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Guest House entrance  lounging area
Guest House entrance  lounging area
  • Guest House entrance  lounging area
  • Main entrance lounging area
  • Guest House Kitchen/Dining Room
  • Deck, accessible from the Kitchen, Apartment, Italian Room, and Deep Blue Room
  • Front Deck of the Great Hall
  • Additional Back Deck
  • Serenity Room
  • Serenity Room sink and shower
  • Tranquility Room
  • Tranquility Room sink and shower
  • Nature's Bliss Room (Murphy bed)
  • Nature's Bliss Room (Murphy bed)
  • Deep Blue Room (Murphy Bed down)
  • Deep Blue Room (Murphy bed up, set up for day use)
  • Italian Room beautiful enough for a bride!
  • Italian Room sink
  • Hallway half-bathroom (1 of 2)
  • Hallway full bathroom
  • Hallway full bathroom shower/handicap accessible
  • Hallway
  • Apartment in the Guest House w/ 
lounging area/kitchenette/full-sized refrigerator /bedroom/bathroom
  • Apartment kitchenette with stove and sink
  • Apartment bathroom
  • Apartment Bedroom
  • Washer and dryer
  • Hallway half-bathroom (2 of 2)
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee in Fireplace Room in the attached space, just outside the Great Hall (*unavailable during special events in adjoined "Great Hall" room)
  • The Great Hall, just past the Fireplace Room, is available at additional cost for special events. Please contact us for more information.
  • Nature's Point Great Hall/Sanctuary for weddings, social events, teaching space.
  • Conference/Reception Room Kitchen
  • Conference/Reception Room from the kitchen's point of view.
  • Sunset over Tygh Valley
  • White River Falls, less than 5 miles up the road
  • Bike Route w/ Amazing views
  • A beautiful place to walk in nature on Tygh Ridge Ranch and Laila's Organic Farm
  • Walk to Bonney's Spring on Tygh Ridge Ranch.
  • Meet Laila's Foxy Diamond ...Tennessee Walker!
  • Share a moment with a sweet Alpaca ... ask Laila to arrange a meeting!
  • Beautiful view across field at Laila's Organic Farm.
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Guest House entrance lounging area