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Yoga in nature is beyond tranquil.
Yoga in nature is beyond tranquil.
  • A place where your tribe becomes one with that of nature.
  • Yoga in nature is beyond tranquil.
  • Beauty with no limits.
  • Our babbling brook is always ready to listen.
  • Lounge and relax in the beauty of the Santa Teresa Coast Line.
  • Nightly traditions warm the coldest of hearts.
  • Inner peace awaits.
  • Yoga and Surf and everything in-between.
  • Preparing the cacao tea.
  • Freedom to use the natural resources for a better you.
  • A place where age brings super energies to all.
  • Valuing the views of nature.
  • Yoga and Sunsets and everything in-between.
  • Let the sun shine in.
  • Cacao from our harvest.
  • Relax the mind as you gaze into the flames.
  • In this natural habitat the creatures and their colors inspire our livelihood.
  • Nocturnal Nature exposed.
  • Just couple of our local neighbors.
  • A walk to sooth the tired soul.
  • Gratitude to mother earth and all she has given us.
  • No defined space is solely for yoga.
  • A walk amongst natures giants.
  • Allowing the trees and foliage to take root in your soul.
  • Breath, you are home.
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Yoga in nature is beyond tranquil.