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Cozy space in B-home
Cozy space in B-home
  • Cozy space in B-home
  • Queen size bed for 2 guests
  • Cozy balcony with traditional decoration
  • Brighten the balcony at night with sparkling lights
  • B-home in daytime
  • There are a lot of tree hang out in our balcony to get more fresh air
  • Valley's entrance to B-home
  • Wood staircase lead to B-home that very popular in French colonial building
  • Welcome to B-home!
  • The door set up keyboard, just enter the code to unlock it.
  • In daytime, B-home is full of sunshine & fresh air
  • There are a lot of windows that guests can open the whole day to get more fresh air!
  • A set of cups prepared for you to enjoy Vietnamese plain tea
  • A lovely wood sofa that be ready to accommodate from 3rd guest
  • B-home | Balcony Studio/ A minute to HoanKiem lake
  • Lovely kitchen & toilet are located outside the studio.
  • Cooking corner with full-equipped
  • Toilet with shower
  • Crossroad in Trang Tien plaza
  • Just 1 minute to come to the downtown
  • Trang Tien plaza viewed from B-home
  • Downtown at night
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Cozy space in B-home