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Tourist and resort center of the country
Special microclimate with the unique combination of climatic conditions has beneficial effects on the health of vacationers
Great water areas of Lake Lipno
Waterpark, popular with adults and young resort guests
Wellness complex and professional spa
Sports and Leisure Club
Frymburk is a small cozy town located on the bank of Lipno Reservoir, the largest one in the Czech Republic. It is a beautiful natural park on the border with Austria and Germany. Frymburk is also interested with its architecture. You can see a Gothic church built in 1277. There are several restaurants where you can enjoy Czech beer and taste local cuisine. Guests have access to all outdoor activities - beach volleyball, tennis courts with artificial covering. Here you can rent a bicycle, roller skates, a catamaran, a boat, a yacht. For more privacy you can have excellent fishing, picking mushrooms and berries. In the center of Frymburk you will find Wellness centre with an indoor pool, a sauna, a salt cave and SPA center.
Lipno nad Vltavou is located 6 km away from Frymburk. There is a ski resort Kramolin, water park «Aquaworld Marina Lipno» where besides the classic swimming pool and a circular pool with attractions there is a "wild river" with rapids and a counter, a children's shallow pool, a whirlpool, a swimming pool with massage nozzles and a Finnish sauna.
Not only the lovers of laying in the sun and bathing will appreciate vacation on the Lake , but also those who prefer only active leisure: yachts, windsurfing, river trips and fishing . Ideal location of the Lipno and its surrounding areas are perfect for going in for variety of sports, such as:
In the suroundings of Lake Lipno there are more than 200 miles of hiking routes, the length and complexity of which will satisfy both beginners and experienced hikers. Being on the pristine nature of Lake Lipno, gives the feeling of absolute freedom and relaxation.
For lovers of bicycles this place is simply a paradise: on Lake Lipno bike track runs 150 km along the lake shore in the shade of pine forests. It connects almost all the towns located near the lake. Those Who like adventure, they can go on the steep slopes of Shumava forest, interesting for its complex mountain reliefs.
Roller skating takes place on flat areas of Lipno cycling routes with high quality coatings. The most popular route is the area between Frymburk and Lipno nad Vltavou, as it is in close proximity to the water and have a beautiful view of the lake.
Rafting is a powerful adrenaline and unforgettable experience. It is a kind of sport for people who want to test themselves in extreme conditions, to check their reaction, ability to work in a team and to make decisions quickly. The Vltava runs from its source, Lake Lipno. It attracts lovers of rafting. Here you can go kayaking, canoeing and rafting. You can organize both individual and group descent with the skilled instructor.
The most popular excursion is a boat trip on the lake. Landing marina is located near the lake. For groups of people it is possible to organize cruise with live music and refreshments directly on the deck.
Lake Lipno is known as a "fishermen's paradise." The best-known fish living in the Lipno, without any doubt, are perch and pike.
You can fishing here all around the year (open period for catching predatory fish : from June 16 till December 31). Variety of fishing fields and fish species allows to take fishing like recreation and sports.
7 km from the villa, there is a quality golf field with 18 holes («Golf Resort Lipno»). You can rent all the necessary sports equipment.
At a distance of 7 km from the villa, there is Kramolin ski resort, one of the five best ski centers located in the Czech Republic. The ski bus will take you from Frymburk to this center.
Cable car with seats is equipped with three lifts, the total capacity of which is 4,800 people per hour. There are six ski slopes of all levels of difficulty with a total length of downhill slopes about 5.5 km and a quality snowpark with a number of obstacles. For children there is «Foxpark» with child lift and two moving walkways. There is a large free car parking near the ropeway.
In addition to beach recreation and sport do not forget to explore the surrounding castles and other sights.
18 km from Frymburk there is a Cistercian monastery in the town Vyssi Brod, where you will see early Gothic Church of St. Bartholomew, the monastic church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the oldest part - Quarterly capitulary hall, the third-largest library in the Czech Republic with 70,000 books, art gallery and Postal Museum.
24 km from Frymburk there is Cesky Krumlov - a small medieval town, which is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The sight of Cesky Krumlov has hardly changed since the 18th century. Due to magnificence of its historical monuments Cesky Krumlov is included in the list of world cultural heritage by UNESCO. The medieval castle of Cesky Krumlov was built on a bend of River Vltava and takes a mountain range along the left bank.
The center of the old city is located on a hill on the right bank. The Sumava Mountains are in the south-west. They separate the Czech Republic from Austria and Germany. The Vltava, winding three times, returns almost to the same place and surrounds the historic center.
City and Castle Rožmberk over the Vltava, located 27 km from Frymburk, makes a double impression. On the one hand, Rožmberk nad Vltavou is huge, unapproachable giant, built of white stone, towering over the surrounding area, as a silent guardian. And on the other hand, the castle Rožmberk nad Vltavou so fits in the landscape so you can imagine that Castle Rožmberk nad Vltavoû grows out of the Šumava Mountains and is an integral part of it.
It is not surprising. Rožmberk nad Vltavou was founded in the 13th century and was originally known as Rosenberg in the German (or Pink Mountain). A Place for the construction of the castle was Rosenberg Šumava dense forests. However, time passed and German Rosenberg became Czech Rožmberk over the Vltava.
Stunningly beautiful castle Hluboká nad Vltavou is located 56 km from Frymburk. The castle was founded in the middle of XIII century by noble Cech man from Budejovice on a cliff, 83 meters high above the river Vltava.
The castle complex includes 140 rooms, 11 towers, two courtyards, a glassed conservatory, stables. The inside and outside castle walls are decorated with hunting trophies of its former owners. You can see Schwarzenberg family’s suit of armor there.There are furniture XVIII-XIX centuries, the collection of Dutch painting XVI-XVII centuries, historical weapons, porcelain, pottery and glass (since 1604), and ancient tapestries. The interiors of the castle are furnished in the style of the late period of the English Renaissance. The ceilings in the castle, doors, picture frames are decorated with exquisite carvings. English garden surrounding the castle occupies area of 190 acres with rare species of trees and ponds.
47km from Frymburk there is a village Holašovice .It`s a well-preserved example of a traditional rural architecture of Central Europe., . Вам понравится, ведь в моем жилье есть Villa Frymburk 240

Luxurious relax villa (for 12 persons), located in the nature reserve in South Bohemia (Shumava) on the shore of a beautiful lake, The Lipno.Frymburk is an ideal place for a family holiday. Here you will find activities to do both in winter and summer.

The villa is located just 50 meters away from the Lipno , 500 meters from supermarkets and restaurants.

The house was built in 2008. There is parking in front of the house, behind it - a patio with an outdoor swimming pool (5m * 3m, depth 1.2m), a playground, a summer house with garden furniture and a barbecue area.

On the ground floor: sauna, fitness room, toilet.

On the first floor: kitchen with household appliances and utensils, including an electric stove, an oven, a dishwasher, a microwave oven, a coffee maker, a tea-kettle, a large dining table, a high chair; living room with sofas, satellite TV, DVD, Wi-Fi, exit to the garden; bedroom with a double bed; bathroom with a shower, a bath, a double sink and a toilet and also a separate toilet.

On the second floor: three bedrooms with double beds, one large baby room with four single beds and a cot, bathroom with shower, sink, toilet, washing machine and dryer.

The house is fully equipped for your holiday comfort.. Мое жилье подходит для этого: пары, соло-путешественники, семьи (с детьми) и большие группы.
Tourist and resort center of the country
Special microclimate with the unique combination of climatic conditions has beneficial effects on the health of vacationers
Great water areas of Lake Lipno
Waterpark, popular with adults and young resort guests
Wellness complex and professional spa
Sports and Leisure Club
Frymburk is a small cozy town located on the bank of Lipno Reservoir, the la…


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Frymburk, Csehország

Házigazda: Anastasiya

Csatlakozás időpontja: 2016. szeptember
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