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Welcome to CTBH @ Seymour # 9. This Studio apartment is located in the Golden Triangle and offers several creature comforts. HGTV styled-living in a characterful room set on the leafy grounds of an historic tropical oasis in the heart of Kingston. 24 Hour Security, Air Conditioning, Fully Equipped Kitchen, Cable TV and Wi-Fi are all included. Approx. 5 minutes from the U.S. Embassy, Sovereign Center, Bob Marley Museum, to name a few. Take a dip in our pool to cool off from the sunny day.

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A fully self contained 325 Sq. Ft. Studio Apartment with a "Bombay Mango Tree" neatly perched outside your window frame provides a picturesque back-drop and a cool tropical breeze throughout the day and night with a combination of sea and mountain breeze all year round.

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7 éjszaka Kingston területén

2022. nov. 7. - 2022. nov. 14.

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Kingston, St. Andrew Parish, Jamaica

"Choose to Be Happy!" @ 9 is located:

- Within 10-15 minutes walking distance of The United States Embassy.

- Within 3-5 minutes’ drive of:

1) New Kingston – Kingston's Corporate Business district
2) Bob Marley Museum – The world famous home of the legendary King of Reggae, a recent stop for US President Barrack Obama.
3) Shopping Malls
4) The Knutsford Express (Bus Station)
5) Emancipation Park
6) The Hope Zoo at the Royal Botanical Gardens
7) Nightclubs, restaurants, international business offices and
8) Embassies such as Canada and the United Kingdom.
9) The CRU Bar and Kitchen offers a fine mixture of elegance and relaxation. Their aim is to provide a wholesome and fulfilling experience, with top quality food, drink/cocktails and a staff that wants to exceed your expectations.

- Within 6-8 minute’s drive of:

1) Devon House - A historical Victorian Great House bordered by sprawling lawns, craft shops and an ice cream parlour that is rated the 4th best place to eat ice cream in the World (yes... the World) by National Geographic.

2) Mega Mart (a 24-hour supermarket, cafe and general store, equivalent to Walmart), and Triple T's Eatery. Both cafes serve a hearty Jamaican breakfast, lunch and dinner.

3) The Wine Bar & Grill - Our fave place for a relaxing meal and any wine of your choosing, or a first stop for a night on the town. Tell Ossie we sent you and get 10% off your bill. (Did we mention we love this place?)

4) The Marketplace – Jamaica's premier dining and entertainment hub, which boasts world-class Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Mediterranean and local restaurants to satisfy the international palette, including Usain Bolt's Tracks and Records, and the high energy Club Fiction.

5) The Terra Nova - Offers a five-star dining experience at the Regency Restaurant; Champagne High Tea on Thursdays and a decadent Sunday Brunch at The Terrace; and an opportunity to 'lyme' with Kingston's in-crowd at the Regency Lounge & Bar.

6) Andrews Memorial Hospital - Kingston's best private hospital.

7) Constant Spring Golf Club

8) Jamzone Bowling Alley and Lounge

- Within 15 minutes’ drive of Downtown Kingston, the centre of business and trade located on Kingston's picturesque waterfront.

- Within 25 minutes of the Norman Manley Int'l Airport and the historic Port Royal.

"Choose to Be Happy!" @ 16 is the perfect jump off point for visits to the old pirate city of Port Royal, the Bob Marley Museum (former home of the Reggae King), Lime Cay for swimming and the magnificent Blue Mountains (over 7000 feet above sea level) for hiking, birding or sightseeing tours.

We offer island-wide tours and tour guide assistance. Just ask us anything!

Házigazda: Sheldon James

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Hey, I'm Sheldon!!!

I love life and everything about it! I'm the Director / Sales & Marketing Manager for a family owned new & used car and auto parts business in Kingston for over 20 years.

I'm a social butterfly & a foodie who enjoys traveling, meeting & interacting with new friends, cultures and living life to the fullest.

"Our only limitations are those we set-up in our minds!"
Hey, I'm Sheldon!!!

I love life and everything about it! I'm the Director / Sales & Marketing Manager for a family owned new & used car and auto parts business…

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Why "Choose To Be Happy?" - 9 Reasons Why!!!

1. Every new day is another chance to change your life - If you have ever dreamt of some things that you would like to have in your life, today is a great opportunity to do even some small things that will take you to the path of your dreams.

2. This day is an opportunity to be better than yesterday - If your pursuit every day is to be better than yesterday, your self-esteem and happiness will increase. Don't try to be perfect, just focus on being a better person in every way, every day, and you will achieve great things and happiness in the long run.

3. You can be who you want to be right now - It doesn't matter what your situation looks like, you can start being who you want to be today, no matter how your life is at the moment. You don't have to sell your house to be adventurous or have more money to share it more. Just ask yourself: “How can I be that person I want to be in this moment?"

4. The glass is both half-empty and half-full - Your attitude and thoughts define your reality, so you can choose how you see your life starting today. Finding compassion even for the worst in human behavior, and working to inspire the best will make you happy, too.

5. Happiness comes from your own actions - You can do anything you want today to make your life better if you just decide to do so. You can spread joy around you, even if you don't have everything you want. Giving joy to other people will make your day happier, too.

6. You have great friends - You have good friends in your life that you can share your inner feelings with. If you don't have that many close friends, today is a great opportunity to make new friends.

7. You can learn a new thing today - Learning new skills are very rewarding and helps us to proceed in life. It is possible to learn something new every day, so start thinking what you would like to learn today and just find ways to learn it. Now when we have the Internet, it is so easy to learn anything by just asking the popular search engines.

8. The summer is coming soon - If the summer isn't coming in the next month’s where you live right now, it will always come in one year anyway. Remember the feeling of warm sun on your skin, the smell of coconut sunscreen, not having to wear a coat even at night, sunglasses, freckles, cold beer, the beach, tan lines, the smell of freshly cut grass and the faces of happy people? Thinking about summer and the good times you will have then makes you feel good.

9. You are alive - This is the first day of the rest of your life. Nobody lives forever and we really don't know when it is our time to go, so why not try to enjoy our lives today like it would be the last day of our life? Enjoy your day to the fullest and make other people notice it too.
Our guest may interact with us whenever necessary.

Why "Choose To Be Happy?" - 9 Reasons Why!!!

1. Every new day is another chance to change your life - If y…

Sheldon James Superhost-házigazda

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