Tompkins Street Retreat


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Relax in this 2 bedroom, 2 bath house with backyard patio and firepit surrounded by privacy fence. Walk to unique shopping and entertainment on Historic St. Charles Main Street. Augusta wineries and St Louis area attractions are a short drive away. Enjoy the comfortable living room with large TV, the fully equipped kitchen for special meals. Unwind after an active day with a meal under the pergola and drinks around the firepit. The spacious main bedroom is perfect for a quiet restful night.

A hely
>> FRONT STREET PARKING; The best route to the house from Interstate 70 is to travel north on Fifth St. to Jackson St, turn right and then make another right on 4th St. At Tompkins St. turn right again. 416 will be on your right.
>> PARKING IN THE BACK; There is available OFF-STREET parking in the back of the property via a parking pad (also please see NOTE2 below for garage parking access).
To park on the parking pad: From Interstate 70: Turn right on Jackson St and then right on 4th St. The alley is a quick right. Our garage/driveway is the white one (you will see number 416 on the garage) with the ""Beware of Dog sign on the fence (don’t worry—THERE IS NO DOG...).
* NOTE1: Tompkins is a one-way street running east-to-west so be careful not to turn right (or east) when approaching the house from Interstate 70 on Fifth Street).
There is a small set of stairs when entering from that back of the property so please take that into consideration when choosing where to park.
The front has plenty of Streetside parking on a quiet one-way street and there is a flight of stairs to the front door.
* NOTE2: Even though there is ample parking both in the front of the house and the back - IF you would like to use the two car garage, please send us a message through the Airbnb app requesting access as it can be rented for an extra fee of $10 per day. Fees will be collected before check in and administered through Airbnb's Resolution Center.

• Once you have determined where to park, the front and rear doors have keyless locks.
• The access code will be sent to you via the Airbnb app one hour before check-in. The code will be the same for all locks.
• To UNLOCK the doors: Enter the numeric code onto the keypad then press the “lock” symbol in the lower right-hand corner of the pad.
• To LOCK the doors: press and hold the “lock” symbol in the lower right of the keypad until you hear the deadbolt turn (Usually about 3 seconds). When locking from the inside of the house, the deadbolt operates with a lever like a traditional deadbolt.
• Please DO NOT lock the thumb-turn locks on the knob when exiting the house, as you will not have a key to open it. If you inadvertently do lock yourself out, please contact us for assistance.

• Remove all perishable items. The stove and fridge should be emptied and clean
• Load dishwasher with any dirty dishes and start the dishwasher.
• Pick up trash of any type outside before departure
• Empty all trash cans and take trash to the bins by the garage.
• Strip all beds that were used during your stay
• Please put used towels in a laundry basket
• Only put used bedsheets and pillowcases in the washing machine and start it before leaving.
• DO NOT wash comforters or mattress covers – we will wash those off-site.
• Turn off all lights, electronics, and appliances
• If gas grill was used, double check to make sure the gas is off
• Make sure all doors and windows are locked

• To lock the doors, PRESS AND HOLD THE LOCK BUTTON on the keypad for about 2-3 seconds, then you will hear the lock engage.
• Please make sure all the doors are locked when leaving and DO NOT LOCK THE HANDLE ON ANY DOOR as you will not have physical keys.
Our internet is through AT&T. Please see the information book at check-in.

• We consider the person who books or makes the reservation responsible for the behavior of all of the guests in the house.
• Please share a copy of the rules of the house with all of the guests upon arriving!
• Our house is in a residential area and we have neighbors that live all around us. We respect their right to peace and privacy.

• Quiet Hours are mandated by the City of St. Charles between 10pm and 7am. You must not be in the outside spaces making noise during this time. If police are called because of disturbances either inside the house or outside due to noise levels, you will be immediately evicted with no refunds.
• Please respect the space and limit visitors who are not in the booking party while you are staying here.
• Events are not permitted at our house.
• Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the property which includes the front porch and back patios and grassy areas. If there is evidence of smoking or a smoke smell in the house when the cleaning crew comes, you will be charged an extra cleaning fee of at least $300. Smoking on any part of the property is not permitted.
• Remove all muddy or dirty shoes before entering the home
• Spills and accidents. Please clean them up as soon as possible!
• Paper towels, broom and cleaning agents are located in the hall closet/laundry closet.
• Please especially clean up spilled drinks before the stickiness gets tracked everywhere.
• The vacuum is located in the upstairs closet.
• Please do not use the body towels, hand towels, and/or washcloths to clean anything but your body. Especially the floor. If you need to clean a spill, use paper towels.
• There are old towels on top of the washer in the main laundry room if you need to clean up any LARGE spills.
• Please report any damages to the hosts and Airbnb.
• Excessive cleaning (vomit, body fluids, grease, spilled liquids, food) will result in an additional cleaning fee. If spills are on the furniture and/or rugs and cannot be removed, the booking guest will be charged with replacing the item.
• There is to be NO REARRANGING the FURNITURE (please)!. Moving furniture from room to room is also not allowed. In addition, please don't move any indoor furniture outside and do not take mattresses off of the beds.
• MISC info: If by chance you break something, just let us know and please do not take anything off the wall.

• The lights are turned on by the sink (the left switch) and all switches are labeled for your convenience. Please note there is a dimmer switch on the light!
• Please enjoy complimentary water, coffee, tea, cereal on us as part of your reservation.
• There are a few spices, oil or cooking items in the cabinet next to the microwave.
• There are dishwashing detergent tabs below the sink along with soap and trash bags and extra paper towels. Please wash the dishes that you use.
• The stove is a gas stove. To turn on individual burners, find the correct knob, then turn it to the flame icon. Wait for the gas to catch before turning to the level you would like the flame to be.
• There are a few miscellaneous items like scissors, tape, paperclips, notepad and a flashlight in the drawer of the wine rack.
• A first aid kit is located in the cabinet above the stove.
• A fire extinguisher is located under the sink.

• All remotes are labeled and are kept in a basket on one of the tables.
• The TV is operated with the remote. You can access most main streaming services by entering your personal login information. Please remember to log out when you leave.
• The couch pulls out to a queen size bed. To pull out, locate the two straps in the middle section of the couch and pull. The middle section should slide out and then lift it up and it will be even with the sofa. To access the bedding, lift the cushion to the left.
• There are two sheets, a blanket and a pillow in the storage area of the couch and an extra pillow in the main bedroom closet if needed.
• The living room has a fireplace/heater that can be turned on and off by pressing the far-left button. You can also operate by using the fireplace remote.
• Also note that the lamp in the front room is on a timer so consider that when using it in the evenings.
• Please use coasters on the wood tables! You should find coasters nearby.

• We hope you find the bedroom relaxing. Please no candles! We have provided battery operated flameless candles that you are welcome to use and they can be operated with a remote.
• You will find a few useful supplies in the main bedroom closet. There is a pack n play for guests with little ones. We also have a small ironing board and a steam iron for your use. We provide blankets on all of the beds in addition to a few extra blankets on the ladder.
• There are make-up towels in both bathrooms. Please do not use the white towels to remove make-up.
• There are hooks on the back of doors for clothes or extra towels.
• There are some extra toothbrushes in each bathroom if you forget one, as well as q-tips and cotton pads. The downstairs bathroom has a hairdryer in the cabinet.

• In addition to a queen bed and a twin, you will find a desk to use for work, and another TV with a remote!
• There is a large closet in the room and another closet in the bathroom with baskets for socks, and other small items from your suitcases!
• We have a portable air conditioning unit upstairs. Please keep the unit in the location by the window nearest the bathroom. The exhaust hose should remain connected to the window outlet and the drain hose should stay in the bucket.
• There is also an oscillating fan upstairs if needed to make yourself more comfortable.
• The closet on the right is the laundry area with a full-size washer and dryer.
• There are pamphlets and brochures on the hallway table. We also have various lists of shopping, dining and activity suggestions to check out. Use the guest book to leave any comments or tips for future guests at the Tompkins Street Retreat.
• Help yourself to any books, games or puzzles during your stay, they are located on the shelf at the bottom of the stairs.
• Again, all light switches are labeled and the upstairs light can be turned on as you are going up the stairs.

Please respect the following house rules when using the barbecue grill on the patio:
• Move the grill at least 5 feet away from the house. A hot grill will melt the siding
• Remove the black grill cover from the BBQ grill and only use dedicated accessories that are located in the kitchen.
• Check the surroundings for flammable debris.
• Supervise children around the hot grill.
• Make sure all knobs are in the off position before leaving the grilling area including the propane tank.
• Please clean grills and grilling areas after each use.

Please respect the following house rules when using the fire pit in the backyard:
• Notify us when you intend on using the fire pit. We will make sure that you know where all of the accessories are located that you will need to have a safe and fun experience!
• We will make sure that you have enough firewood so only burn what we provide. We require only seasoned wood to be burned only, NEVER burn anything else except wood in the fire pit.
• Be ready to extinguish flames at any time!
• NEVER use gasoline to start the fire! Only paper, kindling, or the fire-starting brick provided by hosts.
• Keep chairs safely away from fire pit.
• Never leave the fire unattended.
• A fire extinguisher can be found in the kitchen (see previous section) should you need it.
• Never burn when winds are over 10mph. We will check this when you call to ask permission.
• Be certain the fire is OUT before leaving the fire pit. Cool with water, stir, cool again.
• Also -- alcohol is flammable and overindulgence impairs coordination, judgment, and reflexes which could result in injuries to anyone gathered around the perimeter of the fire.

• Yard games can be found on covered section of the patio. Please remember that yard games are only to be used for the backyard.
• Washers for the Washer’s game are attached to the bottom of the wood structure.
• The Croquet game can also be used if you wish.

IF you would like to use the two car garage, please send us a message through the Airbnb app requesting access as it can be rented for an extra fee of $10 per day. Fees will be collected before check in and administered through Airbnb's Resolution Center.

• Groceries:
• Schnucks: 1900 1st Capitol in University Commons
• Aldi: 1335 Bass Pro Drive in Mark Twain Village
• Midtowne Market: 317 Hawthorn Ave.
• Dollar General directly across the street in the strip mall across the street.
• Pharmacies:
• The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy is also right across the street in the same strip mall as Dollar General.
• Walgreens is right down the street at 1301 S 5th St.
• Coffee shops. There are many coffee shops down on Main Street (including 1 below) but below are some others:
• Starbucks can be found at 1030 S 5th St.
• Crooked Tree Coffee House can be found at 559 1st Capitol Dr.
• Frontier Perk: 336 South Main Street
• Clothing. There are many specialty and gift shops that have cloths on and around Main Street but in addition to this, you can also shop at the following stores:
• Bass Pro Shops is located in the Mark Twain Village at 1365 S 5th St, St Charles, MO 63301.
• Duluth Trading Company is also located in the Mark Twain Village at 1439 Bass Pro Drive, St Charles, MO 63301 and right next to Bass Pro.
**** We provide an extensive list of shopping, restaurants, desserts, coffee shops, activities, local history and more in our Guest Book at the house.

• The nearest hospital is SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital 300 1st Capitol Dr, St Charles, MO 63301 and one block north of the house.
• The nearest urgent care is Total Access Care 2138 1st Capitol Dr, MO 63301.

Pack your bags and get ready to experience the Tompkins Street Retreat!

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On this quiet street but you are just a short walk to Historic Main Street St.. Charles! Also a short distance to convenience stores, restaurants, and coffee houses. Lindenwood College is less than 1 mile, SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital is just two blocks away, and other entertainment areas as well!

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