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Yellow double attic room in trendy Levenshulme

Richard által kiadott Privát szoba, sorház
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Comfortable double in veggie home 2mins from buses, market, pubs, pool, leisure centre & library, shops, restaurants, Antique village and buses into town/unis/Chorlton, 3 minutes from train station to Manchester, Blackpool, Alderley Edge, the world!

PLAB 2 Doctors welcome to this **VEGETARIAN/VEGAN**, LGBT-friendly household with a mix of long & short-term lodgers and a highly-rated live-in landlord to fix any problems.

Two bathrooms so queues are unlikely, maps of Manchester provided!

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Greater Manchester, England, Egyesült Királyság

A very up-and-coming community, Levy has great pubs including the newly-opened Station Hop, prize-winning Bluebell inn, Irish pubs, cafes of many world cuisines including Himalaya and and the trendy 'Trove', Pool & Leisure centre on the doorstep, Levenshulme's weekly market, charity and second-hand shops including Antiques market, park with gym equipment, health food shop, Tesco, Iceland, Khan's £2/3 curry house, 192 & 197 bus, train station, Antiques market, Fallowfield Loop for cycling (cycling cafe to open 2019) and the tardis-like Highfield park, golf course and secret lake, so it's well-served, well-connected *and* green! No wonder all the cool people are moving here! And you're one of them...

Házigazda: Richard

Csatlakozás időpontja: 2015. február
  • 60 vélemény
  • Személyazonosság igazolva
38 year old administrator, vegan, Tour Director, host and Cat Dad. I work as a landlord, investor and sometimes poet and sometimes take American students and older British tourists around Europe for work, but enjoy hosting vegans, vegetarians and the veg-curious in my slightly-crap-but-friendly-and-improving house in Levenshulme, Manchester, 3 minutes from the train station & bus routes. Please note: MY HOUSE IS A VEGETARIAN / VEGAN HOUSE. Please DO NOT BRING MEAT INTO THE HOUSE unless it has been rescued from being thrown away and is for the cat, who is an obligate carnivore! There are no exceptions, this is quite clear in the house rules - please read the FAQs below thanks! If you want to bring meat in the house, please choose another house, there are plenty on Airbnb to choose from! I like electronic music, politics & technology, graphene, film, Graham Greene. Dedicated reuser and recycler - almost all the furniture & crockery in my house is second-hand, donated or rescued, as is the cat. Favourite films: Michael Haneke, 80s Hollywood sci-fi, Alien/s, Gremlins. TV: Deadwood, The Wire, Rome, I Claudius, Curb your Enthusiasm, Black Mirror, Game of Thrones, Star Trek Discovery, Billions, Narcos. My style of airbnb hosting is to show you where everything is, how the radiator works, to always pull the shower curtain all the way to the wall (!) and give you tips to see things in Levenshulme & Manchester but mainly to let you get on with it. My house is a great place if you are vegan or vegetarian looking for somewhere to live in the area or just want to live in a meat-free, aspirant zero-waste household. FAQs: Can I have exclusive use of one of the bathrooms? - Sorry no, my other lodgers have been promised two bathrooms so that is what we all get. Should I book a room even though I don't have a passport or visa yet or haven't chosen any flights? - No, please wait until you definitely have your visa / travel documents sorted, and you know what days your flight or train will come in! If my room is booked in the meantime there are plenty of other airbnbs in Manchester! Will I have my own keys? - Yes. Will I get my own cupboard and fridge space? - Yes, though how much depends on how many other guests I have in at the same time. Will the cat come in my room? - Not if you shut the door, they are heavy fire doors. (Please make sure you don't shut him in it! :-) ) Can I pet the cat / play with him? - Please do, he likes having his ears scratched! Can I let the cat go outside? - Yes, he is not a house cat and he does not cross the busy road. He has a kennel outside to shelter in if he get shut out at night. Can I have extra friends/relatives/girls/boys/other stay in the room? - Not if it is a single. If it is a double, yes, but there is an extra charge. Are you LGBTQ friendly? - Of course! What is included? - Washing facilities, vegan soap, eco washing liquid, eco washing up liquid and recycled toilet roll are included. You can borrow a towel if you don't have one and bed linen is included. Specialist toiletries, breakfast, milk, tea and coffee are not included. Can I have candles, naked flames, incense burners in my room? - Sorry, no. Trust me, the fire alarms work REALLY WELL! If I decide to leave early will I get a refund? - NO, because Airbnb will have marked these days as occupied so I will not be able to re-rent it. Can you change your refund policy? - No, because half of the work hosting is organising my calendar. I need to know who's coming when so I can plan my life, also, a room needs time to be seen in the listings before it gets booked. If you are taking up that time with a booking you do not take up it cannot be seen by someone who will actually turn up, so that costs me money. Is the house spotlessly clean? - No. Will it be horribly dirty then? - Also no. It is in the middle like a normal house. At the moment I do all the basic cleaning myself, but if you make a mess you must clean it up, and you must do your own washing and washing up. Can I bring a pet? - No, we have a cat already and I do not want to upset him or your own fluffy critter. Should I tell you if I have any allergies or medical conditions? - You don't have to, but if you don't, and something happens, I will not be able to help as well as if I knew about it. So you're right in the middle of town? - No, we are in Levenshulme, inbetween Manchester and Stockport. If you want the centre of town you have to pay lots for it! Also we are NOT on a direct 24-hour bus route for the Airport, so if you need to get there very early or late you should get a cab. Can you change money for me, receive money from my international bank account and give me the cash, print some long reports off for me, etc? - Sorry, no, I am an airbnb host but not a personal or financial assistant! Bring more money than you think you will need for your stay, you can always change it back again! And my printer doesn't work anyway! :0( You won't notice if I just steal a couple of wooden doorstops / converter / smash the wardrobe up will you? - Yes I will, you will get a bad review & I will take it out of your deposit. The doorstops are there to stop the cat getting shut in rooms. If you like them, buy your own off eBay! I hope all that makes sense. If you have any other questions please get in touch. Thank you!
38 year old administrator, vegan, Tour Director, host and Cat Dad. I work as a landlord, investor and sometimes poet and sometimes take American students and older British tourists…
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I will show you around the house and how it all works, and can show you round the area too! A UK tour guide, I can give recommendations for great places to eat and drink in Levy and Manchester and daytrips further afield. I live in the house so I am often around to solve problems and chat, but I appreciate everyone needs their own space so I will not get in your face.
I will show you around the house and how it all works, and can show you round the area too! A UK tour guide, I can give recommendations for great places to eat and drink in Levy an…
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