Jungle Loft with a lush balcony [6 month minimum]

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Privát szoba Wi-Fi-vel, amely kiválóan alkalmas munkavégzésre.
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Welcome to our dreamy, nature-inspired oasis in the heart of the cramped and chaotic city. (800 soft home) Full terrace, walk in closet, galley kitchen, wet and dry bathroom separation, loft bedroom with hidden sleek storage.

Living here at Jungle Loft honestly feels like the warmth of receiving a nice, big hug everyday. It is our recharging station away from the world and its worries :)

A hely
Life in the city means we are left feeling drained on a daily basis. As an urban couple who deeply love being outdoors, we wanted to create a calming space that would bring the rejuvenating essence of nature to our each and every day. From the theme of plants and green punctuated with vibrant pops of color, to the distinctive canopy-like ceiling that reflects that streaming sunlight on sunny days, the jungle served as our key inspiration in crafting this home.

Why living at Jungle loft will make your life better:

We offer 6 month minimum rentals. $57,000 all inclusive monthly rate, No security deposit

For a 1 year lease it would be all inclusive flat rate pricing of $54,000. This covers wifi, electricity, gas, water (all utilities)

A longer 2 year contract reduces the price to $50,000 per month - all inclusive.

(No short-term rentals - daily or weekly - sorry!)

Roll in with just your suitcase (which we have special hidden storage built for), move in feeling at ease as we have already put everything you could need in there.

1. Very quick 4 min walk to MRT

2. Water filter standalone unit- Coway brand - triple filter (all the $ and plastic that you don’t waste, we prioritize your health)

3. 24 hour trash sorting service you never need to run to the trash truck or know the schedule or stink up your house (because trust us those takeouts will pile up)

4. Doorbell to let your deliveries in we custom installed plus a custom table and signage to make your deliveries easier

5. Comfy soft memory foam bed from Ikea ($16k value) - good sleep is essential to quality of living. The bed supports you no matter what sleeping position you prefer. No more massage appointments to cure neck pains for the typical hard Taiwanese bed

6. A rare sighting in Taipei - wet and dry bathroom - with stone textured tiles that soak up water and dry easily so you never feel like you’ll slip. Imported from Spain and Italy. And you never have to worry if you’re standing on pee (for the wet bathroom)

7. Move in ready with everything stocked for you from a hairdryer to new towels to toilet paper to trash bags (We got your back, we know how annoying moving is and won’t make you / we want to save you the run to the supermarket on your move in day)

8. Private balcony with custom wooden decking for relaxing with a nice drink, recharging in the sun and getting some space and air during lockdown / work from home or even simply for your yoga rituals in the morning. Very rare in Taipei. We’ll never put you in a typical Taipei bird cage in any Tangerine properties. If covid has taught us anything it is that Life is really short. Make time to breathe and be good to yourself every day. We decked it out with beautiful plants for your dose of daily sunshine, fairy lights for the evening to enjoy peaceful dinners under the moonlight and space to do whatever makes you happy out there.

9. Rug in lounge so soft you just want to roll on it all the time and forget about the couch.

10. Huge walk in closet + extra storage upstairs for your suitcases

11. Foldout table for work from home digital nomads

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7 éjszaka Da’an District területén

2023. jan. 12. - 2023. jan. 19.

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Da’an District, Tajpej, Tajvan

Convenience near the house:
Next to shopping malls, plenty of restaurants of western & Asian cuisine (pasta, fine dining, Japanese izakaya, ramen, vegan etc), supermarkets (Carrefour, PX Mart), general merch shop for your everyday house stuff plus family mart and 7-11 steps away, Contact lens shop, Watsons, Cosmed and Several popular boba shops and hair salons down our street.

Házigazda: Mish

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We are interior designers who are also big nature lovers - our homes are all customized and philosophy driven. We are passionate about good design and its real positive effect on human emotions. We are dedicated to creating houses that feel like homes.

One of us is from South Africa and the other from the UK. We've lived in LA, NYC, UK, Australia, Bali and currently Taiwan is our home base. We like to incorporate everything we've seen around the world into our designer homes.

Our goal is to have as many awesome experiences as possible during this short lifetime that we have on Earth. To learn, create and grow and to see every country before we "go".
We are interior designers who are also big nature lovers - our homes are all customized and philosophy driven. We are passionate about good design and its real positive effect on h…


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