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Treehouse at Kilauea Volcano

Superhost-házigazdaVolcano, Hawaii, Egyesült Államok
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Hawaii has announced reopening to travelers who pass virus testing within 72 hours of arrival, after October 15 2020.
We will take reservations from outside Hawaii as long as rules allow travelers to test out of quarantine.

We believe that the COVID 19 emergency will be resolved by the cooperation of influencers, visionaries, and scientists dedicated to our well being.
We recognize it will take conscious cooperative efforts on all our parts.

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COVID 19 notes:
October 2020
We will try to keep this updated with latest from Hawaii in terms of restrictions and openings.

Anyone flying into Hawai’i prior to October 15 2020 is required to quarantine for 14 days. The way this works is you the traveler are required by the state of Hawai’i to go directly from the airport, not using a rental car, to the place you will stay for 14 days, without leaving to go anywhere or do anything. We the hosts are required to make sure you do not leave the premises. We do not and cannot have quarantined visitors at the treehouse.

Beginning October 15, the state plans to allow visitors to visit without quarantine providing you pass a test showing you are covid free directly before coming. This is the 72 hour test. How this is being implemented varies island to island, and is subject to daily change.

As you prepare for your travel, please check with the covid regulations to be certain you are compliant with all the steps.

At this time, inter island quarantine still applies. At this time, we are allowed to accept visitors from on island.

If you reserve the treehouse please know that if it turns out you must quarantine, it will be necessary for you to cancel. We do not charge you for covid cancellations and Airbnb should not either. If they do, please use their help contacts to resolve.

This is a custom designed treehouse, built by the same crew you see in Treehouse Masters on TV. The Jurassic attitude of the rainforest is preserved on the grounds.

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park borders the end of the street but can be accessed only through the main gate about two miles away.

As to lava: There is no surface lava at this time. Our air quality is now some of the best anywhere. There are scant emissions from the volcano. Steam comes out of the ground, signs of the hot magma below. The steam is not VOG. There is currently no eruption. There are no signs an eruption is coming, or restarting. Volcanoes are unpredictable but they do give signs before going into action. Those signs typically are increased seismicity over a period of weeks and months, and sometimes years. No signs currently. The changes in the park due to the last eruption cannot be shown other than in imax format- they are that enormous. This is an excellent time to visit. Overall there are so many fewer visitors than normal that you will have rare opportunities to experience some of the most beautiful land on earth.

Notes regarding cancellation and changes: please read the policy as published. Airbnb writes the policies and all of us must adhere to them. If you are feeling a need to cancel, you may wish to reconsider and change dates instead or discuss all options with us directly before deleting your reservation. During the covid restrictions period, we are adjusting as possible to changing situations. If you make a reservation with us and the quarantine is in effect such that you cannot test out because testing out is not an option, you will be able to change your dates with no extra charges. If changing dates cannot work, there will be no cancellation fees under those circumstances. We do ask that you make any changes at least 30 days out if possible.

Mahinui Na Lani hangs in ohia trees growing over a lava tube in the rainforest that extends into Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The materials that are the floors and exterior paneling were once a church. It retains a spiritual vibe accented by the stained glass windows throughout.

The treehouse is accessed via a path that is about 100 meandering feet in the forest, lava boulders set into the side of the lava tube, and ladders. The ascent is somewhat steep once you reach the lava rocks. For your safety and comfort, we provide day packs to transfer whatever clothing is needed for your stay from your luggage into the abode. There is a special recessed corner dedicated to your stuff, with hooks for clothes. It's Hawaii, and the climate is mild, the atmosphere everywhere very casual. We also provide bathrobes.

The treehouse itself is built on two levels, connected via a ship's ladder. The main level includes the living room, with two chairs and an ottoman, flat screen for viewing films & playing CDs, built in indoor window table & stools, outdoor shower, and composting toilet & vanity. The indoor fireplace is a Jotul propane stove vented to the outside. Outdoors on the lanai there is a cedar hot tub, and a teak table and chairs for al fresco dining in the trees. The upper level is also upper canopy, with birds actually flying around beneath you sometimes. There is a queen sized bed with a memory foam mattress, the tiny "closet corner" and another lanai. The windows other than the french doors onto the lanai are stained glass, made by a local artist.

There is no kitchen. There are plates and utensils so you can bring in take out and enjoy your meal either indoors or outdoors in solitude. There is a sink so your plates and utensils may be cleaned. You can make hot beverages. There is a French press and a tea pot. We encourage you to enjoy the nearby food purveyors, seek out gourmet delivery options, and recognize the treehouse experience is not a cooking experience. This is not by our choice but a change we are forced to make to comply with anti-vacation rental legislation on our island. We are unable to know precisely what restaurants are offering take out but at this writing Kilauea Lodge does so, and the Thai food truck seems still to be operational. We invite you to consult Experience Volcano for up to date notices about meal services.

There are hiking trails in and around the park through rainforest, desert, volcanic devastation, even a path with footprints preserved from an eruption over a hundred years ago. There are petroglyphs. Less than a mile from the treehouse there is Volcano Village, with restaurants and art galleries, a couple of places to buy gas. The entrance park itself is about two miles away. The neighborhood is rainforest, with many unbuilt upon lots. The reason there is no view of the treehouse through the forest is because the rainforest is very dense. There is the floor, very jungly with ginger, native ferns, and trees. Mid canopy are the tree ferns, some twenty feet tall, and over a hundred years old. The upper canopy is a mixture of ohia trees with red lehua flowers, Hawaiian holly, and others.

We are asked from time to time if more than two people can stay in the treehouse. We can especially understand that families would like to bring their children to share this experience. The treehouse is a two person space. Everything is designed to be a honeymoon experience. While it is possible for more than two people to sit together and chat, only two can sleep over. There is no rollaway bed, nor is there room for one or for any other furniture beyond what is there already.

Hall of Fame:

The treehouse has been featured in Extreme Cribs, on episode 13.

The Ellen Show: Kim Douglas's Tropical Vacation

Ke Ola Magazine Volcano Tree House story in July - August 2011 edition

Trip Advisor: One of the Ten Most Romantic Places to Stay (global selections)

PureWow feature

Treehouses of the World, Travel Channel European segment, by Treehouse Masters series


blogs and news articles published globally

You will have access to the entire property, including the small structure below the treehouse near where you park your car. You may safely lock your luggage inside that room and use the day packs inside during your stay.

If you use a CPAP machine, please contact us prior to making a reservation.

There is only one treehouse on the property.

Our host will greet you virtually upon arrival, and guide you through the off grid systems. The treehouse requires daily attention because it is off grid. This is generally done between 11 am and 4 pm, and most guests are away for that portion of the day. We do ask that if you are staying all day at the treehouse, that you communicate with us to let us know when one of us can come up and take care of the place.

The neighborhood is mostly old growth rainforest with a few houses here and there. When you drive up, you will notice there are neighbors across the street and next door. You will forget about them once you walk through the moongate and enter the world of the treehouse. Sometimes of a late afternoon and evening you may hear a local hula halau practicing. We hope you find the sounds of laughter and Hawaiian language and music adds to the ambience.

A rental car is a necessity. While there is public transportation, it is a long slow trip up the mountain. Uber and Lyft are available here, but the distances are such that renting a car tends to be more efficient. The park is a couple of miles down the road, and so large you will want to drive and not attempt to walk. Volcano Village is about a mile up the road. You might like to stroll up and back. If walking into the village for dinner, a flashlight for your return is an absolute must. We provide - please take it with you!

If you are planning a first trip to our island, we suggest that you stay 2 or 3 nights at the treehouse. Please contact us for for discussion before you reserve if you wish. The island is truly big, and most people would rather spend the night on the west side of the island rather than return to Volcano after a day of play over there. Although we show rates for long term stays, we would like to discuss plans with you before completion of a stay of 5 days or longer.

When you decide you want to stay at the treehouse, you are coming to a place unlike any other. There are other treehouses, but each is unique.

The treehouse is in the forest. It is inside the trees, and this means easy critter access. To keep them outside, we carry your rubbish away and make sure your food is stored adequately. It is not a good idea to leave unwashed dishes for these same reasons. This is the tropics. There are insects. They are not as prolific here as at lower elevations, but they do exist, and will visit you especially at dusk with lights on.

Spiders are residents of the forest. They are food for the birds. If you love the birds, please tolerate their food supply. We empty the house of spiders daily but we do not poison. The spiders come back at will. They are small, and stay in the corners. They leave evidence of their visit in the form of webs. We do our best to be inhospitable to them, but they persist.

When there is weather, like hard rains and winds, from your perch in the trees you will experience the sound and feel in ways you may have not before. The house is tight - the weather does not enter if the doors and windows are closed. But the sounds can be formidable. You will feel close to nature.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the treehouse. We wish you an excellent stay.

Mit használhatnak a vendégek?
There is a secure shed at the bottom of the property where you can lock up your luggage. The treehouse is yours alone. We do come to service it if you stay more than one night, but you can request complete privacy for at least couple of days and never leave if that is your wish.

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Tax IDs: TA-020-255-1296-01 & GE-020-255-1296-01

Covid considerations: we recognize that the pandemic makes traveling problematic. How covid testing will play out with Hawai’i travel remains to be seen. Please make sure to use the published rules for the state of Hawaii. If you are denied travel at the last minute, please contact us as soon as you can to let us know what is going on. Please be prepared to provide an image of the airline notification. Thank you.

Every once in awhile we are asked to provide extra bedding. This would be a pillow, sheets and blankets. There is a $25 fee for this. Please ask in advance so we can have it there for you.

If you wish to change the dates of your stay, there is a $100 fee unless someone else steps into your time. The alternative is to cancel your reservation. We try to work with everyone who needs to make changes. These are challenging times for everyone.

Trip insurance is available online. We do not offer trip insurance and we are not able to give refunds for the sorts of reasons trip and travel insurance offers compensation. We advise everyone who cannot afford to lose the cost of their reservations and travel commitments to purchase travel insurance.

From time to time there are conditions present that are directly related to the location of the treehouse. When you choose to stay here, please know that conditions such as wild life visitations, the actions of the volcano itself, and weather are beyond our control. Please do not expect or request refunds for conditions beyond our control. If you have booked your stay and have questions about conditions that might affect you, please contact us directly though the conversation on your reservation page. Thank you!

Hawaii has announced reopening to travelers who pass virus testing within 72 hours of arrival, after October 15 2020.
We will take reservations from outside Hawaii as long as rules allow travelers to test out of quarantine.

We believe that the COVID 19 emergency will be resolved by the cooperation of influencers, visionaries, and scientists dedicated to our well being.
We recognize it will tak…

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Volcano, Hawaii, Egyesült Államok

The neighborhood is part undeveloped rainforest and part lots with houses. There are no tract homes - every house is individually designed and built. There are no street lights so at night it is very dark. The forest tends to obscure moonlight. There is a hula halau that practices nearby some afternoons, and you can hear their Hawaiian music and chants late in the day.
The neighborhood is part undeveloped rainforest and part lots with houses. There are no tract homes - every house is individually designed and built. There are no street lights so at night it is very dark. The…

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Aloha. My husband Robert and I offer a Big Island destination near Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Mahinui Na Lani has been featured on MTV Extreme Cribs, the Ellen Show, and as the Most Romantic Date ever on (Website hidden by Airbnb) The treehouse was featured on the Today Show, and has been written up in Keola Magazine. Forbes has mentioned it in an article about our builder, Roderick Romero. We welcome any travelers who are seeking a wonderful place to stay on the Big Island. Aloha!
Aloha. My husband Robert and I offer a Big Island destination near Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Mahinui Na Lani has been featured on MTV Extreme Cribs, the Ellen Show, and as th…
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