Lovely 1 Bedroom APT in center: AC & FREE BIKES


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2 vendég, 1 hálószoba, 2 ágy, 1 fürdőszoba
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If you are looking for a peaceful home with a beautiful green garden showered with flowers and olive trees, all comforts, in the city center and 5 minutes walking from the beach... this is exactly the place for you! There will be also two bikes waiting for you to explore the area ^^

A hely
Quiet and bright apartment situated on the ground floor. Perfect for a couple or single person.
Is about 32 square meters, has one bedroom with queen bed, an equipped kitchen with living room, a small bathroom with shower and two terrace (one in front and one in the backyard).
You will find also a cable TV, air condition, a small safe, private parking with fence, fresh sheets and towels are included.
Free wi-fi internet access available, just ask for the password.
There are also 2 bikes free for use, one mans and one women bike.
This apartment is not lived in. It's only dedicated to guests. So you won't be within the things of anyone.


The apartment is situated in a good location, only 5 minutes walking from the sea and the historical center of Porec.


Bank, Post Office, Bar, Newsagent’s, Bakery, Pharmacy, hairdresser, Supermarkets, Pizzerias, Restaurants.


- Fresh Linens & Towels
- Cable TV
- Free WiFi Internet
- Safe
- Near great restaurants & supermarkets
- Two bikes at your disposal
- Private enclosed parking
- Garden
- Air Condition

- Additional persons (Daily 10 €).
- Just small pets are allowed: cat or dog. (Daily 10 €)

Poreč is located:
- 35 km from Rovinj
- 55 km from the Pula Airport,
- 88 km from Rijeka,
- 116 km from Krk (Rijeka) airport
- 250 km from Zagreb
- 235 km from Venice (Italy)

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me :-)
Must see in Porec

Euphrasius basilica:
The most valuable cultural monument in Porec. It was built on the remains of an earlier tri-naval basilica, in the first half of the 6th century, during the period of Bishop Euphrasius, whose name it bears. Visitors' tours are possible everyday except during religious rituals. It is possible to climb up to the steeple and view Porec and its surroundings. The complex of the Euphrasian Basilica represents a significant global monument acknowledged by UNESCO.

The Poreč Old town:
The peninsula on which the Poreč's rich old city developed and was preserved has been inhabited for thousands of years and is today often called a cultural landmark. The historical centre, once encircled by walls and towers is today conserved in valuable remains.
By strolling through the city seek out the Northern Tower along Peškera Cove and continue southwards towards the Five-Starred Tower at the entrance to Decumanus Street and the Circular Tower with a view of the waterfront. Inside the former city walls you can visit the cathedral complex of the Euphrasiana, the House of Two Saints and the Romanic House while you can seek out evidence of life during ancient times near the oldest square, Marafor. You see, Poreč is proud to be home to the largest Roman shrine in Istria, the Mart Temple, to the north of which are the remains of the Temple of Neptune.
On your way back, at the intersection of two streets, Decumanus and Cardo, the gothic Zuccati, Manzinin and Leone Palaces were built as well as the baroque Sinčić, Polseni and Vergottini Palaces. Upon leaving the old city make sure to observe the elegant, neo-gothic style of the Municipal Palace.

Jazz in the Lapidarium:
A synonym for a varied but also unique, of great quality and for some time already the traditional choice for jazz lovers is the lapidarium of Poreč's Heritage Museum. Every Wednesday throughout the summer the lapidarium, a cultural and historical complex, will resound with the notes of classical and modern jazz with all its variations from swing and blues to ethno, funky and acid jazz which will give hot summer nights a refreshing note.

Concerts at the Euphrasiana
Poreč’s Concerts at the Euphrasiana are among the oldest summer events which combine a quality musical content with a beautiful ambiance.
Year after year musical evenings of chamber music are adapted to a certain theme, and the grandiose basilica will enrich and fulfil your stay with its size.

Giostra, Poreč’s historical festival
Take off in a time machine to the past on Poreč’s waterfront promenade, squares and streets to a time when nobles, knights, jugglers, hawkers and drummers, flag bearers and street performers ruled. A three hundred year old tradition has been brought to life with Giostra, a festival of events and knightly games dating from 1745.
Let loose in the magic of Giostra through musical notes and dance steps from the 18th century, they will take you into a world of lavish silk crinolines, the mysterious gazes of noble ladies, loyal knights in stiff armour, brave horsemen and tables overflowing with rich, carefully chosen delicacies, excellent wines and the intoxicating scent of deserts will fulfil your experience.
The event takes place in early September.

Street Art Festival in Poreč
During August on the streets and squares of Poreč you will meet numerous artists who will present their creative works at locations throughout the Old City. Inspired by the city, they will arouse and excite the sleepy ghosts, amuse and entertain passers-by, dance torch-dances and remain an unforgettable summer moment.

in In the old town of Poreč, the Aquarium, a real attraction for the whole family is situated.
Porec Aquarium will introduce you to fish as well as other flora and fauna typical of the Adriatic Sea, kept carefully within the pools with sea water.
You can learn more about the marine world in the vicinity of Porec through their educational contents.

Located only 6 kilometres from Poreč near Nova Vas, are prepared for visits by tourists and can be viewed up to a depth of 60 metres with professional guides. As a speleological site it is rich in hanging stalactites and growing stalagmites, icicle-like columns, underground halls and the presence of water which allowed for the survival of the olm or proteus and other cave fauna, and it represents a true natural geomorphologic phenomenon.

Renowned local products
The entire area around Poreč abounds with a varied abundance of indigenous Istrian products as a recognisable reflection of the tradition and culture of this area. You can taste chosen Istrian specialties at restaurants, home taverns or country farm estates as well as at numerous local celebrations.
Olive oil from the area of Poreč has a delicate scent and taste and is a base and excellent seasoning for Mediterranean cuisine. Poreč’s Malvazija (Malmsey) wine has been renowned since ancient times, and is the pride of the Poreč wine growing region – it is practically impossible to separate Malvazija from the area of Poreč. Aside from white and red wines, we must also heartily recommend trying rakija (brandy) made of fruits and herbs. Branches of ruda (meadow rue), blueberries and rosemary, thick slices of citrus fruit, ripe figs, peaches and cherries will make every rakija very special.
Air-dried Istrian prosciutto (cured ham) is a category of culinary gold for itself, and goes well with sheep or cow’s milk cheese.
From you appetizer to desert, in local enjoyment style, diligent local producers preserve a breath of the past in their lauded and worthy work and effort.
- Codfish on white is prepared from dried codfish, which is cooked and then mixed with olive oil and garlic.
- Scallops, mussels or oysters: The Porec's undersea world is rich with sea shells but there are few famous sea shell farms where they are cultured as well. Oysters are eaten raw right from the sea with a few drops of lemon juice, scallops are baked with spices an cheese and mussels are prepared in sauce. However allow your host to recommend the best preperation method.
- Olive Oil: The fruit of the olive tree, the stone, gives some of the healthiest drops of oil. Although olive oil production is divided into various categories of quality, among the healthiest oils are precisely extra virgin olive oils, rich in vitamins, natural antioxidants and carotene.

Enjoy the beauty of Istria and Porec :)

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Poreč, Istarska županija, Horvátország

The apartment is situated in a good location only 5 minutes walk from the sea and the historic town center of Porec.


Bank, Post Office, Bar, Newsagent’s, Bakery, Pharmacy, hairdresser, Supermarkets, Pizzerias, Restaurants.

Házigazda: Eni/Nives

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Hello there! My name is Eni, an interior designer with a big passion for travelling, design and technology. I'm insatiable of the beauty of the world, cultural traditions and a diversity of human thinking and visions. I'm also a co-founder Alt Digital creative studio. My family and I rent few apartments in Porec and its surroundings. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any kind of question, I’ll be glad to help you! Have an amazing time in Porec :)
Hello there! My name is Eni, an interior designer with a big passion for travelling, design and technology. I'm insatiable of the beauty of the world, cultural traditions and a div…

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