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Superhost-házigazdaTopanga Canyon, Kalifornia, Egyesült Államok
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Darrell Superhost-házigazda
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Beautiful PRIVATE TROPICAL Guest House in Topanga Canyon! Look up Cody Simpson & Ziggy Marley's video, "Love" on You Tube for video of property!

1 NIGHT STAYS ARE $225/NIGHT. MSG 4 INFO, NO DISCOUNTS on 1 night stays. Weekly & Monthly rates available, rates depend on season -- please inquire for long term stays.

Rates vary per season & day of week -- please enter dates in calendar for pricing, rate as shown on listing is base rate!


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Hello! Welcome!

Please read my entire listing before messaging, as I have comprehensive coverage for most all questions! Additionally, I do adhere to all of my rules & guidelines! No exceptions!

Rules are: 2 guest maximum, no pets, no children of any age, no self check in, no visitors during your stay, etc.. The AirBnB app does not show what I do not allow, only what I do! Please check this listing on a desktop computer, so you understand what I do allow/do not allow before messaging. No parties/events/weddings on my property.

Come relax up in Topanga & get away! 1 Bedroom Guest House located in the Heart of the canyon for nightly & weekly rentals! The entire property has waterfalls, ponds & a tropical themed environment. The guest house has 1 queen sized bed & can accommodate a maximum of two guests comfortably. There is also a kitchenette with mini fridge, stovetop, complete with coffee maker & filters, dishes/pots/pans & washer/dryer on site (the washer/dryer is for stays of 5+ days). Unit does not have A/C, but has ceiling fans in the bedroom, along with sliding glass & screen doors in each room allowing for ventilation.

1 carport parking spot is available, along with extra parking along the road. The road is paved, but has no sidewalks alongside.

Wireless internet is available, along with a cell signal booster. Reception can be spotty up in the mountains, and is not guaranteed; although most all guests have not had issues.

Topanga is a charming, countryside neighborhood adjacent to Los Angeles & very safe. I've lived here for over 30 years, and never had any issues.

My house is about 15 minutes drive from Santa Monica, 20 minutes from Malibu & 15 minutes to Woodland Hills, 30 minutes to LAX. Without traffic, I'm about 35 minutes from Hollywood, 40 minutes from downtown, 25 minutes to West Los Angeles/Culver City. To get a better idea of commute, I'm central in Topanga, so if you check a map for Topanga, CA & get directions from there, you'll be able to estimate distances.

No. I do not allow any animals in the guest house, nor are there any on the property (for allergy & personal health needs, I cannot allow animals on the property). For those who need petsitting: LADogma is a great local option where dogs stay comfortably in a home in Topanga. Just look up "LADogma" for more info.

My rental is Adults Only - No children of any age allowed (including infants)! Due to a unique property structure, with many stone stairways, ponds, firepit, size of guest house, etc., I remain firm on my policy of (2) adult guests maximum per stay. Many families try to message me asking for an exception; but I do remain firm on this rule, due to liability & safety concerns.
I'm happy to host just parents for a romantic getaway, though!

There are several long flights of stone steps leading up to the guesthouse. This shouldn't be a problem for most people (and i'm happy to help with luggage), but if you have trouble with stairs, this may not be the place for you. I've had multiple pregnant women manage the stairs late in their term, but these stairs may also be a concern for pregnant women on bed rest.

Sheets are 100% cotton, 600 thread count - I use all natural laundry detergents, for those of you with allergy concerns! I also provide organic soaps, all cotton towels & robes. Please do let me know if you have allergies though, so I can be extra scent-sitive!

If you'd like this to be a surf getaway, I'm happy to loan you one of my boards with your security deposit acting as collateral! I have kayaks & stand-up paddle boards available for use - but note that you'll need a truck or SUV to get them down to the beach (I don't allow guests to tie the boards to a standard car, even with a roof rack - I don't want my boards to be damaged). I've been surfing & diving for many years locally, and would be happy to give you some pointers on location, etc..

If you are a photographer looking to use my property as a location for a shoot, please note that I don't include shoots as part of a "package" deal when staying at the guest house. If you try to sneak a shoot on my property, this will result in a negative rating, possible immediate ejection from my property and/or loss of security deposit!
Please mention any relevant photography in your message, as I would require that we arrange a shoot outside of AirBnB. I use my properties as locations, so a location fee would be required, along with standard insurance, etc..
If you'd like to take a few casual snapshots on my property for strictly personal use, that's fine.

Mit használhatnak a vendégek?

BRAND NEW TIPI on property! For hanging out & lounging!

Also featuring: outdoor bathtub, indoor stone shower, wireless internet, satellite television, HD flat screen TV with DVD player, DVD library, microwave, toaster oven, stove top, mini fridge, kitchen with coffee maker/filters/tea, dishes & pots & pans, towels, shampoo & body wash, hot tub with crystal fireplace, year-round springs & waterfalls, filtered water, tropical gardens surrounding guest house, large decks & patios, great views, outdoor bed for napping, hammocks, 1 car carport parking, & more.

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QUIET HOURS: My property has a quiet period from 10 pm to 8 am, and I do turn off outdoor lighting at 10 pm. Hot tub hours are from 8 am to 10 pm. This allows guests & tenants to sleep soundly & keeps noise to a minimum. As noise travels in the canyon, I do like to be respectful & request that guests keep quiet during those hours.

LIGHTING AT NIGHT: Please note that my property has lighting similar to as shown in photos, but that the photos were taken on a time lapse to better display the night lighting. Time lapse is the only technique a photographer can use to show off the lighting, but the lighting may appear slightly different in person.

As Topanga is rural, I request that guests be aware & keep tidy while staying at the guest house by cleaning up garbage, wiping up food crumbs & keeping dishes clean & bring dishes inside as soon as finished if dining outdoors. This helps me prevent raccoons from getting into dishes that are left outdoors, and to control ants or flies. I do have the occasional ant issue in the kitchen after untidy guests leave dishes & food lying out, but I address the ants continually. Ants are a seasonal issue in Topanga, only coming out for the warmer months.
I do occasionally have mosquitoes & other bugs around, but usually only during warmer months.

Please note that there is the rare local power outages and/or road closures in Topanga, due to it being a rural town & there being different weather conditions up in the hilly canyon area. I've only had a handful of power outages in the last few years, so they are not frequent or cause for concern unless there is turbulent rain storms or rolling weather related blackouts. I encourage guests to telephone me at any hour with any issues or in the rare case of a power outage, to feel free to knock on my door for assistance.
Beautiful PRIVATE TROPICAL Guest House in Topanga Canyon! Look up Cody Simpson & Ziggy Marley's video, "Love" on You Tube for video of property!


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Topanga Canyon, Kalifornia, Egyesült Államok

FUN FACT: As featured in Cody Simpson's music video, "Love." (URL HIDDEN)

AirBnB does a great job of covering Topanga! Check out their location guide here:

Topanga State Beach is an 8 minute drive & Topanga State Park is about a 5 minute drive. In Topanga, there are many hiking trails, some with eight thousand year-old Indian caves & waterfalls.
Mimosa Cafe is the village coffee shop, which is a 10 minute hike down the hill. Just across the way from Mimosa, there is a natural foods store & a little mini market. Santa Monica & Malibu are a beautiful 15 minute drive along Pacific Coast Highway.

Suggested local restaurants would be Inn of the Seventh Ray, Froggy's & Cholada Thai food. Great restaurants in Malibu are Geoffrey's, Nobu Sushi & Cafe Habana.
The closest large grocery store is a Von's Market, located on Sunset Blvd. There's also a natural foods market & deli in Malibu, named PC Greens. Additionally, a local raw smoothie & juice bar has opened recently, about a 5 minute drive from my place called Topanga Living Cafe in Topanga!
FUN FACT: As featured in Cody Simpson's music video, "Love." (URL HIDDEN)

AirBnB does a great job of covering Topanga! Check out their location guide here: https://w…

Házigazda: Darrell

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Hey, I'm Darrell -- native to California, I own an antique & vintage clothing store in Topanga Canyon. I enjoy spending time surfing, spear fishing, diving, snorkeling, traveling, storytelling & generally spending time outdoors. I also enjoy a good movie -- my favorite is the Indiana Jones trilogy & Avatar. I've lived in Topanga Canyon since the 70s & have spent many years creating an environment where I want to spend as much time as possible. I love visiting any place tropical & wanted to live in Hawaii, but decided to create my own tropical escape here. My place is like a combination of the Swiss Family Robinson & the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. I enjoy meeting people from all over & I often host small BBQs with my tenants who also live on the property. I'm an easy going host & live in a treehouse on site, so I'm available if you need anything! If you'd like to share a meal or hang out around the fire, I always enjoy hearing stories from new people.
Hey, I'm Darrell -- native to California, I own an antique & vintage clothing store in Topanga Canyon. I enjoy spending time surfing, spear fishing, diving, snorkeling, traveling,…
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As the property is shared with other guests & sound carries in the canyon, I want to maintain an atmosphere of privacy & tranquility. Therefore, I do not allow visitors during your stay. The guesthouse is reserved for 2 people that I meet during check in.

The guesthouse is a stand-alone unit, private & faces a large lawn with firepit (as shown in the photos). I do have a gardener, you may get a glimpse of and/or myself maintaining grounds. The hot tub is reserved for your use, from 10 am to 10 pm (other tenants have their own hot tub). I live on the property, remotely & away from view of the guesthouse, but am reachable by phone call. Many couples stay at my property for romantic getaways & aside from check in, I sometimes I do not see them for the entire weekend/they do not see anyone, unless they call on me for assistance. All amenities including lawn & hot tub are reserved for AirBnB Guests during listed hours; but know that you may see an occasional person who will not disturb you.

If you call me, I will come down & hang out with you! I interact as little or as much as guests like - Some people like to spend their entire time secluded, and I only appear to give a welcome property tour. Other people who have stayed hung out with me & we've had some dinner together. My level of interaction depends on your preference!

Cell reception is poor in the canyon (as mentioned), so I only accept phone calls from guests who are staying in the guest house. It helps ensure that I'm able to address your questions readily & easily.
As the property is shared with other guests & sound carries in the canyon, I want to maintain an atmosphere of privacy & tranquility. Therefore, I do…
Darrell Superhost-házigazda
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