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Newport Bay Villa represents a new concept of luxury in the island. Its avant-garde architectural design combines modern and minimalist styles, highlighting an exquisite interior design for its elegance, as well as the spacious and comfortable spaces. In a privileged location on the coast line, with a marina at the foot, it is a unique accommodation rising several meters above sea level to provide astonishing views of the ocean.

A hely
The luxury of Newport Bay Villa is based on contrasts. Located in the center of a lively village, calm and silence of isolation is breathed at the same time. At a height that offers breathtaking scene of the marina, the sea and the coastline, the Villa feels the surrendered Atlantic Ocean at its feet. Completely refurbished for its guests, with an avant-garde style and a diaphanous design, it has every imaginable amenities, as well as cozy and charming corners where turning a stay into an experience.

On this island, Newport Bay Villa is one of those gems that can no longer be bought. It does not belong to the market, but It is one of those treasures inherited from the centuries, adapted to new times and offered to the world so that others can enjoy it too. No one can own his experience as no one can possess the sea breeze and the heat of the sun. The luxury that offers us is to feel that sea breeze from its large windows and the solar caress in its gardens. To feel them once in order to remember them all of life.

Newport Bay Villa is located in the village of Candelaria, one of the most sought after areas of Tenerife because it is on the south side of the island, enjoying an enviable sunny climate practically all year round, but being close to the capital, La Laguna, the north of the island and also the most bustling south.

34th Maritime Avenue, on the first line of the coast, with direct pedestrian connection and just a few minutes walking from the main leisure and restoration area, we find the oasis of Newport Bay Villa. It is a building of 580 sqm, entirety refurbished, decorated, furnished and equipped, taking care of every last detail with the aim of providing its guests a unique and unforgettable experience. Its modern architectural style and minimalist interior design use straight lines, contrasts, functionality, light, spaciousness and transparency as a reference.

The entrance

From the outside, you can appreciate the modern and minimalist style of this construction of a single story house from the street view with a flat roof. Its simple and subtle façade is preceded by a sober and elegant exterior wall of printed concrete that gives maximum privacy to the property and, to whose view, nobody could imagine what it hides behind.

Going through its front door and walking the wide entrance corridor, the Villa opens to our eyes, showing an immense and diaphanous main room where the luminosity and spaciousness stand out. This south facing room is glazed almost entirely by means of huge sliding leaf windows, which allows a total fusion between the interior and the marine environment of the exterior. The awe-inspiring views with the harbor, the ocean, the horizon and the sky as a backdrop are undoubtedly one of the main distinctive elements of this Villa.

This great room has three well-defined and at the same time perfectly integrated environments: the living room, the dining room and a fully open plan kitchen.

Living room

Next to the large three-leaf bay window with exterior glass railing, there is a large and comfortable corner sofa with a 65" smart TV, equipped with a sound bar and wireless subwoffer. It is an impressive recreation and rest area where rest becomes an experience full of sensations: the proposal is to lie on the sofa and let the view get lost in the distance of the horizon or in the starry night sky, with the reflection of the moon over the ocean. On the other side of the room, just behind the sofa, a large glass table awaits the guests.

It should be noted that the main room has blinds to stop the sunlight and heat, however the high degree of openness and transparency allows to continue enjoying the views at any time. Additionally, the lighting also offers different sensations, by endowing the room with two different types of lights: a cooler and more powerful light through the spotlights; or a more subdued and warm ambient lighting for more visual rest, reading or watching TV.


In the same room, although perfectly defined with respect to the living room, we find a modern open plan kitchen. On the middle there is a center island with workspace, induction hob and a modern tubular extractor hood. Again, we find an extra wide picture window throughout the entire front with a breakfast bar to face the ocean and enjoy the meals while the sun climbs the horizon at dawn. The layout of this unique kitchen offers another unique experience, especially for those who love cooking: it places the chef behind the center island in front of the sea, to prepare exquisite dishes while enjoying the landscape.

The kitchen is fully equipped with all kinds of complements and latest generation new appliances: led lighting with sensors, oven, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, extractor fan, coffee makers, kettle, blender, toaster, etc.

Upper floor bedrooms

On the upper floor we find a master bedroom with king size double bed (180 x 200 cm) and a TV wall hanging. The second bedroom has a double bed (135 cm x 200 cm). Both bedrooms are equipped with spacious closets and natural light from outside coming through windows that face the outdoor area. Moreover, every room has air conditioning, although most of the year is completely unnecessary in this location of the island, warm during the day and cooler and pleasant temperatures by night.

Finally, at this floor there is a bathroom, with custom-made furniture, a modern shower integrated with the rest of the room and separated by a screen of tempered glass mounted in the air. The shower has a luxurious sprayer of 40 x 40 cm and a dryer embedded in the floor. Highlights the powerful led lighting with wall light on the mirror and a ceiling panel, both with white light.

It is essential to mention that all the paintings of the Villa have been expressly commissioned and chosen to give each room a specific, special and differentiated personality from the rest. The guest of Newport Bay Villa will see how each of them fits perfectly with the rest of the environment, creating a unique atmosphere for each place.

A stop before going down

Going down to the next level through the kitchen, we access a platform suspended several meters above the ground floor which crowns the staircase structure with two outdoor armchairs set. This lookout terrace is the outer element of the upper floor and it has been conceived to enjoy the open air views and the sea breeze from the height. The structure of the stairs, including this platform, has been equipped with a glass railing so as not to intervene visually in the architecture and the harmony of the space favoring the visual crossing effect.

Downstairs, we find a splendid porch with an outdoor sofas area and a mobile TV set, with a Playstation 4 and bluetooth sound column. In addition, the house also has a large dining table up to 10 people, to enjoy group meals in this outdoor area. The porsch is an ideal space to enjoy the stillness, it is a real pleasure to take a break from the sun and the pool as well as spend the afternoon until the sunset when the lights of the pool area will illuminate the evening thereafter.

Next to the porch, several square meters of soft and comfortable lawn delimits this area from the pool. On the side we find other special corner bordered by planters with bamboo decorative canes and torches: two bamboo armchairs hang on to provide magic moments to relax while swinging with the smooth music of the water bubbling from the fountain on the pond under the staircase.

Without any doubt, the pool an solarium area in one of the main attractions within Newport Bay Villa. From a walkway throughout the lawn, we access to a large and elegant private pool (7 x 4 meters and two depth heights) with a very particular design and configuration. Above it, a sculpted relief representation of the Compass Rose stands on the header, as one of the few elements maintained from the original configuration of the Villa. The sculpture seems to illuminate the white and undulating curves that twist around the perimeter to give way to planters and benches where you can relax and sunbathe.

On the side closest to the sea, on the edge of the pool, there is the solarium area with hammocks. Just behind it, large panoramic windows run along the south facade, allowing to delight from the relaxed life of the marina and the immensity of the sea from a different height and perspective. Finally, the last white curves hide a shower to rinse after leaving the pool or simply cool off.

At this point it is essential to highlight the great advantage of the strategic south orientation of the Villa, since the sun describes an arc above the Villa from its exit, allowing to enjoy the incidence of the sun practically all the day (until 19:00 during the summer period). This fact, together with the white of its contour and the gray range of floors and walls, make the solarium area the best possible place to tan between baths.

Finally, it is important to note that the pool is treated naturally with salt chlorination system, without chemicals, to ensure maximum water quality and crystal clear transparency.

Stays and interior space downstairs

The second level is configured almost as a separate house that offers full privacy to guests staying in it. Decoration inspired in a marine, coastal and fresh style, defined by neutral whites combined with blue tones and elements of wood, rope and bamboo. It is in line with the outside style of the exterior which contrast with the upper level interior design. Inside, we find another living room that opens onto the terrace through a large window and a glass door. It has a very comfortable cheslong sofa and a 40'' TV with Google Cromecast. The lighting of this room, like that of the upper floor, has a modality of white light and a warmer one.

On one side of this room, we find the main bedroom on this floor. It has a diaphanous open window to the terrace that illuminates the room allows to see the outside, the pool and the blue of the sky from the bed. In front of the bed (150 x 200 cm) there is another 32 '' TV and a huge closet with interior led lighting. In addition, the bedroom has a vertical mirror and, like the previous ones is equipped with air conditioning.

On the other side of the living room, there is the last bedroom with double bed (135 cm x 200 cm), natural lighting through a window to the back terrace, a large wardrobe, mirror and air conditioning.

Finally, there is a second bathroom on this floor, very similar to the one on the upper floor, with a continuous floor shower and tempered glass screen mounted in the air.

The billiard and leisure room

Newport Bay Villa is not over yet. There is still one more floor to explore. From the pool area, at one side of the panoramic window, a ladder that continues to descend is hidden. We crossed a mezzanine where once the boat of the owners of the Villa was sheltered and from where it went down to the sea every time they decided to sail. For that reason, it has been recreated in this area by nautical motives and, as in those days, a boat is hanging from the roof by half ropes and the original pulley system.

If we descend to the base of this three floors Villa, passing under the barge, an exterior door leads us to another outdoor small terrace located at the lowest point of the construction. Another perspective, another unique corner about three meters above the marina, where you can feel even closer the sea breeze and breathe an immense calm, with the lull of the sea and the sound of boats bobbed by the waves. Finally, the last stretch of stairs provides a direct access to the marina and the sea, although it is only possible if a boat is available (check this possibility if you are interested).

One more surprise within the Newport Bay Villa is the leisure room, with a professional billard table, poker table, dartboard, sound column with Bluetooth and 40'' TV to enjoy with the sports events, bar cabinet and a small fridge to keep cold beers. This room is a dream come true. It has ventilation and natural light through a two-leaf sliding wide window, also oriented towards the marina and the sea.

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Candelaria, Canarias, Spanyolország

Candelaria is a town located on the south side of the island of Tenerife. 20 minutes from Santa Cruz de Tenerife and 30 minutes from La Laguna and the north of the island, it is located on the motorway road to the southernmost part of the island (Adeje, Playa de las Américas, etc.)

Although it enjoys the pleasant climate of the south face, offering an average of 20-25 degrees of temperature all the year and many hours of sun, it does not present the agglomerations of the mass tourism of that one. It is a prime area, very popular and appreciated by locals, with many shops and also a lot of history. Newport Bay Villa is located in the best place in town. It is a strategic location on the Maritime Avenue in the middle of everything.

On one side, we can reach the old town of Candelaria. There is the Basilica of the patron saint of the Canary Islands, the Virgin of Candelaria, which can be seen in the distance from the top floor of the villa. Only 10 minutes on foot from the Villa we can reach one of the most emblematic and must-see sites on the island.

On the other side, we reach the long Maritime Avenue that runs along the sea throughout a wooden path where we will see locals walking or practicing sports. On the opposite side, we find multiple bars and cafes with their respective terraces, where to have lunch or dinner. In addition, on this same Avenue, towards the end, we find Playa del Cabezo, also frequented by locals.

At the gates of the Villa you will find all the services you can imagine: supermarket, pharmacies, shops, restaurants, bars, etc. Moreover, there is a shopping mall very close which is open every day of the year.

You never would have imagined that such a quiet place could be so central: a true oasis.

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The Serve B&B team is available for guests from the moment of booking until their arrival. Constant and special attention will be kept for everything you may need during the stay. Guests can contact the Villa Management Team for any questions or problems that may arise.
The Serve B&B team is available for guests from the moment of booking until their arrival. Constant and special attention will be kept for everything you may need during the stay.…
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