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Your room has private entrances!
Your room has private entrances!
  • Your room has private entrances!
  • Country Guest Quarters
  • That place on the right, that is where one relaxes both summer and winter. Glass in winter for sun and screens in summer (no bugs!).  There is plenty of room to stretch our and enjoy!
  • This is the queen bed....  As you can see, the room is large, and the ceilings are sloped.   The room is hard to picture in full in one photo. Even with a queen and double bed the room does not feel cramped!
  • This is the double bed. The other is a queen.
  • This is the new bathroom used by our guests!
  • This is the view as you enter the Airbnb suite from the stairway / office door.  When entering the main room upstairs, look for this view to your left.  You enter to the left of this room divider.   All of the area beyond this screen is yours!
  • comfy area to relax apart from the bedroom!
  • A newly added sitting area is now available for your use.  So not besides the bedroom and bathroom, you also have this sitting area to enjoy! As you can see it is separated by room dividers from the office, which is only used during office hours.
  • If you have video games you can hook it up here!   We have a "sega" if you are into retro!
  • Wild Turkeys often frequent!
  • Front yard looking toward the road.
  • Country Guest Quarters
  • We love all seasons in our yard!  Your sidewalk and driveway are shown here.
  • When you come, you walk along this sidewalk to the blue door at the end of this brown sidewalk.  It has a keypad on it.  You will be provided the code after you book!  Open the blue door and walk directly ahead to the door in the next picture.
  • This door leads upstairs to your Airbnb suite!  The light switch in at the bottom kind of under the handrail!
  • Just some fall color on a rainy day!
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Your room has private entrances!