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Spacious vanity sink
Spacious vanity sink
  • Large spare bedroom with queen size bed.
  • Spacious Closet
  • TV with DirecTV and Netflix
  • Shared hall bathroom
  • Spacious vanity sink
  • Entryway, Bedroom is to the right and up 2 sets of 6 stairs, located above my garage.
  • My 4 level split level home, 7 miles to the stadium and 4 miles to the airport.
  • Deck - Showing Purdue Mountain
  • The "Dude" and indoor/outdoor cat is now 14 years old and  mostly stays in my room. He is permitted outside.
  • Pumpkin at 8 weeks new, now he is 1 year old and does not go outside.
5 / 10
Spacious vanity sink