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Reikaku Yasaka was a building in ruins with floor on the left and right hand side of the building tilted by at least 30cm when we discovered this hidden jewel. Prior to the formal restoration of Reikaku in 2017, there was number of large scale renovation of the property carried out by the previous owner in the 80s when this Machiya was extended all the way to the street to allow for construction of modern squared shape house that maximized the indoor space. Restoration was particularly difficult due to the state it was in but our craftsman’s determination to bring this Machiya back to its formal glory paid off for Reikaku Yasaka.

A hely
Reikaku Yasaka is a Machiya that has been built for nearly 100 years. Our carefully crafted design is able to maintain the authenticity of the building with the comfort of modernity. When entering the entrance of Reikaku Yasaka, the tall ceiling, open space and woodwork will be sure to impress. After entering into the main part of the building, there is modern living room and kitchen with natural wooden flooring with a Japanese tatami room towards the back of the building. Although both rooms have a clear view of our Japanese garden, we specifically located the tatami room towards the back side next to the spectacular Japanese Garden designed by a Kyoto based professional gardener to give you a level of serenity you deserve.

On the second floor, you can clearly see the wooden frame of the original structure still remain firmly intact above two separate bedrooms, this is the essence of what Kyoto’s craftsman were trying to preserve. Rather than creating two separate tatami rooms, we have decided to craft one of the rooms in tatami and the other in natural wood to clearly expose the contrasting beauty of both. Looking outside of the window from the tatami room, you will also see the garden of one of the oldest temple in Japan.

Reikaku Yasaka is not short of modern facilities despite the fact that it is over 100 years old. With a washroom on both floors and a bathroom with direct access to the Japanese garden, this premium accommodation will fulfil your need to relax after a busy day of sightseeing in Kyoto across all seasons.

Special Feature include:
1. Luggage storage room is available on site for our guest prior to check-in and after check-out
2. Floor heating is available in all room including bath room to ensure our guest stays warm in colder seasons
3. Independent building rather than a Terrance Machiya located on a quiet public road ensuring our guests is not distracted by noise at night and can locate our Machiya easily
4. Western living room with sofa and Japanese Tatami style living are both available
5. Toilet available on both floor
6. Western bed and Futon style (Traditional Japanese floor Mattress) are both available for our guest
7. Large Kitchen
8. Large Japanese Cypress bathroom with large window overlooking Japanese Garden
9. Delicately designed using authentic Japanese traditional material with modern appliances such as air-conditioner and washing machine well-hidden out to ensure full visual enjoyment

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4 matrac

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京都市東山区大和大路四条下る四丁目小松町, 京都府, Japán

Reikaku Yasaka is located in one of the best residential locations in Kyoto. It is named as such because it is only few steps to Yasaka Dori where one of the most famous Pagodas in Kyoto (commonly known as Yasaka Tower) from Hokanji Temple is clearly visible. In the vicinity, there are number of high-end restaurants that have been awarded Michelin Stars with atmosphere that is one and only in Kyoto. In addition, a casual walk around the area will get you to the world heritage Kiyomizu temple, Kodaiji Temple, Kenninji, Gion, modern department stores and traditional boutique stores.

Házigazda: Reikaku

  1. Csatlakozás időpontja: 2017. október
  • 28 vélemény
  • Személyazonosság igazolva
The story of Reikaku began after our family had the opportunity to live overseas for a number of years. Similar to most other Japanese residing overseas, the experience has reinforced our love for the way of life in Japan and reminds us of how under appreciative we were whilst we were living in Tokyo. Over the years, we have found ourselves spending more and more of our holiday breaks returning to Japan and this allowed us the opportunity to venture out of the Tokyo Metropolitan area and into Kyoto where we began to appreciate the immaculate beauty as well as depth of tradition and culture in Japan. Similar to other tourists, we visited a number of the famous temples across Kyoto without really knowing which part of the City we were initially. Overtime, as we came to become more familiar with Kyoto, it was clear that our favorite part of the city is the area between Gion-Shijo and Kiyomizu-Gojo and thus naturally, that is where we wanted to spend the majority of our time. It was also during this time that we came to the realization that good accommodation around the area is very limited due to the fact that it is the most prestigious historical part of the city and therefore is regulated by very strict zoning code of Kyoto. In order to have an authentic experience in Kyoto, we felt it wasn’t sufficient to be strolling around historical temples and the old streets of Kyoto filled with traditional buildings hundreds of years old and at same time to be spending the night nesting in a modern hotel accommodation building that is no different from anywhere else in the world. That was the moment when we decided that we would want to have a Machiya (a traditional Japanese house) of our own to be able to enjoy the essence of Kyoto in its truest form. Our name Reikaku ( 麗閣 ) was carefully chosen to reflect the spirit and principle we strive to operate under. Rei ( 麗)in Japanese stands for beauty and Kaku(閣)is defined as a place of residence for someone special. A beautiful place of residence for someone special is the experience we would like to provide to our guests. All our Machiyas are proprietary owned and carefully crafted with specialists located locally in Kyoto to preserve uniqueness of each property. They are accommodations that we consider our home whenever we are in Kyoto. We would like to share our experience in Kyoto with you. Why not have a try to make and share memories that you will never forget in the beautiful city of Kyoto by trying out different type of Machiya we have at Reikaku. | 简体中文 | 丽阁的故事发源于我和我的家人在海外居住时。可能就如大多数日本人一样,有过了在海外生活的经验,增强了我们对日本生活方式的喜好而对我而言,让我特别怀念我在东京的生活时光。随着移居海外时间的流逝,我跟我的家人,发现我们花了越来越多的休假时间回到日本度假。这也逐渐的让我们有机会从东京大都会区往外走。直到了有机会,安排来到京都后,我们才开始欣赏京都代表的美丽和传统文化的日本。 我相信,我们的体验和大多的观光客相似,初次来京都时,我们很高兴的去了京都所有著名的寺庙,但走马看花,有时真的不知道我们到底走到哪里。因为喜欢京都,慢慢的由陌生变得熟悉后,我们很确定我们最喜爱的地方是祗园四条和清水五条之间的东山区。我们也希望能住在这附近的旅馆,能让我们多待留在这附近。就在那时,我们也意识到,由于这里是这个城市是历史最悠久的高级地区,再加上京都的严格建筑管制,这地区的住宿,非常有限。 我们想着,如果想在在京都有一个较真实的体验,在京都古老的寺庙和旧街上漫步,欣赏了充满了百年历史的传统建筑,同时晚上又回到了现代酒店住宿,似乎不太对称。我们也就在此时,决定要有自己的传统町家,因为这样才能以最真实的方式,形式享受京都的精髓。 丽阁这个名字,是经过精心挑选,才找出可以反映我们经营的精神和原则。日本的(丽)代表美丽 而 (阁)可定义为特别的住宿。将这两字合体后, 京都美丽和特别的住宿,正是我们想要提供给客人的体验。我们所有的町家,都是丽阁专有的。美栋町家,都是加入我们自己精心设计和京都的职人一起合作出来的成绩,试图保留町屋的原味和独特性。我们对这些町屋的维护和爱好,就如维护我们自己的家一样。 我们想与您分享我们在京都的经验。如果有缘的话, 为什么不尝试丽阁各种不同类型町屋,制造和分享您在京都市永恒的回忆。 | 繁體中文 | 麗閣的故事發源於我和我的家人在海外居住時。可能就如大多數日本人一樣,有過了在海外生活的經驗,增強了我們對日本生活方式的喜好而對我而言,讓我特別懷念我在東京的生活時光。隨著移居海外時間的流逝,我跟我的家人,發現我們花了越來越多的休假時間回到日本度假。這也逐漸的讓我們有機會從東京大都會區往外走。直到了有機會,安排來到京都後,我們才開始欣賞京都代表的美麗和傳統文化的日本。 我相信,我們的體驗和大多的觀光客相似,初次來京都時,我們很高興的去了京都所有著名的寺廟,但走馬看花,有時真的不知道我們到底走到哪裡。 因為喜歡京都,慢慢的由陌生變得熟悉後,我們很確定我們最喜愛的地方是祗園四條和清水五條之間的東山區。我們也希望能住在這附近的旅館,能讓我們多待留在這附近。 就在那時,我們也意識到,由於這裡是這個城市是歷史最悠久的高級地區,再加上京都的嚴格建築管制,這地區的住宿,非常有限。 我們想著,如果想在在京都有一個較真實的體驗,在京都古老的寺廟和舊街上漫步,欣賞了充滿了百年歷史的傳統建築,同時晚上又回到了現代酒店住宿,似乎不太對稱。 我們也就在此時,決定要有自己的傳統町家,因為這樣才能以最真實的方式,形式享受京都的精髓。 麗閣這個名字,是經過精心挑選,才找出可以反映我們經營的精神和原則。 日本的(麗)代表美麗 而 (閣)可定義為特別的住宿。將這兩字合體後, 京都美麗和特別的住宿,正是我們想要提供給客人的體驗。我們所有的町家,都是麗閣專有的。美棟町家,都是加入我們自己精心設計和京都的職人一起合作出來的成績,試圖保留町屋的原味和獨特性。 我們對這些町屋的維護和愛好,就如維護我們自己的家一樣。 我們想與您分享我們在京都的經驗。如果有緣的話, 為什麼不嘗試麗閣各種不同類型町屋,製造和分享您在京都市永恆的回憶。 | 日本語 | 麗閣の始まり 麗閣を始めるきっかけは、日本人の私が家族で海外に住むことになったことから始まります。海外に住んでいる日本人の方、もしくは以前海外に住んでいた経験のある方々には強く同調していただけるかと思いますが、日本での生活がどれほど恵まれているか、日本がどれだけ素晴らしい国かを再確認させられることになりました。 海外在住が長くなるにつれ、休暇の度に日本に行く頻度が増え、行き先は常に東京だったのが、不意に訪れた京都に魅せられることになりました。 一旅行客として訪れた京都では、ガイドブックに載っている有名どころを見学して廻りましたが、リピーターとして何度も何度も京都旅行をするとなるといつも見て回る場所、美味しいものが食べられる場所が限定されていることに気づきました。祇園四条と清水五条付近です。ただ、歴史的に由緒ある場所と京都市内でも賑わっている場所が混じり合っているにも関わらず、その場所に似合ったホテルが数少ないことに気づきました。せっかく古いお寺や神社を見学してその思い出に浸っていても、 モダンなホテルに滞在となると、せっかくの京都旅行がもったいなく思えました。これがきっかけで古い京町家のみをなるべく昔の雰囲気を残したままでリフォームし、たくさんの方に京都の思い出の一部にしていただこうと始めました。 麗閣は私たちが実際に所有し、設計からデザインまで京町家を専門とする方々と一緒に作り上げました。ご縁で、京町家を保存していくことを中心にされていらっしゃる方と出会うことができ、残せるところは昔のまま、使いにくい所は使いやすく現代風にリフォームしていただき、自分たちが実際に住みたいと思える家に仕上げることができました。 麗閣という名前は、“麗”美しい、“閣”特別な人が住む場所、という意味合いでつけております。京都旅行される皆様には、京都の街と一体化した旅の一部分を提供したいと考えております。 100年前の京町家にタイムスリップしつつ、自分たちで作る特別な京都の思い出の一部にしていただけたらと思っております。
The story of Reikaku began after our family had the opportunity to live overseas for a number of years. Similar to most other Japanese residing overseas, the experience has reinfor…

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At Reikaku, we will organise a host to welcome you on arrival. The host will take the opportunity show you how to use Japanese home appliances and answer your query in relation to attractions and restaurants.

We are also reachable by telephone or email to answer your query and our staff is able to communicate in English, Chinese and Japanese
At Reikaku, we will organise a host to welcome you on arrival. The host will take the opportunity show you how to use Japanese home appliances and answer your query in relation to…
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