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Entire space
Entire space
  • Entire space
  • Room and decoration
  • We assure bed sheets are all clean for your sleep
  • Reading lights and wooden shelf
  • Wall reading lights, for sleepless nights or for reading lovers
  • Curtains, Air conditioner, Fan
  • Bathroom
  • Bathroom with toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel available
  • Spacious sofa with 55in 4K TV, Netflix available for free
  • Big kitchen to fulfill your stomach, with a water purifier
  • Lovely dining table
  • Time to relax and chill at this papasan
  • Apartment door
  • Big swimming pool, about 280sqm to let yourself chill out on the second floor
  • Big swimming pool, about 280 sqm, to cool down the heat of Saigon, on the second floor
  • The park along the river with view to the city center, the highway and the river
  • A peaceful atmosphere for some walks
  • A place you feel breezy Saigon and as quiet as your ideal home
  • Convenience stores right at the building
  • Coffee shop at the main entrance with breakfast and cakes
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Entire space