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What we offer is a magical experience!!
What we offer is a magical experience!!
  • What we offer is a magical experience!!
  • On offer are five independent stone cottages of ethnic design
  • All are of same design, size and furnishings.
  • There are three double and two triple bedded rooms on offer.  All the rooms are furnished with only single beds.
  • The rooms are simple but clean and cozy.
  • Each rooms is also provided with an electric kettle and tea bags. There are no televisions though.
  • Each room has an attached toilet and bathroom with hot water facilities. There are no showers though, only bucket baths may be had.
  • And surrounded by lush greenery!
  • The tiny village of Langkawet is exquisitely beautiful, surrounded by rolling hills and deep gorges.
  • And several water bodies. A hikers paradise!
  • Most renowned of all attractions in this region are the unique living root bridges. This one in the picture is at Riwai near Mawlynnong (Asia's cleanest village), a 45 minutes drive from Langkawet.
  • The border town of Dawki is also a mere 45 minutes drive away from Langkawet. The river Umngot, renowned for its clear waters, especially in winter, offers boating and other river based activities.
  • We also organise guided treks and visits to local sights against prior request only.
  • This is a photo of a rare living root ladder, the only one of its kind, and is found 25 kms away from Langkawet.
  • Nongblai, or "village of gods", has a total of 16 living root bridges in its vicinity. To reach this village which is unconnected by road, one needs to hike down a daunting 2500 feet. The trail that leads to Nongblai is a mere 4 kms from Langkawet.
  • This photo is of one of the other sixteen living root bridges that are at Nongblai .
  • For those interested in getting to know about the unique Khasi tribal culture,  a visit to Langkawet offers a great opportunity to intermingle with the indigenous folk.
  • We have our own kitchen facilities which allows meal preferences.
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What we offer is a magical experience!!