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House Surmelina was named after the widow who Zorba the Greek fell in love with in Nikos Kazantzakis' novel "Víos ke Politía tou Aléxi Zorbá, Life and Times of Alexis Zorbas". Like the beautiful widow for Zorbas this house is the object of my desire.

A hely
This wonderful two storey house is situated on a hill 1,5 km from the square of the traditional village of Kokkino Chorio (Red village).This picturesque village was the setting for the classic film of 1964 "Zorba the Greek".

The House.
House Surmelina comprises the following spaces:
On the top floor there is an open plan living, kitchen and dining space as well as the guest WC. The living room is fully furnished with wooden traditional furniture from Crete and from other European countries I have collected over the years. It also has a TV and an a/c. The kitchen is fully equipped with all the modern appliances. On the balconies around the top floor there are tables and chairs where you can sit any time throughout the day and enjoy the fantastic view. From the balconies there is also access to the concrete roof where one can enjoy his/her privacy.  

On the ground floor there are two bedrooms with double metal bed on each, decorated with romantic style lace covers, one big bathroom and one storage room under the staircase where there's the washing machine. Each bedroom has a big balcony door which leads to the covered veranda that is decorated with stone arches. On the north side of the house there is an area with barbeque and a stone table with stone sites for fantastic evenings with a local wine and good food gazing the sunset.

Places of interest.
On the edge of the village there is a glass factory dating back to1986, where the recycled glass is used to create handmade artifacts.Visitors have the chance to watch the glass workers at work and buy whatever catches their eye.
Above the village, near the church of Agios Georgios (St. George) there is a cave whose stone corridors go deep into the hillside. This cave was used as an underground shelter and base of the German during the World War ll.

The coastline around Kokkino Chorio is also a great place to visit.
The submarine Cave of Elephants is located in Drapano where bones of unknown elephant species were found. The cave is a refuge for the protected species of Mediteranean Seal, monachus monachus. Local diving centers organize tours in the cave. Visitors can admire the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites (underwater and above the water surface) and see fossilized bones, which are embedded in the rocks of the cave.
‘Koutalas cove’ is also a great place to visit. It's a tiny bay with a small beach close to the edge of Cape Drapano. A great place to swim and snorkel or if you’re brave enough, to climb around the rocks and dive into the sea. Make sure that you have all the necessities, such as shade, food and water. 
You can also have a stroll at the narrow streets of the village with the white washed stone houses and watch the sun setting in the bay of Souda.


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Kokkino Chorio, Crete Region, Görögország

The house is situated on a hill above "Kokkino Chorio" whose centre is 1,5 klm away. Kokkino Chorio is a popular among tourists village due to the panoramic view it offers to the White Mountains and Souda bay. House Surmelina is surrounded by new built summer houses in a quiet neighbourhood with hospitable and friendly neighbours.

Házigazda: Thomas

Csatlakozás időpontja: 2017. május
  • 10 vélemény
My name is Thomas Axel Schwarz and I'm the owner of House Surmelina in Kokkino Chorio. I would like to welcome you to Chania and wish you a pleasant stay. I am German and I live and work in Germany. I am a Psychiatrist. When I was 6 years old I came for the first time with my parents in Chania for holidays. We fell in love with the island at the first sight, we made friends and every summer we used to spend our holidays here. I kept visiting Chania even when I had my own family. I've passed on my love for anything Cretan to my wife and daughter. My dream was to build my own house in Chania. I found the ideal location in Kokkino Chorio and I've made my dream come true. I visit my summer house three times per year, sometimes alone and sometimes with my family or friends. I wish I could enjoy it more often but I don't have the chance due to my workload back in Germany. When I'm in Kokkino Chorio I relax and escape my routine. The enchanting view of the White Mountains on the one hand, and of the Souda bay on the other hand still takes my breath away and soothes my soul. Let me share these feelings with you... During your stay, my dear local friend Christina, who takes care of my house in my absence, will be available to answer your questions and help you with whatever you need. I wish you an unforgettable stay in Crete.
My name is Thomas Axel Schwarz and I'm the owner of House Surmelina in Kokkino Chorio. I would like to welcome you to Chania and wish you a pleasant stay. I am German and I live an…
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Due to heavy workload, in my absence, my local friend Christina will welcome you at my house and will be at your disposal for any further assistance.
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