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Camper van parking only with required access to amenities, kitchen and bathroom when host available. But Internet and park available. Walking distance to CBD. Quiet. Kitty cat lives here too.

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Park for Camper Van. Access to WiFi.

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Only if host home. But WiFi still available. And clothes line


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Rotorua, Bay of Plenty, Új-Zéland

Elderly Neighbours. Quiet Cul De Sac.

Házigazda: Carol

Csatlakozás időpontja: 2018. december
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Kia ora I love photography, arts, travel, gardens and music. I have been a host on Couchsurfing NZ and stayed with hosts in USA having excellent references. Since 2009. I'm also a trained guide from Rotorua Museum and a known photographer who knows the best tourist spots in BOP and photography in New Zealand. I'm also a singer too and been connected to a number of music clubs in BOP and Christchurch and marketed others music and events. Volunteeed at Music Festivals in USA. Including having contacts in California, Holywood, Iowa, Chicago, Tennessee, Florida, and Australia and Italy. I've been on a Greek Cruise from Italy. I'm native to New Zealand Aoetearoa. Maori and great connections with our culture. Host Reference these are just some of the people I stayed with and hosted..from a host site.. From Martita Torrez Allen Chicago, United States Sep 8, 2011 Positive Kararaina is a good friend of mine - in addition to being a fun-loving person who shares a lot of the same ideas re: native & environmental concerns, I consider her to be extremely trustworthy, loyal, and helpful. When she was touring the US last year, she stayed with me in Chicago for over a week and I remember one day I got stuck at work - with tenants moving out and and a new one moving in!! Kararaina volunteered to clean the room and bathroom for me so I could stay and get my work done - and she did a great job - it was spotless! She really helped me out in a tight spot & I really appreciated it!! Also, we volunteered at some music festivals together when she was here, & she met some of my friends and family members - who also really enjoyed her company. She also returned the favour by cooking dinner for me when I stayed with her in Rotorua last October and I always try to make time to see her when I am in Aotearoa/NZ. From YOWZA Evergreen Park, United States Aug 14, 2010 Positive My first couchsurfing hosting experience with Kara could not have been better. Although she was good at looking after herself, she left my home in better condition than she arrived. I found her to be a conscientious, trustworthy and generous guest. My highlight was her sharing her life details with me through words and photos. I was honored by her openess. From TWILIGHTREVERIE Phoenix, United States Jul 14, 2010 Positive Kara was here at my place for the most part while I was traveling away for work. I feel she is very trustworthy as she was kind enough to even pick up my mail that I missed. Kara is very nice has a great personality for her PR music profession. I'm glad we got to meet a little during my busiest work month! Have a great time in NYC! From Eva Cameron Cedar Falls, United States Jul 6, 2010 Positive I really enjoyed getting to know Kara! She is a fun person, and very easy to get to know. She stay with me for about a week, although I was gone a lot of that time. I trusted her with my house, and my dog. And all went really well. She is a good person, and a good guest! From Amie Steffen Waterloo, United States Jun 16, 2010 Positive Kara brought music along from Bonnaroo and showed me some pictures/videos of the fest, left us some shampoo and conditioner from free samples she got and cleaned up after what she says were her messes (but were probably ours). I will definitely come to New Zealand and I hope you're around! Hope things went well with your former love interest in CF. ;) From JANNY3 Auckland, New Zealand Jun 15, 2010 Positive Kara is trustworthy, decent & honest. She paid her way as well as helped w/ cooking & housework and shared driving & petrol costs. Kara also contributed food which she helped cook & after meals, immediately did the washing up - all w/out being asked. Respectful, tidy & considerate, when she left at day break she did so w/out disturbing anyone else. After she'd gone the place cleaner & more spotless than it was before. Friendly, supportive, caring definitely not a user or liar & certainly no burden to have around. She's an asset to have stay as Kara's been very helpful & NOT a bludger or lazy slob. Kara pulls her weight & is very welcome anytime. From DEZENGO Spencer, United States Jun 15, 2010 Positive It was a blessing in disguise to have met her! She was very easy to communicate with, intelligent, and giving. Right now she is on a pretty amazing adventure traveling the U.S.A. and doing it through ride shares and eco friendly means. She Rocks! From LADYPAULA Saint Petersburg, United States Jun 6, 2010 Positive We had a fun day just doing stuff together. Chatting, driving around town. Showed her The REAL Florida: Wal-Mart and the swamps of Sawgrass Lake Park. Thanks for the geography and social studies lessons! You are welcome here whenever you like! From Betsy Lent Saint Petersburg, United States Jun 5, 2010 Positive Kara is such a nice person. She seems to have a very positive attitude. I met her at a function in the evening. She needed a ride back to the host's home and I took her. She was very kind to the host's pets, concerned for them. Kara was very respectful of the host's home and privacy. I think she would be a great couchsurfer to host I hope Kara returns to the states next year so she can spend some time on my couch! She is a very interesting person and a very sweet respectful person. From Michael Gorfain Huntington Beach, United States May 17, 2010 Positive Kararaina is an extremely interesting person to talk with....she has had many varied and challenging experiences in her life. In addition, she is one of the most thoughtful and considerate people I have ever met. Couldn't ask for a better guest. From Chris Tribbey North Hollywood, United States May 14, 2010 Positive Kara cooks, cleans and is fun to be around. In all seriousness, Kara is a PERFECT Couch Surfer, especially if it's your first time hosting: she's courteous, fun, social, conversational, and contributes to the home when she's there. I liked her, my friends liked her, and the cat liked her. An A+ person. From Amanda Huggins Tampa, United States May 11, 2010 Positive Kararaina was a great guest and a nice way to begin my couch surfing experience. She made a very lovely dinner one night, was very thoughtful, clean and respectful. She was very quiet and independant. I'm glad I was able to host her during her stay in Tampa and look forward to running into to her again during our travels =) From Heather Howard Tampa, United States May 10, 2010 Positive I had a great time meeting Kara, she is a very sweet and smart lady! We spent little time together, but it was because she was so busy exploring my city (while I had to work),which I think is awesome! Good luck on your huge journey around the states! From Julian Pistorius Auckland, New Zealand May 7, 2010 Positive Kararaina is a very conscientious couch surfer. I was terribly busy with work over the time she was at my place, and she helped me by vacuuming my flat, and cleaning the budgies' cage without me asking! She also replaced any food she ate, even though I said she didn't have to. She even made me breakfast a couple of times. Thanks very much Kara! Happy adventuring! From Debbie Carthew Auckland, New Zealand Apr 25, 2010 Positive Kara stayed with me two days and is a friendly,considerate person.She doesnt eat alot,but brought own food and stuff for me as well.She was tidy and helpful.Willing to share experiences and time. From Francois Horion Northland, New Zealand Apr 22, 2010 Positive I hosted Kararaina for two nights and enjoyed having her stay at my place. Kara is trustworthy, full of projects and very kind. She also helped with cooking, ironing, which I really appreciated. From Philippa Fox Auckland, New Zealand Apr 14, 2010 Positive Kara is a lovely warm hearted woman, super considerate and generous. Doesn't seem to eat much!! All the very best for your exciting future Kara. Arohanui. From Kotryna Brundzaite Vilnius, Lithuania Feb 28, 2010 Positive Kararaina is a very nice lady, I'm sorry that I couldn't stay in Rotorua longer, I found the town very interesting and different from all the others in NZ... Thanks for your comfy couch and the lovely evening with blues music, I've really enjoyed it! Good luck, Kara, and thanks for the picture! ;) From Jo Scott Laguenne, France Jan 7, 2010 Positive Kararaina is a lovely host.Kind and considerate. She took me to many interesting places and taught me a lot about Maori culture. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay with her. Her couch is very comfy! From David Japka Los Angeles, United States Nov 18, 2009 Positive Kararaina was a wonderful guest. She was very respectful as well as independent. We enjoyed a full day of touring together and then spent time talking at home. Her personal history and experiences are fascinating. We would love to visit her in New Zealand.
Kia ora I love photography, arts, travel, gardens and music. I have been a host on Couchsurfing NZ and stayed with hosts in USA having excellent references. Since 2009. I'm also a…
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Invitation to join me at music events if on and I'm home.
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