Lanna House (2 Bedroom)

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Lanna Rice Barn Residence is the only place in Thailand that preserves the ancient Thai Lanna architecture on 2 acres of land. Each house is more than 100 years old, and the rice barns are around 70-100 years old. They feature the authentic Thai Lanna architecture and décor mixed with modern features. Explore 1000 year old city Wiang Kum Kam, enjoy activities/tours with local people. Discover Chiang Mai, or simply relax in our garden.

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Please give us some attention before booking
And be kindly to imfrom you that , If you need to cancel your booking , please do your cancellation in 42 hr. after booking otherwise you will not get any money refund (air bnb : strict cancel policy).

Please do put an exact number of every member in you group the room price will change following with people in your group. (maximum 4 people)

Our place is quite unique and different from other accommodation. We want to share the experiences of living in truly traditional Chiangmai Lanna houses that presented thru its architecture design , proportion and perception located in one of the most historic area of Chaing mai,Thialand "Wiang Kum Kam" only 5 km. from the city and CNX airport (sorry to inform that we do not provide a pick up service yet we can help you arrange some for your group or family, please asking us about the price in advance). The host herself lived in this property , giving her best service for her guest like a family. We may not able to give you a 5 star hotel or luxury resort service but our host and every staff at our place pleasure to help you with any issues. Suitable for guests that looking for a peaceful place surrounded by beautiful nature with a hint of ancient remains for new vacation experience that require just a few km. far from the chaotic city. All elements making our place quite niche and due to all the ancient architecture elements , every house require to use stairs to go up your room. We must admit that our place not suitable with guests who using wheelchair and guests who every sensitive to small nature sounds at night time. We do sorry for this inconveniences

The architect who passionate in traditional Chiangmai housing renovated the real original almost 80 -100 year old house into a home stay with more suitable function for accomudating. Our bed rooms are not in a standard size and difference from other hotel out there , because the architect wanted to keep an original proportion and perception of traditional thai house. According to rooms scale we provide only 5 foot bed size with no extra bed.
Traditional Thai houses are built on stilts ,designed to be elevated from the ground so every rooms require to climbing up the stairs.
An entire house was built from real wood material and wood structure that create natural moving wood sound when you are walking in the house. Site location has to be a little seperate from the city for a peaceful environment and all the surrounding nature.
A lot of plant and trees take a huge part in site structures design , keeping every existing as possible for all life who needed those trees to lived-in.
You will hear birds singing in every morning and some cicada sound at night time. So, beware if you do not like to hear any of those little nature sound.

Please let us know every questions you have.
We do not want guest to feel uncomfortable and inconvenience while living in our place.
Thank you for your kind attention.

This listing is consist of
1 Thai house
- 1 Thai house has 2 rooms (each room for 2 people)
- Each room has 1 queen size bed (5'bed) suitable for 1-2 people.
- All rooms have en-suite toilette and bathroom, air-condition, warm water, TV, wifi.
- It separated house with master area and the additional barn are connected through a spacious open plan kitchen and sitting area
- Kitchen with kettle, tea and coffee as well as a fridge

- This price is room only. ***

**** Early check-in(before 14.00pm.) and late check-out (after 12.00 pm.) ***

House is overlooking the beautiful and tranquil garden, feel free to explore the big and serene orchid and wooden artwork you find all over the property. We are happy to give you free guided tours around the property to learn more about the Lanna architecture and history, or we would love to invite you to visit the nearby museum showcasing Lanna artifacts. And if you want to treat yourself, feel free to have a Thai massage in a peaceful atmosphere.

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Chiang Mai, Thaiföld

Whether you'd like to stay at home, enjoy the orchard, relax with a massage and some of our exquisite northern Thai cuisine, or would like to explore the surrounding area of the ancient city Wiang Kum Kam or taking a drive into Chiang Mai city, we are ideally situated to have access to all.

We offer rental bikes that are ideal to explore the close neighbourhood that offer the many ancient temples. Also local supermarkets as well as Thai restaurants can be found nearby.

We arrange and offer various activities nearby such as traditional cloth dying, northern Thai paper cutting (Tung), horse riding, lantern bamboo weaving and more.

For wedding party, yoga retreat, pre-wediing photo and events. Welcome for more discussion.

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Welcome to the Lanna Rice Barn Chiang Mai! It is our true pleasure to welcome you to the Lanna Rice Barn. The only place in Thailand that preserved the ancient Thai Lanna houses and rice barns on 2 acres of land. It consists of houses and rice barns. Each house is more than 100 years old, and the rice barns are around 70-100 years old. The Lanna Rice Barn was created and built up by the owner Adul Heranya. He is a very known and important architect in Thailand. Besides his architectural work, he devotes his time to educate on Thai Lannas architecture and culture. He won many awards for his social engagement to preserve Thai Lanna culture and tradition. Until today, he still follows his mission and passion to preserve the Lanna heritage. Adul grew up as a son of a farmers family and has always loved the way of life of traditional Thai Lanna. During his year of graduation of his architecture studies he started to collect the rice barns and décor to preserve them. That was the beginning of the Lanna Rice Barn. During a course of 8 years he has gathered even more ancient artefacts of the Lanna era. This impressive collection can be seen at the Thai Lanna museum that he built up. Today, the Lanna Rice Barn Chiang Mai is one of the pilgrim places for architecture students who want to study the authentic Lanna architecture. It is the only place in Thailand that offers such a vast collection of Lanna houses and barns. “It is my absolute pleasure to share the Thai Lanna houses and rice barns with you on airbnb, and with it the whole experience of authentic Lanna life during your vacation.” - Adul Heranya
Welcome to the Lanna Rice Barn Chiang Mai! It is our true pleasure to welcome you to the Lanna Rice Barn. The only place in Thailand that preserved the ancient Thai Lanna houses an…


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Our staff will welcome you, get you settled in, leave you to your privacy and be on-call throughout your stay. We have a very friendly staff who create a welcoming and warm atmosphere so you will feel like home away from home. If you are interested in any activities or tours feel free to contact us at the reception area. We will happily help you with any questions you have and help to make arrangements for whatever activities you are looking for.
Our staff will welcome you, get you settled in, leave you to your privacy and be on-call throughout your stay. We have a very friendly staff who create a welcoming and warm atmosph…
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