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living room area
living room area
  • Sweet Summertime  , how we enjoy the patio area in the summertime.
  • Kitchen area looking into the bathroom- notice the commode peeking . We have a regular flush toilet in Klein Haus
  • living room area
  • Loft bedroom
  • Notice the Keriug coffee maker in the background. K-cups provided
  • Front Porch Entrance
  • View coming in the front door
  • Fall season View, notice the down hill walkway. In winter time we use salt to keep it clear & we have motion detection lights that light up the path at night time
  • main area view
  • View from the Loft area
  • Klein Haus , A Tiny Home Experience  @kleinhaus_
  • Klein Haus , A Tiny Home Experience  @kleinhaus_
  • Summertime Patio area
  • Bathroom vanity ,  regular flush toilet & full size shower not pictured
  • Fall season look
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living room area