
:Bicycle Rental
:Access to entire lake

Airport Shuttle Service available. (Upon Request) (charge)

Airport, Bus Station or Water Taxi to:- Log Cabin,
Cabin to:- Airport , Water Taxi, Bus Station.

Make the Log Cabin your "Home Base" to all these private personalize .

Altun Ha Maya Ruin: Get your camera ready for some scenic pictures a top the ancient Maya ruin structures.
30 minutes drive from “Home Base”

Lamanai Maya Ruin: An excellent experience by New River boat ride. Capture the wildlife and Ancient Maya Ruin Temple.
45 minutes drive from "Home Base".

I am just getting started!!!!!!

The Howler Monkey/ Baboon Sanctuary Reserve: adjacent to the Old Belize River. Learn about the Community effort to protect the Howler Monkeys, Reserve, its wildlife and environment.
This will be a great family experience. Learn about the rainforest, animals, birds.
5 minute drive form “Home Base.”

The Best little zoo: The best of Belize's local animals. Tapir, Toucan, Jaguars,
and more. Great for families, and animal lovers.

Horses Back Riding
Eco Bicycle , Hike and Howler Monkey Tour

Plan ahead, and make your visit to the
Maya Crystal Cave system: take guided tour inside the cave system and explore the wonders of the cave.
At the same location, get ready for a Adventure Thrilling Canopy Zip Lining. 35 minute Drive from “Home Base”

Historical Belize City: awaits you. Belizean local food restaurants, old cathedral churches, government building, plentiful souvenirs stores. Entertainment, at the Princess Casino, disco, movie, pool, marina.

If you want to catch the islands. Caye Caulker or San Pedro, Belize city offers hourly water taxi to the islands. Bring your beach towels, snorkeling gear, and swimsuit. Its that easy.!!! Shuttle Service Provided includes water ferry tickets (charge)

Whatever you wish. The Home is your Base . I am hear to answer all your questions and make your trip memorable. And I will advice on the Do’s and dont's.

A detail information package and price list is available for tours.
Tours include all logistics, entrance fees, transportation, equipment tour guides and much more .
( Ask for info after bookings)
Air conditioning ( upon request only)

Egyéb fontos dolgok
Ask about our Airport Shuttle Service along with
Adventure Tour:

1. Crystal Cave Tubing Adventure & Rainforest Hike Tour
2. Thrilling Canopy Zip Lining
3. Maya Ruin Tours(Altun HA) and or (Lamanai & New River Adventure Tour)
4.Best Little - Belize Zoo
5. Eco Bike Hike & Howler Monkey Tour
6. Black Howler Monkey & Rainforest Tour
7. Historic Old & New Belize City Tour
8. Belize River Canoe Tour
8. Snorkeling: Barrier Reef Marine Reserve
We are proud to receive Super Host status 8 consecutive terms !!!!!
This pine cabin, overlooks a natural fresh water pond, free, of fishes, endangered turtles, 53 birds species and peace. We share our natural environment , local Maya history, cultural food and so much more.
Ask about our Airport Shuttle Service, Private Adventure Tours.

A hely
Experience an ultimate secluded retr…

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Belize City, Belize, Belize

Surrounded by farm land, cattle, horses, and the daily interviews of the local people. Peaceful, self sufficient community.

Házigazda: Brucie

Csatlakozás időpontja: 2015. szeptember
  • 249 vélemény
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  • Superhost-házigazda
I love Airbnb,s " power to the people" hosting, I enjoy. Outdoor, the environment, culture, the animals. Are my life. Relaxing, reading, interacting with people,
A szálláshelyen eltöltött időd során
Guest interaction can be tailored to your needs. My goal is to make sure your stay is unforgettable so you can always contact me.
Having guests, is exciting. Sharing this country Belize, is what I love doing. Sharing our cabin is even more rewarding. The choice, of course, is yours.
Guest interaction can be tailored to your needs. My goal is to make sure your stay is unforgettable so you can always contact me.
Having guests, is exciting. Sharing this coun…
Brucie Superhost-házigazda
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