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Beautiful Log Home-Spectacular View

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Town of Estes Park Vacation Home Registration No. 3173. WINTER FREE NIGHT SPECIAL. 10% DISCOUNT FOR WEEKLY BOOKINGS. From December 2020 to April 2021, make a 4 night booking and you get the 5th night FREE.
For any stay during the entire year if you book one week or more you get a 10% DISCOUNT. EPA STANDARDS FOR COVID CLEANING HAS BEEN IMPLEMENTED.
All-season log home - 2,500 square feet of home with 4 bedrooms! Hot tub with 33 massage jets and incredible mountain and valley views.

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We are 10 minutes drive to downtown Estes Park. A paved road leads to our log home and we have a concretedriveway. We have superb views of the valley and mountains with Elk often in the meadows. We have an airconditioner in themain level for warmer summersand heating and a fireplace for winter. There are 4 bedrooms/sleeping areas including a loft with 3 full bathrooms. It is fully furnished and equipped with most of everything you will need including bedsheets, towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner, full kitchen with kitchenware, glassware and utensils plus a coffee maker etc. We only bring our groceries and travel luggage/clothes when we stay here.

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We have a large deck on the main upper level with patio furniture and table that seats up to 8 guests. There are extra folding chairs for a maximum of 10 guests.
There is an enclosed hot tub with 33 massage jets. There is an electric massage chair in the laundry room which has a large Samsung washer and dryer.
There is an indoor hot tub in the main level bathroomwith jets.

Egyéb fontos dolgok
1.) NO MORE THAN 3 CARS CAN BE PARKED IN OUR DRIVEWAY AT ANY TIME OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE FINED $300 AND THAT AMOUNT WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM YOUR DEPOSIT. This means no more than 3 cars including TEMPORARY vehicles, delivery vehicles, friends cars, friends visiting to chat, friends visiting to have lunch or dinner, Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners can be parked at anytime that exceeds 3 cars TOTAL. This rule is by the City of Estes Park Vacation Home Rental rules in order to preserve the quietness and orderliness of this residential neighborhood.
2.) We will ask for your private email address so we can email you the short term agreement lease. This is done electronically via Docusign. You will review it and electronically sign the document and return it to us electronically. The Airbnb app is not compatible with the Docusign electronic system, therefore we have to use your personal email.
We never share your email address with anyone.
3.) We will also send you the front door access code to your email, so you can check in anytime after 4 PM. The access code works exactly from your check in time (normally 4 pm) until 10 AM of your check out date. It will not work before your exact scheduled arrival time or after your scheduled departure date and time.
4.) COVID -19 update: We have implemented the Environmental Protection Agencies recommendations for cleaning standards to protect your health and safety in getting rid of viruses, bacteria and germs. After every check out, all surfaces, counters, remotes and furniture are wiped down clean with soapy water and a bleach mixture. The entire flooring is wiped down with water and bleach plus pine sol mixture. All rooms are then sprayed down with Lysol.
Town of Estes Park Vacation Home Registration No. 3173. WINTER FREE NIGHT SPECIAL. 10% DISCOUNT FOR WEEKLY BOOKINGS. From December 2020 to April 2021, make a 4 night booking and you get the 5th night FREE.
For any stay during the entire year if you book one week or more you get a 10% DISCOUNT. EPA STANDARDS FOR COVID CLEANING HAS BEEN IMPLEMENTED.
All-season log home - 2,500 square feet of home with 4 bedro…

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Estes Park, Colorado, Egyesült Államok


1.) We live in a peaceful and quiet residential neighborhood on 3/4 of an acre with enough distance from our neighbors to make for a pleasant experience. We therefore ask that you respect the quietness of the neighborhood and enjoy the amazing views of the mountains and valley which very often has deer and elk grazing in nearly every season.

2.) You can enjoy sitting on the large deck on the outside patio during the day. Bundle up and watch the amazing night skies with stars and shooting stars on a dark deck. Kindly turn off the outside deck lights at night in order to preserve the night views of the sky. It prevents light pollution. This is for your benefit and the benefit of other neighbors.

3.) Enjoy the hot tub for up to 8 adults with 33 massage jets in the backyard within the privacy of the surrounding wooden wall and attached to the back of the house. A list of safety instructions for safe use of the hot tub is posted outside the hot tub on the wall.

4.) All safety codes have been implemented and passed by the City of Estes Park Vacation Home rental safety department. We ask that in addition to that, you supervise young children carefully especially since the house is three storeys including the loft. We have provided child safety gates for the loft stairs and upper door locks that are inaccessible to children for the stairs going down. In addition they should especially be supervised when going outdoors on the deck and must never climb the railing.

5.) Enjoy the automatic wood pellet fireplace on cold nights or in the winter.

6.) Cuddle up and enjoy popcorn while watching a movie in the living room in front of the fireplace or looking out at the mountains from your couch.

7.) Sleep in the loft and watch the incredible mountain views as the sun rises in the morning and you awaken to the sounds of the birds chirping.

8.) Enjoy breakfast, coffee, tea, lunch or dinner around the small dining table in the kitchen area and while looking out at the mountains.

9.) Grill your meal outside on the concrete driveway outside the garage on the gas grill and eat it on the deck.

10.) Enjoy a swing on the wooden swing by the downstairs garage and while watching the mountains and elk in the meadows.

11.) Play a game of basketball in the front patio as we have a small basketball hoop.

12.) Hike along the stream by the road in front of our house all the way to the Stanley Park also along the golf course. You can continue walking all the way to Lake Estes or to the downtown area. Continue your hike along the downtown river and stop by the coffee shops or have a meal in one of the restaurants by the river.

13.) Park your car in the visitor center parking lot and hike around the paved pathway around Lake Estes and watch the elk often grazing on the fresh green golf course lawn.

14.) Go fishing on Lake Estes or go rent a boat and drive around the lake.

15.) Drive into the Rocky Mountain National Park which is a beautiful 10 to 15 minutes drive and enjoy 400 square miles of pristine beauty, lakes, hikes and stunning views!!!

16.) Your final payment will be higher because Airbnb adds their own booking fees and collects thelocal and State taxes.

17.) Deposit charges. A deposit is available to us through Airbnb on your credit card in case there are any damages. We have to file a claim for damages to Airbnb in such a case. Airbnb does NOT charge your credit card for the deposit and so you will not get any refund for any deposit after your stay. It is exactly like when you check in to a hotel or rent a car and they make sure you can pay a certain amount above your hotel stay in case of any damages or mishaps. However your total paid amount does not include the deposit.

18.) We charge an additional $25/guest for each additional guest above 2 guests.

19.) The rooms are opened according to the total number of guests. We assume 2 guests per room.

20.) We do not give any refunds or discounts if you feel you have been exposed to allergic agents, bed bugs, insect bites or any other animal or insects allergies or bites. We use Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for cleaning and spraying the house regularly. We wash all bed linen on high heat and virus mitigating detergent. We spray our house regularly for insects, bug and rodent prevention.
We do appreciate you informing us about any issues and we will address them accordingly. According to the EPA if bed bugs is an issue (and we have never had any such issues in the past), then they recommend that all guests have their clothes laundered at high heat including your luggage as the bugs very easily can be transported by traveling in your belongings.

21.) We have closed circuit cameras (CCTV) OUTSIDE THE HOUSE as allowed legally and installed by our security team. It records the outside of the house for your protection and the safety of our house. It gives us a count of the guests so we can make sure we are in compliance with the Estes Park Vacation Home Rental rules including making sure that no more than 3 cars are parked in our driveway at anytime.
We do NOT have any indoor cameras as we follow all legal rules.

22.) Safety rules are posted on the use of the hot tub on the wall and everyone is required to follow them since you are using it at your own risk and you are responsible for your actions

23.) If you are on blood pressure medications, we recommend you bring extra medications and check your blood pressure as it tends to increase in higher elevations. My husband takes extra blood pressure medications which controls it very well and he checks it twice daily as recommended by his doctor when we stay in the mountains. Kindly consult your own physician in this matter or any other health or allergy issues and prevention. We have a very nice hospital that has an emergency room within 10 minutes drive of our house. We also have an urgent care facility also within less than 10 minutes drive from our house.

24.) You assume all risks including injuries, accidents, infections, illnesses, physical or emotional injuries including deaths that may occur by your use or use of the vacation rental house and hot tub by you, your family and your guests and agree to hold harmless the landlord, his family or his or her heirs for any such claims. A detailed safety information is provided for you to read and share with your party regarding the use of the pool and hot tub with specific safety details regarding children and water safety in the Docusign information that will be sent to you.

25.) Hike directly from outside our house down past the golf course and to Lake Estes. There's a beautiful paved walkway all around the beautiful lake with backdrops of the stunning mountains. You can hike also downtown by the Thompson River and grab coffee or lunch or dinner right next to the river as you enjoy the sounds of the river and people watch or shop in the village stores. Drive into Rocky Mountain National Park which is only about a 10 to 15 minute drive to the entrance. Stunning hikes await you as 400 square miles of the National Park are your backyard. Make sure you enjoy the hikes around Bear Lake and Sprague Lake and do the short and gorgeous hike to Alluvial Fan Trail waterfall and enjoy the rock formations and amazing views of the mountains and valley from Horseshoe Falls. Drive to the top of the world along the beautiful Trail Ridge road to enjoy lunch, snacks and incredible views during summer and fall from the Alpine Visitor Center at 12,000 feet above sea level. Pack a picnic lunch or snacks for your hikes.
Enjoy horseback riding from stables that are only 10 minutes from our house or inside the National Park from Sprague Lake.
Have fun with your family fishing on Lake Estes or at Trout Haven fishing pond. You can fly fish on the Thompson River with towering mountains and peaceful vistas surrounding you. You can go on a guided fishing trip.
Enjoy mini-golf at two locations in Estes Park.
Watch the stars from our deck at night and you will definitely see shooting stars as you sip on your hot chocolate or coffee or tea.
Take your family to the July 4th fireworks from the Stanley Park which is only a less than 10 minutes drive from our home as you cuddle up on a blanket on the grass. There are many music and food festivals and other activities throughout the year that you can find online for your enjoyment.
Take an ATV tour. Get on the Estes Park aerial tramway from the downtown area. Kayak on Lake Estes. Rent a jeep and go trailing. Our favorite is Storm Mountain. Leisurely stroll and shop downtown Estes Park.
Spring brings great flowers and lots of baby deer and elk being born. Summer brings beautiful cooler weather compared to the rest of the country and you will need a light jacket at night even in summer. Fall brings stunning gold, red and yellow aspen colors flowing like rivers in the evergreen pine trees.
Winter brings fantastic white snow to enjoy snow shoe walking, cross country skiing or even downhill skiing season at Nederland which is a beautiful about 45 minutes drive from our home. The serenity of winter and snow capped mountain views from our home is mesmerizing. Enjoy Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other beautiful winter holiday as it's a lot more peaceful during the winter season. Cuddle up by our fireplace enjoying popcorn and hot chocolate while watching a movie and the amazing mountain views from our family living room. Or enjoy the hot tub in your privacy from the enclosed hot tub in our backyard. Sleep in our loft bedroom and awaken to the golden sunrise reflecting off the mountains in the morning.
We have a binder in our house that tells you about all the different activities you can enjoy in beautiful Estes Park for all seasons. Come enjoy your vacation home and this jewel of our beautiful country that is meant for everyone's enjoyment!!!

Házigazda: Mary

Csatlakozás időpontja: 2012. augusztus
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We are from Houston, Texas. We have a wonderful teenage daughter. In summers and sometimes in winters, we stay in our log home in Estes Park and enjoy the Rocky Mountain National Park. We are retired and love to take it easy. The extra income helps offset our mortgage and up keep costs. Airbnb is a great way to travel as you get 3-5 times the space of a hotel and save on cooking for your selves. I love to cook. You get great deals for excellent homes. We also get to stay longer at more reasonable prices and get to explore the places better in a more relaxed fashion. We love watching movies. We like contemporary Jazz and me and my daughter also like Pop music. We love clean places as we keep ours very clean. We care for people's homes just as we do for ours. Our daughter is homeschooled and very well behaved. My husband Kaiser's motto is "Live life to the fullest." My motto is "Knowledge is the antidote to fear." My daughter's motto is the Golden Rule "Do unto others as you would do to yourself." Our favorite travel destinations were Paris, Santorini in Greece, London, New Zealand, Japan and Australia. I also love the Philippines. We eat any and all foods and love to explore different cultures and foods. As a host we like people to respect our homes and live in it gently and take care of it as we do when we stay in other people's homes. We provide our guests with amenities that they will need for their stay and respond to their needs as efficiently as we can.
We are from Houston, Texas. We have a wonderful teenage daughter. In summers and sometimes in winters, we stay in our log home in Estes Park and enjoy the Rocky Mountain National P…
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The entire house is yours and you can text me on Airbnb or text or call me on my cellphone for any questions.
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