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Lovely apartment patio.
Lovely apartment patio.
  • Great beach 2 minutes from the apartment.
  • 5 km long promenade and beach.
  • Lovely apartment patio.
  • Ideal to enjoy the mediterranean weather
  • Easy acces to the kitchen.
  • Living room in and out.
  • Fully equipped american kitchen (dishwasher, oven, microwave, fridge, freezer)
  • Ideal Living room.
  • Nice size convertible double bed coach.
  • Very easy-opened and comfortable convertible coach. Perfect for siestas ; )
  • Beach Apartment with Patio
  • Full bathroom with big shower (includes modern washing machine)
  • Spacious shower.
  • Mirror adaptable for height.
  • Relaxing shower after the beach.
  • Big wardrobe in main room.
  • Master room with double bed.
  • Confortable mattress.
  • Small room with two beds (bunk bed).
  • Sunrise in the beach. December 2013
  • Paella with see views and occasional music. (2-3 minutes from the apartment)
  • Favourite place for Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch/dinner/Coffee break. (2-3 minutes  from the apartment)te mando un q no se
  • Mild tempertures and sunny even in winter. (January 2014)
  • Long and spacious promenade. (January 2014)
  • Swimming on the 1st of January 2014. Fresh and Invigorating!
  • 5 Km long promenade and see line to enjoy sports...Jogging, cycling, rolling, horse riding, swimming, Kite surfing, sailing...
  • One of our great neighbours.
  • Apartment block. Protected for historical and cultural heritage. (Typical houses of the inhabitants of the area).
  • Yes, we do have eventually a couple of cloudy days. Otherwise we could not go shopping.
  • Nice walks and views even on a cloudy day.
  • Impressive view of the beach from the end of the promenade.
  • Sales shopping, movie, dinner and enjoying the views in the Aqua Shopping Center (15-20 minutes by bus).
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Lovely apartment patio.