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Good Times @ Clift Hill : Lakes, chef/hot tubs*

Superhost-házigazdaCarlisle, Cumbria, Egyesült Királyság
Roland által kiadott Teljes villa
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Clift Hill - for Lake District & Hadrian's Wall. Easy car & train access. 16 guests. 9 bedrooms.

Book with confidence, clear cancellation policy. Safe and clean, ALWAYS more than 24 hours between guests.

From £250 to £1400 per night + VAT

Isolated and very clean. Train,15 mins. 5 mins shops, M6

PETS loved, See rules

Optional Hot tubs/sauna (up to 3 hired at cost for you from £250) & catering for dinner, tea, bfast etc - speak to my chef for prices/menu

Read reviews to get flavour!

A hely
Basically --- Views; Space; up to 3 hot tubs, sauna and chef (extra charges); pet and child friendly; good internet.

First of all I recognise that planning a gathering involves lots of work, including research, and is not without stress. To that end, you might want to click on the 'contact host' button to ask questions when you've finished reading....I can help you with caterers for dinner (15 to 45 pounds pp) murder mystery, mountain biking, axe throwing, local white water rafting, or other activities!

You might enjoy having a pasta making evening using the Kitchen Aid or just lighting a fire and watching a movie or even the outdoor stars.

Airbnb does not include cleaning, VAT or their commission until you "proceed to book" so be aware before sharing price info.

Let me order local produce for you at cost: Hallsford for meat, Eva's organics for fruit and veg, with 2 weeks notice ideally. The main supermarkets also deliver.

Multi generational friends, hens and family reunions work well. The majority of adult guests should be over 25. Children very welcome.


Welcome to my former family home. It is different to most holiday lets in that you will see and benefit from the fact it is homely. As such, you will quickly feel relaxed and make it yours!

The space is generous enough for you to be able to social distance within the property if needed.

With majestic views over the Solway Plain, this grand building provides a captivating base from which to explore the Lake District, Hadrian’s Wall and Southern Scotland

Clift Hill is a generously proportioned Edwardian mansion, designed for the last days of servants and built during the first years of the Great War. Long-defunct bell pushes can be found in most rooms, including some bathrooms; a reminder of a bygone era. Relive a time when enormous bath tubs and dressing for dinner were de rigeur.

The house is the perfect place to celebrate a birthday with children and grandchildren who’ll be delighted to see hares in the garden in the mornings and startled deer in the overgrown orchard…my children say the house is perfect for hide and seek.

Younger folk may enjoy darts and table tennis in the garage, proper table football in the cloakroom and watching movies with the projector (attach your own games console) or the possibility of a hot tub after a barbecue at the fire-pit on the terrace. Others may roll up the rugs and put the bang & olufsen on max and dance! neighbour worries

The building was conceived in 1913 and finished in 1915, designed by the Chance family, who were wealthy merchants involved in the local textile mills (worth a visit). They started building the house on the small hillock opposite but changed their mind and opted for the more solid rock that permits substantial cellars.

During my work on the house, I have learnt how much the Edwardians loved fresh air. There is an elaborate venting system that resembles in parts one of those pneumatic tube transport devices. Nowadays I try to keep the air from coming into the house but the eleven fireplaces and forty-four doors often conspire against me.

However, the illusion of being outside when indoors extends beyond the air vents. In the handsome dining room, William Morris wallpaper meets wisteria creeping in at the windows, creating an impression of a real and an imagined garden intertwining.

The enormous family portrait on the dining room wall was painted by John Walton (my father) in 1957. Sharp eyes will notice that he is in the picture, holding a paintbrush. The wonderful fireplace and decor make this a room that can be as formal as you wish, or the perfect size for long board games or late-night poker sessions.

In the ground floor cloakroom there is a magnificent thunder box lavatory and large double sinks. Pride in plumbing is a leitmotif of this mini mansion.

From the master bedroom with its interesting en-suite bathroom, there is a view on all sides over miles of wide, open landscape, with both the North Pennines and Lake District omnipresent. Today you can enjoy these views just as the original owner, Mr Chance once did. Nothing but nothing has changed!

The house once had its own grounds, river, farm, greenhouse, stables and garaging for a multitude of vehicles. The river is approached by deeply sunken steps that are almost tunnels through the undergrowth and after a short hop past the cows you may find the eels and sea trout that my children loved. The cliffs here are particularly dramatic and totally unexpected, formed from an outcrop of very fine-grained, orange-red “Kirklinton” sandstone. Kingfishers live here and, if you are lucky, you might catch a flash of blue as you wade to the mini island at low flow.

Clift Hill swallows children – you will get just occasional sightings. An old school bell sits on the front porch for you to summon them to supper.

Houses like this are familiar to anyone who has ever watched a period drama and being here, in the spacious, elegant rooms, the Edwardian period comes alive. The original teak sink for washing your crystal is still there as are so many other features. If you can work out why there are sliding locks on the outside of so many doors or why there are arches in the interconnecting bedroom, please let me know!

For walkers, Hadrian’s Wall, a world UNESCO site, crosses 10 minutes from the house and of course, we are a short drive from the Lake District National Park and also the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. An abundance of maps is available.

Nearby is the Great Border city of Carlisle, an ancient settlement with Roman discoveries still emerging. The cathedral alone is worth making the journey for, with stunning misericords and a magical ceiling depicting the heavens in midnight blue silk studded with gold stars.

In the nearby countryside there are some enigmatic stone circles - including Castlerigg, dating from 3000 BC, which has bracing views of Helvellyn in the background – and Long Meg and Her Daughters, a Bronze Age stone circle near Penrith.

For rail enthusiasts, remnants of the days of railway glory are all around, with the old Waverley Line route still available for unofficial exploration just up the road at Kirkandrews-on-Esk, where incidentally is the most beautiful, quite long and scary suspension bridge (max. 5 people).

1915 context - the year of the house was also the same year the British ran out of Artillery Shells and a huge factory was built around the corner at Gretna for women manufacturing Cordite - Known as the Devil’s Porridge.
The area is also rich in other recent and ancient history, lack of redevelopment means that there is much to see and imagine.

With maps you can cross and recross the river Lyne at all the historic fording points - we have found old cart wheels. Great little local walk through private woodlands leading to Hidden River Cafe (amazing full meals), ask for details

Clift Hill stands apart, literally and metaphorically, from the other buildings in this area – the house appears on the horizon long before you reach it. All around are the so-called “Debatable Lands” – neither Scottish nor English for many centuries, families simply picked a side. You were either with the Grahams or the Armstrongs, battling for cattle, land and loyalty.

Clift Hill is a great landmark, easily sleeping 16 people in 9 bedrooms (one in loft has reduced privacy) and there is a sofa bed in sitting room.

The grounds contain a stable, fruit bushes and orchard. There is a fun area adjacent to the driveway with trampoline, zip wire and often a slackwire. The views are of the unspoilt Cumbria countryside loved by Wainwright, and the Rivers Esk, Eden and Lyne are nearby.

The local linear settlement of Longtown is unrepentantly stuck in a time warp and not at all twee. You will find the basics here. The hardware shop - John Graham - has those bygone parts you need and is worth a visit.

There are pubs in Longtown and neighbouring Smithfield but the best food is just along the river at the Hidden River cafe - a lovely 20 minute bike ride away.

From auction records at Sotheby’s it is evident that Mr Chance liked his art and no doubt appreciated Ruskin. We have returned most of the house to an appearance that he, William Morris or Burne-Jones might have appreciated if alive in 1915: still lots of oak and proud metal work together with a smattering of stained glass. Many of the artworks on the walls of Clift Hill today are by family members, from portraits through to abstracts.

Today, the house is slowly regaining the glowing vitality it enjoyed in the lifetime of its enigmatic original owner. It offers a unique chance to step into the world where servants were on the way out and central heating was on the way in.

The original floorplan is retained and the numerous doors and two staircases often make you feel as if you’re participating in a West End farce. Visitors often find themselves congregating in the large kitchen with its Aga, two sofas, and old bell system for the servants still visible. Or playing the piano and singing!

Please also look at additional photos and comments on well known social media site under clifthill.

Note that airbnb only lets you book for maximum of 16.

I recommend booking the Sunday if you're thinking of weekend stay ..please ask. Even if you can't all stay the night it gives you a chance for a hearty walk and lunch by the fire and still time for a quiet, if long, drive or train journey.

Environmental considerations
LED lights throughout, electricity monitors, some recycled paper products, vegan soaps and shampoos. Further suggestions always welcome

Due to valuable nature of possessions in house, I require photo ID from lead booker and recommend that they insure against damage done by any of their guests.

Chef prices usually around 25 pounds for 3 course meal. Less for buffet.

6 seater quality hard hot tub hire 250 pounds for 2 night weekend. (435/620 for 2/3 tubs) Sauna 280.

Dogs can come into kitchen with its 2 sofas but no further. Garden is pretty secure.

About TV, I have a physical TV in one bedroom but you can use large monitor in study or projector in sitting room to access all your favourite TV shows over the internet.

Unauthorised "Parties or events are not allowed" in accordance with airbnb policy from August 2020.

PLEASE READ HOUSE RULES THOROUGHLY BEFORE BOOKING. I am a super relaxed, accommodating host, but you know best whether the property meets your intended purpose

Mit használhatnak a vendégek?
The whole house will be available just for you to use for your stay.

Egyéb fontos dolgok
Good mobile reception and excellent 4G (50Mb/s +) with good WiFi (15Mb/s +) too. There are boosters around the house but don't plan your holiday around them.
Washing machine for those muddy clothes - 30 minute cycle.

You can watch TV via computer screen in my study or far better via the cinema projector. Netflix available. There is CCTV, 3 cameras, on the outside of the large property. These are visible cameras with a screen on in the kitchen. They can help household management while you are busy cooking and obviously provide added security. Images are held for 30 days.
Clift Hill - for Lake District & Hadrian's Wall. Easy car & train access. 16 guests. 9 bedrooms.

Book with confidence, clear cancellation policy. Safe and clean, ALWAYS more than 24 hours between guests.

From £250 to £1400 per night + VAT

Isolated and very clean. Train,15 mins. 5 mins shops, M6

PETS loved, See rules

Optional Hot tubs/sauna (up to 3 hired…

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Carlisle, Cumbria, Egyesült Királyság

Walk across the field to the river
Pick fruit from the garden (apples, plums, berries)


I have a bias towards avoiding people on walks (main paths can be busy) and water. Culture is available too but in our opinion it is not the area's USP!

Assuming you are up for exercise there are three great pastimes here:

Hiking - bring waterproofs
Lake Swimming - we have some wetsuits
Mountain biking - bikes are for hire
1. I have lots of maps in the house and in my opinion map reading is pretty essential to avoid the masses on the hills.

Hadrians Wall - Birdoswald, Banks, Crags and more
Hills around Keswick - hire boat on lake
Angle Tarn - hike up the river/waterfall
Grasmere - walk and eat the local warm gingerbread
Criffel, Scotland - a satisfying 3 hour climb in good weather if no recent rain
Many other easy and hard walks, fitness and clothing dependent
The waterfalls are spectacular after rain

2. Derwent water, rydal and bassenthwaite are good lakes for swimming and can be combined with other activities. eg binsey plus bassenthwaite, rydal plus mountain bike.

3. There is biking in the lake district eg grizedale, on groomed trails graded like ski runs. However the better experience (few people, well maintained) is to go to the 7stanes trails in Scotland.

Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle all easy access by train or motorway.

Shop in England or Scotland within 10 minutes drive - Carlisle or Gretna. Visit the marriage shop in Gretna at the old Blacksmith's.

If you like horses there are numerous stables. Blackdyke at 10 minutes is exceptional.
Walk across the field to the river
Pick fruit from the garden (apples, plums, berries)


I have a bias towards avoiding people on walks (main paths can be busy) and water. Cultu…

Házigazda: Roland

Csatlakozás időpontja: 2014. június
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Airbnb SuperHost. Relaxed respectful person, I will make you feel at home. Likes life, art, cooking (perfecting my sourdough bread), music, engineering, finance and all things water related. Keen but average mountain biker, badminton player and canyoning plunger. Privacy ensured and respected Call me with any questions about your visit (Phone number hidden by Airbnb)
Airbnb SuperHost. Relaxed respectful person, I will make you feel at home. Likes life, art, cooking (perfecting my sourdough bread), music, engineering, finance and all things wate…
  • Lynn
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My cleaner and I will be contactable to help you at all times.
Roland Superhost-házigazda
A Superhost-házigazdák tapasztaltak, kiváló értékelésekkel rendelkeznek, és elköteleződtek a színvonalas vendégfogadás mellett.
  • Nyelvek: English, Français, Deutsch
  • Válaszadási arány: 100%
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Távozás: 11:00
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