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Get an in-depth look into what Istanbul is really about. I have designed this unique Istanbul walking tour to introduce our guests to the real Istanbul. An alternative tour to see different sides of Istanbul.

*Full day off-the-beaten-path Istanbul walking tour.
*Feel Istanbul just like a local on a walking tour of Istanbul with using ferry and bus like locals.
*Try Some local foods
*Visit some top attractions in Istanbul like The Hippodrome, B, Grand Bazaar, Corlulu Ali Pasha Madrasah, Suleymaniye Mosque, Spice Bazaar and more

Íme Oğuz, a házigazdád

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I am a professional tour guide who has an experience more than 10 years.After so many years of experiences i know how to give unique experiences for my guests.If you tour with me you wont have only historical knowledge but also local experience.
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*Full day off-the-beaten-path Istanbul walking tour.
*Feel Istanbul just like a local on a walking tour of Istanbul with using ferry and bus like locals.
*Try some real Turkish food
*Visit some top attractions in Istanbul like The Hippodrome, Grand Bazaar and many more

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2021. szeptember
Our tour guys went above and beyond to make sure that our stay in Istanbul was memorable. We booked the walking tour and a food tour the day after. Highly recommended.
2021. szeptember
We had a good morning with Iskender. As others have noted it is definitely an introduction to Istanbul, so it makes sense to book for your first day and not if you’ve already spent time in the city. We did enjoy seeing Balat in particular. Of course as tours grow it’s natural for more guides to be involved but I do think the listing should be more clear that there are now multiple people hosting the tour and not just the original host.
2021. szeptember
Truly amazing experience. Oguz made the tour of Istanbul not only a pleasure but an enriching cultural experience. I cannot recommend enough booking a tour with him.
2021. szeptember
This was my first tour in Istanbul and an amazing one I had a great experience and got to see sooo much he knows all the best spots even in the bazaars that have 4000 shops he helped us sort through which ones to avoid and which are great. I really appreciate how informative he was with all his knowledge on the culture and history of the region:) 11/10 recommend
2021. szeptember
I had a fantastic tour today, and would highly recommend this tour for many types of travelers. I was given many options of items to do, things to see, and enjoyed all of them so much. The guide was super knowledgeable, and we had great conversations on Istanbul, travel and culture. This has been the highlight of my trip. Thank you!
2021. szeptember
We had the unforgettable day and highly recommend this tour with Oğuz! This is why: A  professional private tour, just for two of us, for a fraction of the cost we would be paying for a similar tour somewhere else... What could be better? Our request of slightly modifying the tour was satisfied, thanks to the Oğuz's easy going personality and knowledge. We skipped the crowded indoor activities and walked around to see some more hidden gems instead! We even visited Balat neighborhood which was on our "to do" list! An Instagram-worthy stops for coffee and lunch were incorporated into our tour. We are vegans and without Oğuz's help, we would not find maby delicious local vegan treats ! Keep in mind that if you have other travelers in your group, your special requests might not be implemented. As the other travelers suggested, contact the host before the trip and coordinate your wishes or concerns.

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