RJ Hinson Speed Ball

Haines City, Egyesült Államok

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I will explain the safety rules and get you familiar with the equipment you will use in the game. Then I’ll show you the field and explain the basic games you can play. Then we will make two teams and we’ll play a minimum of three games of paintball, and even more if you wish. At the end, we will play one more game called Free For All,which is similar to the game PUBG- Players Unknown Battlegrounds.

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I’ve been running a paintball field in Haines City for almost 2 years. Over this time, I’ve worked with families,groups of friends, team builders,stage parties and more. I also organize paintball for people who don’t have a group, who wishes to play with others. I will explain everything you need to know to play paintball and act as a referee if needed.
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You will visit RJ Hinson Sports and get a personal tour. Most tourists are unaware of this place. It’s HAINES CITY BIGGEST PAINTBALL SPORTS FIELD! FULL OF INTENSE,DIVERSE AND ADRENALINE PUMPING FUN!

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2021. május
RJ and his crew were so incredibly engaging and nice. They engaged, instructed, and encouraged my 10 y/o son. They took a lot of proactive steps to make sure everything was fun and safe. I honestly want to hang out with RJ and his crew. It is way more affordable than any paintball experience I have ever seen and I shopped around. The people were great, the equipment and convenient location were great, the price was ridiculously affordable. It’s a minor gripe but the field is really small so if you’re a very experienced paintballer, as opposed to someone looking for something fun, new, and affordable, then this probably isn’t for you. The enclosure is roughly 1/4 a football field so there’s not a lot of moving around during the round. It’s more like you pick an obstacle to use as cover before the game starts and then you stay in that spot till it is over. But it is perfect for an inexpensive family fun adventure, and the cost is so insanely low. RJ was so personable and a great host! Would recommend to anyone who wants to try paintball or have a new experience at a low cost.
2021. április
This was a great experience for me and my family!!Definitely will recommend very reliable price and super fun rj and his crew was great to us thanks again
2021. április
Rj was so nice and very accommodating as my family were on vacation looking for a nice quick last minute activity and we were able to contact Rj for availability. He was able to fit us in and we had such a great time! Definitely recommend!
2021. február
Rj was the nicest host. He was very understanding and accommodating. He even helped take many photos of our group. Would definitely go back again when I visit Orlando in the future.
2021. február
It was a great time for the kids, teens, and adults!! I had so much fun, even though I was definitely the biggest target for the other team. 😊
2021. február
RJ was the best host ! Very friendly and caring. This experience with RJ is a really good one for people that arent professionals,like me and/or is their first time doing something like this. Very nice, i would def go again!

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What to Wear to Play Paintball Long sleeve shirt and long pants. Sweatshirt, sweatpants, and multiple layers if weather permits. Dark or camouflage colors. Loose fitting attire that allows activity and movement. Clothing you don't mind getting dirty. Athl