The Old Bus "Away with the fairies"


Dora - Giorgos által kiadott Busz

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In a pure and quiet coast of Crete, we have The Old Bus-residence and its Art Studio, next to the sea, overlooking the horizon from sunrise to sunset.
Suitable for travelers who are looking for something magical, who want to connect to themselves and the land, this IS the place!
Away of terrorism, you can find peace and clearness of mind.
As there is really nothing around but nature, sea and sky, it really offers a space to simply 'be', watch the stars, be quiet and connect

A hely
The Bus is in northern coastline of Crete, just an hour and ten minutes drive from the Heraklion Airport. Once over the mountains the winding road leads you to down to secluded beaches, clear waters, stunning views and the welcoming smiles of Dora and Giorgo.

In the year 2000 we met this old bus, (Mercedes from '60) it was abandoned in a paddock.
We decided to bring it down to this untouched coast.
We pulled the bus along the narrow winding road with a bulldozer which lifts the bus to take the turns, it was an adventure...
It was being done our "Magic Bus" for our dreamland...
We worked a lot to transform it into a home.
For years it was our retreat from the competitive world.
The Old Bus, this land, the sky, the sea and the infinite was our "door" to escape from the "peoplemade" reality...
Now we are here to serve this land, and the Bus for hosting people who are attracted by the power of the Old Bus coast.
Our bus feels so happy to transport people in magic "Away with the fairies"...

Is blessing:
-To live on a peaceful coast, in the middle of nature, and have the opportunity to disconnect from the logic of the world we created and connect to nature...
-To have the possibility to be in 38 minutes to the civilization.
-To have the opportunity to live by the sea on a coast in northern Crete and be away from tourist development
-Safe in your Bus - home,
in an area without electricity supply network, to watch the most bright starry sky, the sunset... "trip to the endless horizon"

We hope always to find the way to live here, so you can have the opportunity of this experience...

You can find The Old Bus in Google map if you write in your search: The Old Bus Anogia 72400.

In this place we live and create in recent years, we live here all year long, we learn to exist without the comforts of an organized society.
We are the only, permanent residents in the area.

The bus is a piece of art work, the space is big, clean and bright. (The photos of our presentation are from summer 2019.
In this period we renovate the Old Bus, we give a more fairy tale image and more carefully planned outdoor space, with new furniture in Old Bus Design.
Once finished with the works on the Bus and outdoor space, we will upload the new photos...)

Connected (with internal entrance) is an elevated room - studio, which looks over the sea, which can be used for yoga, dance, writing etc. and of course for Art workshop, with panoramic views for inspired creations. It is equipped for small construction and painting.
This studio has also its own entrance - exit.

In this studio, you can observe the starry night sky, all over around (there is no electric lighting in the whole area, only the cities lights far far away on the coastline). Also at night you can create a very romantic atmosphere with the "Fairy's lights" that adorn this room.

Up to 4 people can be accommodated in The Old Bus and in the studio. In The Old Bus there is one double and one single bed and in studio there is a bed (200x90cm) that is also used as a sofa. These spaces are intended exclusively for guests.

There is no electricity supply network in the area. To cover your needs, we have power supply with solar panels (photovoltaic).

There is wifi internet, but the signal isn't good.

We are away from the noise, near the peace of nature.
Without daily oppression, away from competition, you perceive reality with another view that works more harmoniously with our existence.
It will be a great pleasure for us to share this life experience with people who looking for the peace of mind, adventure in nature and like to travel to the endless horizon.

If your occupation is artistic actions or intellectual activity, you work with groups and you are interested to present your work in our area, you can contact with us, we are open to such experiences.

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5,0 csillag az 5-ből 90 vélemény alapján

Ár-érték arány

Itt leszel

Neapoli, Anogia, Görögország

Here, there are no shops and markets, only nature and vastness.

The closest town for your supplies is Neapoli at 17 km, the road from Neapoli to The Old Bus is narrow with turns and it's about 38 minutes driving.
At the last 1,5 - 2 Km some parts of the road are paved with asphalt and some are paved with cement.
About 150m at the end of the road is dirt road.
Usually the people, who staying at the bus, drive this route by simple cars

The place is wild and pure, with clear sea.
The beach has stones and rocks. There is a small bay just below the bus which has very easy access to swimming.
Also a short walk, on the road, has a pebble bay!
And with little climbing you will find a unique bay, for a deserted swimming!
You can find this point in internet map with the name "Anogeia beach 72400"

With great pleasure we will show you this land, walking!!!

A little further of the Bus (5 minutes walking), on the wildest coast, at the east, there is a beautiful gorge.
If you love to walk on rough terrain it is a very interesting route, through the gorge, that reaches out to metochi (small village) Peronides.
There's a legend, from the old people who lived in around area, that the gorge was inhabited by elves.
In the part of the gorge near us, there are two interesting caves, and here you can see some vultures flying in the sky. They have their nests in the mountains around.
You can find this gorge in internet map with the name "Faragi Malliari Anogia 72400"

At the end of the gorge, over imposing rocks, an amazing and powerful seaside viewpoint.
You will find this point in internet map with the name "Timotine beach Anogia 72400"

In 2 km. 26 minutes walking to the east of the Bus there is more wild nature, you can find a church there.
You can find this spot in internet map with the name "Church Agios Nikolaos Anogia 72400"
This part of the coastline is wilder without houses or other buildings, except the old church.
The dirt road stops at the church, but we can walk on paths along the coast and discover the wildest face of Crete's coastline...

The landscape, a canvas of sky and sea...
And The Creator... a Painter, who paints! ...

You can enjoy the sunset in the sea horizon during the summer months, in the ending of spring and beginning of autumn. The sun rises from the sea from late May till mid July.

In autumn the weather usually is calm and you can swim up to November.
For those who enjoy the cool sea they can swim in the winter if it's not so cold. We know this from experience.

If you want to visit tourist places there is Milatos beach to 14 km, 30 minutes.
Between the Old Bus - Milatos beach route, you will find Milatos Cave.
It is a big cave, with a church in it, and has history from the years of Turkish rule
Also, closer, you can find picturesque small metochia (very small villages), Kounali is 8 km, 17 minutes and there is a tavern there. You need to have car for this.

Házigazda: Dora - Giorgos

  1. Csatlakozás időpontja: 2018. március
  • 90 vélemény
  • Személyazonosság igazolva
  • Superhost-házigazda

A szálláshelyen eltöltött időd során

On the day of your arrival we will be in touch and guide you.

We are here for you, always willing to help with whatever you need.

Your need is precious for us.
If you want adventure and like to explore this land, we are willing to walk with you and show you the beauties and the power of the Old Bus Coast.
If you like the magic and the mystery, high recommended experience is the walking under the starry sky. We know this land very well, we can walk with you in the night, without lights and introduce you in its magic energy.
Being surrounded by starlight (and without electricity lights around you) is like walking on a road in space...
And if you want to connect with yourself, we can become invisible, and let you travel in infinity...

We taught for ten years drawing, painting and construction to children and adults, have experience of many materials to create artwork with imagination and always connected our creations with dreamy worlds.
Now we live in a dreamy world and invite those who like to dream, to retreat in magic!...
It would be a great pleasure and honor for us to join with you in your dreamy world and show you how to make notably artworks.
We will make our journey by the seashore to find special elements of nature for your composition (drift wood, pebbles, stones, shells).
We will play with the basic colors and will create all the shades from these! We will learn to work the molten wax with "tjanting", we'll paint and make contractions with our technique.
We provide residence for 4 people, at The Old Bus and Art Studio, equipped workshop and 5 hours a day of our own creative work.
It takes 3 to 4 days work, to create the most simple "Fairy's light". In the photos you will see such art works (the "Fairy's lights")
And two days for a simple artwork, a composition of natural resources, collected by the seashore. You will collect materials that inspire you to express ourselves in simple and symbolic artworks.

We are very simple and quiet people, and we study the natural way of life and healthy eating.
We have a small vegetable garden specially designed to protect plants from the wind and insects.
We know how to collect food from nature. Always with respect.
From the end of autumn, all the winter and March there are many special and delicious wild herbs - type leaf - for delicious salad and cooking.

We manufacture that we need and many of the materials that we use are collected from the sea.

On my page in Instagram: dora_dimitriou_niotaki, there are samples of our artwork.
You can find us also in Fb: Dora Giorgos Niotaki.
On the day of your arrival we will be in touch and guide you.

We are here for you, always willing to help with whatever you need.

Your need is precious for us…

Dora - Giorgos Superhost-házigazda

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  • Nyelvek: English, Ελληνικά
  • Válaszadási arány: 100%
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