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Artistic, colorful, quiet, modern decor set inside a horse barn. Overlooking a serene field with a creek beyond. A walking path to stroll on.
There are books and art supplies and a record/radio player. Amenities to make coffee or tea and food of course. A good place to get away from the hustle and bustle to unplug and get quiet with yourself.
The barn has a traditional shower and an indoor toliet, though it is a non-traditional composting toliet. There is electricity and running water.

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The living space in our apartment is about 400 square feet. The exterior picture may make it seem larger, but one end of the barn is used for our own personal storage.
The neighboring field has horses. Hosts live about 1/4 mile down the lane and have small children, chickens and cats and dogs. The animals will likely not notice you, but may come take a peak. We have one big white dog named Salvador who has become quite the regular visitor. If you are not into dogs or fear big ones especially we may not be your place. He kindof comes with.
This is a rural location set inside a previous barn, in a field by the there may be insects and a possible mouse, but we are working hard to keep it as pest free and clean as possible, though. Know in advance that a rural location may naturally have these aspects to it. So if these kinds of things bother you we may not be the place for you. We are kindof “all natural and organic” people. Some of that means not using powerful and highly toxic chemicals, and an occasional spider web left in place because his ecosystem ultimately serves mine too. No poisonous/dangerous ones allowed, though!
We built the entire place ourselves (into the existing barn structure). We are not carpenters by trade but we built our own home first so we did have experience going into it. Perfection is not our forte, though. Comfy, safe, quiet, clean….those are. But again everyone has differing definitions of such things! If perfection is your definition, pass on along. Motel 6 is 10 miles down the road.
We used recycled materials to build this place. So the sink looks dirty, but it is stained. It took a lot of elbow grease to get it looking the way it does. The fridge is an antique, it has rust on it, not splattered food or poop or whatever else it could be misinterpreted as. Ha! Elbow grease did it’s best job.
So again, in an effort to make the best match, please know our space with unique amenities, a serene rural environment, and a reduced/reused/recycled vibe… may NOT be for you if that ain’t your thing.
Also our price is determined by Airbnb and was established by comparison to other local Airbnb rentals.

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Huntsville, Missouri, Egyesült Államok

We are a rural location with open space, and not too close of neighbors. But kind ones who are near. We live within 5-10 miles of recreational areas such as: Rudolph Bennet Conservation Area, Hungry Mother Conservation Area, Rothwell Park. We are also within five miles of the Woodsmen Distillery in Higbee Missouri, and the Motorcoss Racetrack on Hwy BB.

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Hi, my name is Mary and my husband is Chad. We have three young children. I am a stay at home, homeschooling momma and my husband is a Bible College professor specializing in Old Testament studies and languages.
We live here on this land, which is 11.7 acres. We built our own home ourselves and built it alternatively/green and debt free as well. We started completely off the grid, but have added some power since then. We still have our own rainwater catchment system, and the kind of potty you will use in our Barn Hotel is the same kind we use daily at home. Our house was kindof designed to look like a simple, little church out West in the woods and we even have a small steeple and stained glass window to make that look come alive.
We had always hoped to generate an income from our land and we tried many ways to do so. Animals or vegetables or trees. We gave each one a fair swing. But it was only until the idea of creating part of our horse barn into a guest house and making it an Airbnb location did we finally find what fit us best! We love getting to host people from so many different places and for such varied purposes.
We can be reached by phone, email through Airbnb or by text. We are just down the lane and into the woods as well. We like making your stay both peaceful and lovely.
Thanks for staying with us!
Hi, my name is Mary and my husband is Chad. We have three young children. I am a stay at home, homeschooling momma and my husband is a Bible College professor specializing in Old T…

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We live on the same property and are around home or close by in town most of the time.
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