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  • Somewhere over the rainbow.
  • View From Bothy
  • Bothy
  • Exterior shot of the Bothy.
  • Bothy Dining Area
  • Bothy Kitchen
  • Pellet Boiler and Lounge Area
  • Bothy 1 Bedroom
  • View of the lounge area in a different light.
  • Lounge area
  • The Bothies have 2 shower rooms, one in each bedroom. They are neat, clean and tidy with plenty of 'hot' water and a towel rail/radiator  to keep you warm even on the coldest of nights.
  • Our Bothies are cosy and warm all year round.
  • Beautiful skyscapes at Tarset Tor
  • Southern view of the Tarset Valley from Tarset Tor.
  • Constellations over the North Tyne river.
  • One the many amazing sunsets we get here at Tarset Tor.
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